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Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install a Gooseneck Trailer Hitch on a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

Today, in our 2009 Chevy Silverado, we'll be installing the CURT Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch, part number C615-632. Next, let's go ahead and go to the operation of our new gooseneck hitch and ball. To release the handle, we'll pull out, rotate it to the unlock position. Then we can install the ball. To install the ball, we'll lineup the groove in the ball with the nipple in the gooseneck cylinder. We'll drop the ball in place and then release the handle locking the ball to the gooseneck.

Again, we can release by pulling out and rotating to unlock it, pull the ball out, turn it over, re-secure the handle and install the gooseneck cylinder cover for the stored position.We'll go ahead and install the gooseneck hitch. To begin our install, we're first going to go ahead and lower remove the spare tire and remove both rear wheels. This will give us more room to make it easier to do the install. Next, we need to remove the heat shield above the exhaust starting at the forward hat channel we'll cut it just behind the hat channel with the rotary cut off wheel. We'll go to the end of the heat shield and cut it just in front of the rear hat channel.

The center section of the heat shield is secured with 2 fasteners. Overtime these fasteners will become very difficult to remove.First, we'll go ahead and attempt to remove them. However, if they strip out, we'll then go ahead and use our cut off wheel to just cut the head of the screw and then remove the heat shield. With our heat shield down all the way, we'll move to the bed. We'll measure for the length per the instructions and then measure for the center width of the bed marking for our pilot hole.

With the bed marked, we'll go ahead and drill out our pilot hole. Next we'll step up to our hole saw and drill out the large hole. Now we've gone through the bed, you'll see that the hat channel covers a small portion of the hole.We can use the hole saw to go ahead and cut out this section of the hat channel. With our hole cut out, we'll move down to the frame rails. Here we'll need to relocate any wiring or brake lines that's secured to the top of the frame rail above the axle.

With the wiring out of the way, we're ready to install the rear rail for our gooseneck hitch. As you put the rail in position, we'll make sure that the pre-drill threaded holes face down. We'll install the forward rail. We'll make sure that the pre-drilled holes in the end that are offset face downward. We'll slide it in between the pickup bed and frame and then rotate it up into place.Using a crescent wrench can make it easier to rotate it into position. With our rails in place, we're ready to install the gooseneck head. To make it easier to do this and hold this head assembly into position we'll be using the CURT install tool for gooseneck hitches, part number C60606. This install tool will sit in the pickup bed with an L bracket that will go down to our cut out hole in the pickup bed we'll lock in the throat the same as a hitch ball. Then we can use the threaded bolt that runs to the L bracket to pull the head up into place and hold it while we install our hardware.This will be the 1/2-inch bolt split lock washer and flat washer. We'll install each fastener finger tight until we have them all in place. Next, we'll move to the wheel wells where we'll install side brackets. The side brackets will get secured to the frame using the 3/4-inch bolt and flat washer that will go through the side bracket. Then we'll add two large round spacers feed it through the manufacturer's hole in the frame. We'll secure it with the large spacer block and then a 3/4-inch flange nut. To secure the side bracket to the frame rail, we'll use a 1/2-inch bolt split lock washer and flat washer.Next, we'll take the U bolt and feed it from the inside around the frame and through the side bracket and secure it with the 2 1/2-inch flange nuts. Now, with all our hardware installed finger tight, we're ready to go ahead and start tightening it down. We'll repeat the same procedure starting with the head units of the rail assembly, side brackets to the frame and then the side bracket to the rail. We're ready to start torque it to the manufacturer's specifications. We'll need to re-secure the brake line bracket. We'll use the extension provided with our install kit.We'll take the extension and manufacturer's fasteners and secure it to the frame. Then we'll take the new 8-milimeter bolt and flange nut and secure the manufacturer's bracket to the CURT bracket. Next, we'll re-secure the wiring. If you're unable to reinstall it into the frame, we'll go ahead and use a couple of zip ties to secure the wire we remove from the frame to the main harness. Then we'll cut off the excess from the zip ties to clean up our install look. Now, we're ready to install our chain holes down. Using the hitch as template we'll pre-drill holes into the bottom corrugation of the bed and then enlarge it to our final size of half inch.Once we have holes drilled out, we'll move to the top of the bed where we'll drop the U bolts down through the holes we just drilled out. Next, we'll move back underneath the bed where we'll install a flat washer spring, second flat washer and then a nylon locking nut. Once we have all the hardware installed for the chain holes down then go ahead and tighten the buts down to where the nut is flushed with the bottom of the U bolt. With our chain holes down in place, we're ready to install the handle and lock. Our double lock will go straight into the head unit.Then our handle will go between the pickup bed and frame past to the two pre-drilled holes in the head assembly where we'll install a flat washer, spring, a second flat washer and the handle will go into the double lock. We'll line up the pre-drilled holes and install the bolt and nylon lock nut and secure the handle to the lock assembly. Note on applications where the handle assembly will hit the bed in order to operate the handle, you may need to make a small cut out. Using a pair of tin snips, we'll cut a small V in the bed to allow more room for a handle assembly to operate.We'll go ahead and reinstall the wheels. And that will complete our install of the CURT Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch, part number C615-632 on our 2009 Chevy Silverado. .

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