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Deka Lead Quick Disconnect Battery Terminal Installation - 2014 Ford Fiesta

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How to Install the Deka Lead Quick Disconnect Battery Terminal on a 2014 Ford Fiesta

Today on our 2014 Ford Fiesta, we'll be installing the DeKa Quick Disconnect Battery Terminal, part number DW05312. To begin our install, we'll first go ahead and open the hood and locate the manufacturer's negative battery terminal and cable. As you can see here on the driver's side is the battery and this is the negative battery terminal. Now to install the Disconnect, we'll need to remove the manufacturer's battery cable here at the battery. In some applications you could then cut the cable, install it into the new Disconnect and then secure the Disconnect to the battery. However, because the cable is so short on this application, by the time we cut it we wouldn't have enough room to fit it where the battery terminal will attach to the battery safely. We're going to install a new cable. We're going to remove the old or manufacturer's cable completely. Let's go ahead and loosen up the terminal and remove the ring terminal fastener.

Hang onto the bolt as we will reuse it. Now we can go ahead and install the new Disconnect. We're going to take the Disconnect, secure it here to the top of the terminal post so that we can still remove the Disconnect when necessary. Once we have it in place, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Now once we have it tight to the battery, I'm going to go ahead and loosen the knob, allow it to drop down and pull out. The other side of the new Disconnect or terminal will get the new wire.

We're going to use a piece of leftover cable here that already has two preinstalled ring terminals. We're going to take those ring terminals, we're going to double them up to create a thicker, stronger ground that will route where the manufacturer's ground was. We'll measure our wire length and cut off the excess. Once we have the wires cut to length, we'll go ahead and strip them back and add them to the Disconnect. Because of the thickness of my wire, I'm just going to use our utility knife and cut around the outside of the sheathing and we can slice it up the middle and remove it. Once we have them both pulled back, we'll go ahead and slide them into the hold-down clamp on the Disconnect and then tighten it down. First we'll just go ahead and tighten it down finger tight and then I'm going to run it down to secure it, doing it evenly from side to side.

Now that I've got it tightened down, I'm just going to go ahead and wrap it up with some black electrical tape to clean up our install look. If you had a thicker wire or went and purchased one from an auto part store, you wouldn't need to double it up as we've done here. Let's go ahead and install it. With our ring terminals lined up, we'll take the manufacturer's ground stud, thread it in and tighten it down. Then we'll route our cable so that the Disconnect will line up, slide in and then we just tighten down the hand knob to secure it. Just like that we've now installed our Disconnect. Let's go ahead and remove it so you can see just how easy it is.

Simply back off the hand knob, let it come down, disengage and remove. The disengage portion of the terminal lines up here with the machine portion of the connector. Then to reconnect, simply line up those machine portions again and tighten down the hand knob. Once it's tight, our battery's reconnected, we're ready to hit the road. That does it for the install of the Deka Quick Disconnect Battery Terminal, part number DW 05312 on our 2014 Ford Fiesta. .

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