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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2001 GMC Sierra

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2001 GMC Sierra

Today on our 2001 GMC Sierra Regular Cab Two-Wheel Drive, we'll be installing the CURT Vehicle Wiring Harness Four Pull Flat Trailer Connector with 60-inch wire lead, part number C58044. To begin with, we'll go ahead and go underneath the rear of the vehicle. We need to locate the wiring harness that we'll be tying into. As you can see here, the wiring harness is located here from the factory. Now first well go ahead and strip off the ends of the wire so we can put our butt connectors on. We'll do this on our four flat end first and then we'll go ahead and put the butt connector on those. Now the kit comes with quick-splice connectors but we're going to opt to use some butt connectors instead, which are part number DW05714. You'll need a total of four of these to make the connections.

With those on, now we'll go ahead and go up and strip the ends of the factory wiring harness. The brown wire will go to the brown wire on our new four-way flat. This is the running light circuit. The yellow wire will go to the yellow wire. This is the left turn signal and brake signal for the driver side.

The dark green wire in the factory wiring harness bundle will go to the green wire on our four flat, as this is the right side turn and brake signal for the passenger side. The white wire will connect to the white wire, as this is the ground. Now that we've got the four wires cut, we can connect into the other end of the butt connector. With these connections made we'll go ahead and put some electrical tape to give it a little extra protection. Now that we've got all that done, we'll go ahead and tape up our wires, as well as bundle up any excess wire. Now in this case we went ahead and put a little electrical tape on the end of the four flat, working it back a little ways on the wire to protect it as well.

You can see here we used a few zip ties to help secure it to the hitch, leaving enough room so that we can connect to our trailer wiring. Now that we have the wiring all secured up, we'll go ahead and use our test light to test the four flat and make sure it's functioning properly. While putting the ground on the open prong, which is the white wire of the four flat, we'll go ahead and have someone run through the running light circuits. With running lights on we'll touch the brown wire. As you can see here, it lights up, giving a solid beep showing that it's working. Now for the left side or the driver side, with the blinker we'll get an intermittent flash or a beep on the yellow wire. For the passenger side or the right side, which is the green wire, we'll get the same thing for the blinker: an intermittent flash or a beep.

You should get a constant beep or a solid light for the brakes on both the green and the yellow wire. As you can see here, everything seems to be working. With that, that will conclude our installation of the CURT Vehicle Side Wiring Harness with four pull flat trailer connector and 60"-long wire lead, part number C58044, on our 2001 GMC Sierra Regular Cab 2-Wheel Drive. .

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