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Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2014 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness on a 2014 Ford F-250

Today, on our 2014 Ford F250, we'll be installing the Curt 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Custom Wiring Harness with 7-pole connector, Part Number C56000. We need to find a suitable place to mount our 7-way connector. We're going to do it down here on the lower left corner of our bed. Drill a pliant hole here first, and we're using a 2 1/8" hole saw to make a final hole. We'll grab our end of our wiring harness here, come up from underneath our bed side, and stick it up into the hole. We'll pull our wire up a little bit, and we'll make our connection onto our new 7-way in our bed.

Push in until it's nice and tight, until it clips into place, pull back and make sure it's secure. It is. Push it in. We'll center our connector where we need it, make sure it's up nice and straight, and secure it with self-tappers. Do one in that corner first. We'll do the opposite corner on the bottom, then we'll do the other two.

That done, we now have a nice, secure connection in the bed of our truck for our 7-way to hook up to our Gooseneck or our 5th Wheel trailer. Take the end of our harness here with the T connector. We'll route it over our vehicle frame, drop it on down all the way, and we'll unplug our factory 7-way here. Push on this tab, unplug it; we'll plug in our T connector into the wiring. Once we can't pull it apart without releasing the lock tab, we know we have it in far enough. We will re-attach this to our factory 7-way connector, get it into position, clip on, pull back, make sure it's secure, which it is.

We'll take our excess bundle wiring here, go behind our bumper cover here, and we'll zip-tie it up here, secure it again to this factory wiring harness right here above our hitch, and another time right there. Now we'll plug in a trailer tester here and make sure all of our lighting works. We have our headlights on; that's working. Left turn signal's working, right turn signal's working, the brakes are working, reverse is working, and our trailer brakes are working. That means all of our functions are working for our trailer to be connected to when we're hooked up for our 5th Wheel or our Gooseneck.

That completes our installation of the Curt 5th Wheel Gooseneck Custom Wiring Harness with 7-pole connector, Part Number C56000 on our 2014 Ford F250.

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