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Curt 5th Wheel Kit Installation - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Curt 5th Wheel Kit on a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 we will be taking a look at and installing a Curt Custom Fit 5th Wheel Installation kit, part number c16418-204. Here you can see the custom base plates installed. They're gonna provide a nice stable base for our customers 5th wheel that you see here. The custom brackets mount beneath your truck bed and provide attachment points for those 5th wheel brackets that you see here. Now this is going to be a custom fit for each and every vehicle. As you can see here it's gonna have a real nice look in the back of your truck. The complete kit and brackets with the rails and hardware included and just minor drilling the frame and through the bed.

They're gonna have a carbide finish and be black powder coated to help prevent any kind of rust and corrosion and the anodized bolt will also resist rust and corrosion. This will be compatible with your Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Valley and Husky 5th wheel hitches. First thing we're gonna do is come around to the back and open up that spare tire door and lower down our spare tire to give us extra room underneath. Another thing that we're gonna do for video purposes is going to remove the rear tires just to give us a little bit more room to work and so you can see what's going on. Now that we've got the tires removed on the back and the spare tire dropped down we're just gonna take out this section here and this section here just on the other side of the channel on both sides of the axle. That way to give us room for our bolts coming through. Now on the back part right behind the rear axle and the back side of the exhaust you can see where we made a line here.

We're gonna trim out that heat shield and then we'll pull all this down. Now that we've got it cut you can go ahead and remove it. All right now that we've got that everything taken care of underneath for the moment we'll go ahead and grab our front rail. We're gonna bring that up so we can position it in the inside of our truck. For our short bed truck that we have here today, we're gonna measure from the edge of the bed, right here where the tail gate goes up and measure up that distance recommended in our instructions. Once we have it where we want it we're gonna make a mark using our permanent marker or a paint pen if you have one.

Do that on both sides, once we have that where we want it go ahead and grab our front rail and bring it up and set it, the back side of it up against that dot. Now what we're gonna do is get it centered between our bed. We'll measure from the sides, get it about the same on both sides. Now that we're there we're gonna go ahead and make a small dot in the center of our outer bolt holes on the front rail. Then the center one closest to the cab. Now we can move this out of the way, punch our hole and then use a pre-drill bit, go ahead and drill it out.

Remember to be very careful when you're drilling through to make sure that you don't hit anything underneath the bed. Now we'll go ahead and position our side brackets. Set them up into place, now we stuck a small screw driver through our hole so we could check our alignment on our pre-drilled holes that we made up here. Want to test those out and make sure they're where we want them. We'll put the bracket up into place, make sure those holes will line up. Our final resting place for our bracket should be about right there. All right now we have our mounting locations here in the bottom hole going straight through the frame as well as in the front in the big whole going through the frame. Now we are going to have to drill a small half inch hole directly above on this side on the front towards the cab of the vehicle. Let's go ahead and get our big bolts in place so it holds our side bracket in. That way we can use our side bracket as a template to drill our hole. We're gonna have two different size hex-bolts, you can see the difference there and two different size washers. The thin washer is going to go with the small hex-bolt and the thick one with the longer one. Longer one's going to go in the back and the shorter one's gonna go in the front. Now there is enough room to where you can reach up back behind the frame. Once we have the back one in, go ahead and grab our flange nut, you'll have two of these. Make sure you have the teeth facing towards the side bracket, we'll just start it on there. Once we've got it started on, we'll go around the other side and push this one through and then place on the flange nut up here in the front. Once you have it through go ahead and place your flange nut on the other side. Now that we've got our side brackets in place and just temporarily fastened up there with our two big bolts in place. We're gonna repeat that process on the passenger side. Now we're back up here in the bed of our truck. We're gonna take and drill out our half in holes and use the step-bit process to take to up to 9/16. We'll go through our pre-drill hole since we've already checked them out to confirm that they're exactly where we want them to be. We'll go ahead and slide our plate over our holes and then we'll take our carriage bolt and drop them though. Now on the two end ones we want to make sure that we put our blocks underneath, in-between the crossbar and the bed of the truck. That way the corrugation doesn't flex once we tighten them down. Then the one in the center will just drop straight through and that block will actually come up on the bottom side. Make sure that they all sit flush all the way around and they aren't canted or twisted. Now we can go ahead and place on our blocks and our flange nuts underneath those carriage bolts that we just slide through from the top of our bed. We're gonna lift it up, lift up that side bracket, place our block underneath then we place our flange nut underneath the bottom and thread it on. We're gonna put it on our next one, and if that front one if it's easier for you to reach around the outside and place in your black you can do that and come under here and place that other. Now for the one coming through the center on the front we're gonna place our block, our square block and then our flange nut. Now we're gonna take our customers 5th wheel, lift it up and slide that rear bracket into place. Once we have it where we want it go ahead and adjust it and make sure it's square in the bed before we drill out our other holes. Now for this back rail we're gonna be using the second hole in on both sides. Sit right on top of the corrugation. We'll take a marker and mark out the center and then use our punch to punch it before we pre-drill it and use our step process just as we did on the front. Make sure that you have it taped and measured on both side to make sure it's even and centered in the bed. Then on the center one we're not gonna do the one closest to the cab we're gonna do the one closest to the tailgate. Now that we got those marked we'll go ahead and drill them out. We'll go ahead and lift if back up and slide our plate back in now that we've got our holes drilled. You see there that all of our holes line up so we'll go ahead and slip our carriage bolts through the top just as we did on the front side. Except we're not gonna be using the blocks on the top this way round. We're just going to be putting our carriage bolts in inaudible 00:09:03 flush on all five of these attachments. Go ahead and drop through those long carriage bolts. Needs to look about like so, let's go ahead and go underneath and we'll secure everything up. Take your U-shaped blocks, place them over the top of the side bracket on this back attachment. Put it around the bolt this way when we press it up it doesn't bend in that corrugation. Take your block, place it underneath and then your flange nut on the bottom side. It should look about like so. Same thing on the passenger side, go ahead and place those U-shaped blocks over the top, take our square blocks on the bottom side and our flange nuts. On the middle one it's going to be the same thing with the U-shape and then the square block over the top. Once we got it there go ahead and place on our flange nut with the teeth facing towards the block. Now go ahead and tighten and torque down our center bolts on the inside to manufacturers specifications. Then we'll come back out and with these once still not torqued down yet we can go ahead and drill out that hole for that half inch bolt that's gonna be going through. Once we have that drilled out we'll go ahead and put that bolt through and torque down the side plates. Now once we've got this side drilled out we'll go ahead and repeat that same process on the passenger side. Now we'll go ahead and take our half inch bolt leader, feed it into the hole that we just drilled and out the backside of the frame rail where we can grab it with our other hand. Go ahead and place out block over it, and then we'll go ahead and get our half inch carriage bolt that's still remaining. These are going to be the two shorter carriage bolts in the kit that you still have left. Go ahead and thread that on the bolt leader, we're gonna pull it back out the hole that we just drilled. Grab that other end that we still have hanging out of our hole, pull it through and out the hole. Go ahead and unthread the bolt leader and then thread on our flange nut with the teeth facing towards the side plate. Now go ahead and repeat that on the other side. Now we'll go ahead and put the tires back on our vehicle, run our spare tire back up and secure it into position. That will do for the review and installation of the Curt Custom Fit 5th Wheel installation kit, part number C16418-204 on our 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500.

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