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Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Adapter Rails Installation - 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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How to Install the Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Adapter Rails on a 2022 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Hey everybody, how's it going Today, we're gonna be going over and showing you how to install the Curt OEM fifth wheel rail adapter here on our 2022 Ford F-250. This rail adapter here is gonna allow you to mount a fifth wheel hitch that mounts using above bed industry standard rails into your truck here with the factory prep package. Now I know a lot of you guys who've been fifth wheel towing for a while, you already have a fifth wheel hitch that you really like, but you've just recently upgraded trucks that now has the factory prep package. Now there are some fifth wheel hitch options that mount directly to the factory prep package, but let's say you don't wanna buy a new fifth wheel hitch, you just wanna be able to reuse your old fifth wheel hitch. Well, that's where this rail adapter comes into play. On the top of our fifth wheel hitch rail adapter, we're gonna have three rectangular cutouts.

There's gonna be three of these on each side and on both rails. So these are what we're actually gonna mount our fifth wheel hitch to. Now the majority of fifth wheel hitches are gonna be secured in the center, rectangular slots but there are some other accessories, such as gooseneck plates that install in these closest ones. And there's also some older fifth wheel hitches that install in the outside ones. In regards to compatibility, it's gonna work with any above bed industry standard mounted fifth wheel hitch.

Now there's several manufacturers that make these because they all make them to the industry standard. There's gonna be ones from Reese, Draw-Tite, Husky, Valley Industries, Curt, BMW. There's tons of manufacturers that make fifth wheel hitches for those above bed rails. So if you have any of those, you're gonna be able to use them. Now in regards to truck compatibility, this adapter can actually be configured.

One of the few different ways it's gonna be compatible with the Ford OEM factory prep package as well as the Chevy and GMC OEM factory prep package. So our adapter is very easy to get in and out of the truck bed. All we need to do is on each side remove this pin here, pull it out, and then just rotate our two handles a quarter of a turn. And then we'll just simply lift up and out of the truck bed. I will say our adapter does have some weight into it.

They really can't make these things out of aluminum. They can't really make 'em lightweight because they need to withstand a lot of stress. So I would say this whole adapter here is around 70 pounds. It's not something I would wanna move in and out of my truck every day, but it's still manageable for one person and it's really not too bad. And then when we need to secure the adapter, it's pretty much just the same few steps in reverse. Very easy, very fast. Rotate the handles into position, insert your pin, repeat on the other side. Then you'll just drop your favorite fifth wheel hitch into position and we're done. For the exception of our hardware and our handles, everything's gonna have a nice, durable, black powder coated finish and trucks with a spray in bed liner, it blends in really well there. But this is kind of an abused item. I mean, we're gonna be taking our metal fifth wheel hitches that are very heavy, we're gonna be banging that into those. So there is a potential to scratch the paint there but this powder coat here, it is gonna be very hard to scratch. So we're not gonna worry about exposing the metal underneath from rust and corrosion. So this is something we could even keep in our truck bed here, even if we don't have any sort of camo cover. We don't have to worry about this thing getting wet or the sun beating on it. It's very durable. That powder coated finish is gonna protect this for a long time. So again, our adapter is gonna add a little bit of weight to our setup, but it's really unavoidable. And it's also gonna add a little bit of height as well. So usually fifth wheel hitches give you a hitch head height range, and we need to add two and a half inches for this, for our adapter. So usually you're measuring from the top of the base rail to the top of the skid plate. So again, you'll just need to add some measurement there. Now this can create an issue for certain trucks and trailers. It really just depends on your particular setup here. Thankfully, the hitch head height is actually adjustable on most fifth wheel hitches and you can adjust the pin box within the side plates there. So usually you can adjust one or the other to get your trailer level again, but it is important to note that the adapter does add height. So in regards to capacity, our adapter here is gonna be rated at 25,000 pounds for the gross trailer weight rating. And it also has a downward force or a pin weight rating of 6,250 pounds. Now there's not many 50 wheel hitches that mount to the above bed rails that are gonna be rated for higher than this, so really not something you need to worry about, but you will need to keep that in mind. In summary, I really like this particular adapter here. It's gonna allow you to use your old fifth wheel hitch without spending all that money again. So this particular one, unlike some of the other options on the market, it's really innovative because it actually can be adapted or configured a different way to suit different truck beds. So whether you switch trucks, you have multiple trucks or you just want the adaptability, that's what this adapter is gonna offer you. So overall, it's one of the best options on the market for transferring those older fifth wheel hitches into the newer trucks with the prep package. So to start off your installation today, you're going to take our end brace here. We're gonna be installing it into the pucks in the bed of our truck. So if you have any covers within those pucks you need to go ahead and pry them out. But in order to install the brace here, you're simply gonna remove the pin here in the center, just like so and then we're gonna rotate our handles outward. And then once that's done, we should just be able to drop it in place. So we're gonna have two of these braces, one for each side. We'll install them both now. Next we're gonna take our cross support tube. We're gonna take our carriage bolts here. So we're gonna insert these from the outside inward, just like, so and then we'll just simply install our flange nut. I'm just gonna hand tighten that and then we have another one securing this side as well. So they should all insert pretty smoothly. Shouldn't be any hangups. Go ahead and tighten this one all the way down by hand. And then I'm gonna have two more on the other side of this cross brace. And then we obviously need to install the one closest to the tailgate as well. So we're gonna go ahead and knock that out now. Now I'm gonna take a three quarter inch socket, a deep well socket, and I'm gonna snug up each of our fasteners. Now we'll come back with a torque wrench here and torque everything to the specifications in your instructions. So next, we're gonna close the handles, which is basically gonna secure our adapter to the truck bed here. So we can kind of see this one. It's mostly gonna be by feel, but this one is way too loose here. There's too much slop up and down, so we need to adjust that one. This one here is definitely too tight. I actually can't engage it. So we do have to adjust these. It's gonna be really specific to your truck bed. Sometimes you have to adjust them. Sometimes they'll fit great. Sometimes they'll be too tight or sometimes they'll be too loose. So we can go ahead and show you how to do that now in case you run into these issues. We're gonna take a pair of needle nosed pliers and you're gonna close this cotter pin and straighten it out as best as you can. And then we're gonna pull out the other end like so. Now this one was too tight, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna loosen this castle nut here just a couple turns and then I'm gonna test fit the handle. So that was a little bit too much, 'cause now it's too loose. Go ahead and try it again. So basically we want a little bit of resistance when we're closing it, but not too much. That one there, I have to put some pressure on it, but it's not so much that's unbearable that I can't close it. So this is actually perfect. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna reinstall our cotter pin here. You may need to move the castle nut slightly to do that. Sometimes when you bend these, they don't always go back straight and sometimes it's misaligned just a hair. Now, once we have our cotter pin in, go ahead and just bend one of those tabs just like so. And that's gonna lock it into place there. You can see our handle's nice and tight and definitely not too loose. So we're gonna go ahead and adjust each of these four pucks here until we get this fit here. And now with all of our handles adjusted, you wanna go ahead and reinsert your pin here. And our final step here is to install our favorite fifth wheel hitch. And that's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the Curt OEM fifth wheel rail adapter here on our 2022 Ford F-250..

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