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Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator Reverse Lockout Solenoid Installation

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How to Install the Demco Hydraulic Brake Actuator Reverse Lockout Solenoid

Today on our boat trailer we will be installing a reverse lock out solenoid for hydraulic brake actuators. It is part number DM11993. We're also going to be using Titan Master Cylinder Assembly part number T4749501042. Here's our master cylinder for a reverse lockout solenoid already screwed into it. Your master cylinder will have a fitting like this in the back of it. You just unscrew that and you can screw your solenoid in for the reverse lockout.

Let's show you how to install the master cylinder real quick. We'll just slide it into the tongue of our trailer like so making sure the push rod slides into the channel of the tongue. Then we'll grab our bolts here. There's two on either side that it bolts to. We'll have to push in on our master cylinder a little bit in order to line up the bolt holes. Okay, now we have these two started on this side, we'll do the other side the same way.

Once we have all four bolts started we can tighten them down. Now we can take our brake line and secure it into our lockout solenoid here and we'll tuck up the excess brake hose underneath the trailer in the channel. We'll tighten upper fitting going into the lockout solenoid for our long brake hose going back to our T fitting and we'll secure our excess down. These wires coming out off the lockout solenoid, we'll ground one of them to the trailer frame and the other one will go to the reverse wire signal from our trailer input on the electrical connector. I'll take one of the wires, strip off about a quarter inch or so and then we'll take a ring terminal here and crimp it on. Then we use this one as our ground wire and we'll ground it to the frame of the trailer.

To do that we'll use a self-tapping screw right here and we'll just find a place on the frame to ground it to. We've got our self-tapping screw, screw gun. I'll take our other wire here that we'll hook up to the reverse input of our trailer. Chip off a quarter inch. Take a weather proof plug connector here. Insert it and we'll crimp it down as well.

The other end will go to our five pole or our seven pole, whichever we're using and this will be the input for the reverse signal. We're going to convert our trailer over to a five point signal here. Five flat. This is made for boat trailers. The five pole flat connector that we're using here for easier installation for the trailer wiring is 20017. We have the blue wire here which is the signal for reverse for your trailer brake lock out solenoid. We'll strip off a quarter inch of the blue wire here. We'll install it into our plug connector that goes to our solenoid. We'll crimp it into place. We can hook up the rest of our wires to where they go based upon our connection here. Take our old connection here and cut off these zip ties to separate our wires so we can access them a little bit easier. Now we're going to start with our green wire. Strip back about a quarter of an inch. We're measuring off where we need to trim back our green wire. Right about there. We'll cut the excess off of our green wire. Strip back about a quarter of an inch. Install our butt connectors. Now we'll take the brown wire for our right side and we'll do that one next and we'll do the same for the other wires. Okay, with all of our electrical connections made now we can use our heat source to seal our heat shrink butt connectors up. To help tidy up our wires I'm going to take some electrical tape here and wrap around our wires. Just so we don't have a lot hanging down and this will make a nice clean install. Now that we've done that we can fill our master solenoid with some fresh clean brake fluid from an unopened container. Fill it up. Re-secure the cap like so. We can open up the brake bleeder on the passenger because it's the furthest from the master cylinder. We're going to use the top one. You always use the top brake bleeder. I'll open this up a little bit using a seven sixteenth wrench. Now we can start bleeding our brakes. You can take your safety chain here and give you a place to rest a two by four or metal pipe along and you can push the tongue of the trailer back into the master cylinder and we can begin the bleeding process. By pushing back on the tongue like so and we'll just keep on doing this process until we have no air bubbles coming out of the bleeder screw on either caliper. Now that we've had a steady stream of fluid coming out of the passenger side bleeder screw here on the top we'll do the same on the driver's side and once we have a steady stream of fluid coming out of that one as well we'll top off our brake fluid in the master cylinder and we will check the system for any leaks at any other connection points where our hoses meet and if no leaks are found our hydraulic portion of the brake system is done. We can go ahead and put our wheels back on at this point in time. Now that we have completely bled our brakes and checked for any leaks that completes the installation of a reverse lock out solenoid for hydraulic brake actuators. It is part number DM11993.

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