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Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation - 2018 Ram 2500

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How to Install the Curt E16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch on a 2018 Ram 2500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 RAM 2500, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Curt E16 fifth wheel trailer hitch with R16 slider, part number 16516.So here's what our E16 hitch and R16 slider looks like once we have it installed. And this is going to allow us to tow a fifth wheel trailer down the road safely. And a common issue when you're towing a fifth wheel, is that we have a lot of clearance issues if you don't have a full eight foot bed. Whenever we go to make that tight turn, there is a chance that we could make contact with our cab when we're going around a corner.Our slider's going to allow us to have 12 inches of extra clearance whenever we're going around those turns slowly. So if we come to the handle here, pull it out and we're going to turn it towards the cab of the truck and that's going to allow our hitch to slide 12 inches towards the back, giving us that much more clearance. And it will lock back into place in the maneuvering position, so we can go around that turn slowly.On the passenger side, it is going to have an indicator.

It's going to have this little green paint on the end. That's going to let us know that it is locked and ready to tow. And then when we're done making that turn, we can pull the handle out and we can see that it's showing red. So it's not locked into position. But we can then slide it back, it'll lock back into the towing position and we can continue our trip.Now the slider's going to be a non binding design.

And what that means is, is no matter where we are in that tube, it's going to slide nice and easy because it's on our rollers rather than just sliding along that tube. The funnel on the opening is going to give us a five inch opening. So we don't have to worry about being directly in line with our trailer. Our hitch is going to use a slide bar jaw design. So whenever we do back in, it's going to lock into place and that bar's going to come in contact.

And the spring bar here in the back is going to keep tension on the king pin, keeping it from moving around and making a lot of noise. So open up the jaws, we're just going to pull the handle out and to simulate us backing up to our trailer. I have what would be a king pin attached to the trailer and it would come in to the hitch and it would hit that spring bar and then it would lock it into place.The head itself is going to pivot, making it a lot easier to hook up if we're not directly in line or if we're on unlevel ground. Now the skid plate itself is able to articulate to the side by 10 degrees, making hooking up a lot easier. And it is an anti-rattle design.

It also has permalube bushings, which is going to cut down a lot on the maintenance. Now Curt kept in mind security. They put these tabs here, so we can put a padlock on the end of our handle. So we don't have to worry about anyone tampering with it. Whenever we are done towing and we want to use the bed of our truck. Typically fifth wheel heads and assemblies can be extremely heavy.Now Curt kept this in mind. Our head is going to be secured with a pin and clip on each side. And we'll be able to remove the head by itself without having to remove the slider as well. Making it a lot easier and less cumbersome. And we're going to be able to adjust the height of our hitch all the way down from 14 inches, all the way up to 17 inches to match what's on our trailer. And you can make those height adjustments by using the different holes that are in the welded in center section.And those height adjustments are going to come in handy, not only to match up to your trailer. But if you're trying to cover your truck bed with a tonneau cover. As far as weight capacity goes, our fifth wheel is going to have a 4,000 pound vertical load limit. Along with a 16,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. With those numbers in mind, I always recommend that you check your towing vehicles owners manual and make sure you never exceed the manufacturers recommended weight.Both our slider and our hitch are going to have a black carbine finish. Which is going to match the black carbine rails from Curt very nicely. My overall impression of this hitch and slider combination is that it's going to be great for somebody that has a short bed truck that has a fifth wheel trailer they need to get down the road. It's going to give us that extra 12 inches of clearance, so we don't smash the side of our truck, which nobody wants to happen. And the simple design of the head makes it extremely nice if you don't have that extra person with you and you need to get it out of your truck bed. A couple clips, you can remove the head and then the lightweight design of our slider, being a lot lighter than a lot of the other ones on the market, is also going to be a lot easier if you don't have an extra set of hands to get it out of the bed.Aaron wrote in saying the installation wasn't that bad and it doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles but it does work flawlessly. He chose this hitch for two reasons. The simple yet reliable design from a great manufacturer and the fact that he needed a lower height adjustment than some of the other ones on the market. A year later, Aaron wrote in saying this is the best hitch he's ever used. Very simple and smooth, not one issue so far.So now that we've seen our E16 fifth wheel hitch and our R16 slider and gone over some of the features. Let's show you how to get it installed. So I already have the slider in the rails. But before we secure it down, I'm going to go around and I'm going to put the frame spacer in place. And the easiest way to do that, since it's already in, is if you just lift up one corner and you slide the spacer over the pad. And then we can put the pad back down, put our slider in place. Now to secure it, we're going to take one of the pins and we're going to slide it underneath into the channel. Going towards the inside and then we're going to secure it with our pin. And we'll go ahead and repeat that for the other three mounting locations.In order to put your slider together, you are going to have to put the handle in place. And it's going to be a 10 millimeter bolt head and nut to get everything attached. And then attach the cross bar to the slider, we're going to have two bolts on each side and you're going to be using a six millimeter Allen socket to tighten those up. To assemble the head, we're going to find the handle that's coming out of the side. We're going to make sure we rotate it, so that bolt hole is facing upward. Then we can take the outer handle and you want to make sure that it's pointing down. I'm going to slide it over the other handle, lining up the holes. And coming from the top, we're going to take the supplied bolt and drop it through. And then secure it with a lock nut.Then I'm going to take a 10 millimeter wrench and socket and tighten them up. So then we can take our cross member weld nut and we're going to set it inside of our slider, so that the bolt holes are going to line up. You do have some adjustment of where you're going to put it. So out of all the holes here, we're going to be using the second hole. So I'm going to go ahead and pass my bolt coming from the inside til it lines up. Going through the weld nut and then through the slider. And we're going to get all of them loosely in place, so that it'll help support itself.Now on the outside, we're going to take a washer followed by a lock nut to secure it in place. And we'll go ahead and put all the other ones on as well. So then I'm going to come back with a 22 millimeter wrench to hold the nut and a 21 millimeter socket on the bolt and I'm going to torque them down to the specified amount in the instructions. And we'll repeat that for all the remaining hardware. With that torqued down, we can take our head. We're going to line it up on either side of the tabs here, and have those two ears go down. Then we can take our pin, going through the bracket and secure it with a clip. And we'll go ahead and put the other on in as well.So now we can go ahead and back up to our trailer, hook up and hit the road. And that'll finish up your look at the Curt E16 fifth wheel trailer hitch with R16 slider, part number 16516 on our 2018 RAM 2500.

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