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Deka Jacketed 6-Wire Installation

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How to Install the Deka Jacketed 6-Wire

Today on our enclosed trailer, were going to be installing the Deka Jacketed 6-Wire, part number DW04906-1. In conjunction with the wire, well also be installing the Pollak 7-Pole RV-Style Trailer Connector, part number PK12706. Were going to begin here at the junction box thats already installed on this trailer. Now, this trailer already has a 4-flat installed on it, but the customer would like a 7-way also installed in conjunction with the 4-pole. Were going to go ahead and take the cover off our junction box by removing the two screws here, and then pulling the cover off. Our 6-way wire will add in right here through this rubber grommet this part of the junction box.

Go ahead and put a small little cut-in in here that allows to push the wire into the junction box.Well go ahead and pull enough wire in, so we can reach any of the post in the junction box. Now that we know how much wire well need to strip back, well need to put a slit in this black coating, and trim it back to expose the six wires inside. Next, were going to go ahead and add another relief strain here like this piece is that will help keep the wire secure in the box. Go ahead and put the clamp over the wire, and then well install the two screws. Next, well go ahead and trim this piece of here.

It was the center section of the wire. It just help give it some rigidity. We dont need that, so we can trim that out of the way. Then, were going to need to install a ring terminal on the end of all six wires.To do that, well simply strip back a little bit of wire, and then add our ring terminal on, and crimp it down. Im going to go ahead match up a few of the colors to the colors that are already here.

The brown will go over here to the brown. Take the green, and go to the green. Yellow will go to yellow. The white will go over to the white. The red would be the brake signal.

This trailer currently doesnt have brakes, so were going to go ahead and hook it up here. The black is the 12-volt hat or the charge circuit. We are going to hook that up here. Theres already a black wire to it. Now, well need to go ahead and remove the knot and the little star washer thats underneath each of these, and in our ring terminal, and then replace the star washer and the knot.Once we do that, we can go ahead and tighten them all down. Now that we have all of our wires tightened down, we can go ahead and put the junction box cover back on, and then tighten down the two bolts. Now, were going to go ahead and add a couple loom clamps to support the wire as we run it up towards the front of the tongue of the trailer. Were going to be tying in by using the existing bolts to hold these other loom clamps in place. Well first need to remove the bolt. Go ahead and repeat the same process up here on the second loom clamp.Next, were going to need to go ahead and pull some of the black jacketing off of the other end of the wire, so that we can connect our new 7-pole connector. Well then take a pair of side-cutters and trim off the excess that we peeled back. Ill also go ahead and trim this center piece out of here, so we wont need that in there. Now, well need to take our new 7-way plug. Well need to undo this screw right here and this screw right here, so that we can take the center part out, so that we can wire it. Well go ahead and loosen up this screw here. This is what holds the wire tight. Then, take our wires. Well feed them through the backside of the plug here. Well go ahead and just slide it down a little bit passed where we need to be till we get all of our connections made.Now, were going to go ahead and need to strip back a little bit of wire on all six wires. Now, were going to go ahead and connect our wires to the backside of the plug here. Connect the white wire right here. On this other side, this prong right here, well be connecting the red wire. Next, were going to go ahead and connect the green wire which is our right turn and brake. Well put that right here. The next wire up will be the black wire which will be the 12-volt positive or the 12-volt charge line. The next wire well connect is the brown wire which is the tail and running lights. The last wire here is the yellow wire, and thats the left brake and turn. We will not be using this center post or the center pin on this particular application.I will go ahead and slide the plastic cover back up over. Well go ahead and line the slot up here in the plastic portion with this slot here. Well then slide the plug back together. Well then reinstall that little screw that we removed earlier. Next, well go ahead and tighten down this screw here that helps keep the wire in the plug itself. Now, lets go ahead and test to make sure everything is working just fine. Were going to go ahead and use our tester. If you dont have a tester, you can use your tow vehicle and plug the trailers 7-way into the vehicles 7-way.Now, well go ahead and test our running lights. You can see here theyre working just fine. Next, well go ahead and test our left side blinker, and now our right side blinker. Now, well go ahead and check our brake lights. With that, that will conclude our installation of the Deka Jacketed 6-Wire, part number DW04906-1 on our enclosed trailer. .

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