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Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit Installation - 2019 Jeep Cherokee

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How to Install the Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit on a 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Speaker 1: Today on our 2019 Jeep Cherokee, we're gonna be taking a look at and I'm gonna show you how to install Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit, part number DM 9519340.Your base plate is gonna give you a solid connection point between your tow bar and your vehicle so you can safely flat tow it down the road. This is what our base plate looks like when it's installed. As you can see, it's not gonna stick out from the vehicle. It looks very, very nice on there, it keeps the front of the vehicle looking very nice and clean.Your base plates gonna be one of five main components in a flat tow setup. Your other four are gonna be your breaking system, your wiring, your safety cables, and your tow bar. We're gonna have nice caps that come included in our kit.

When not in use, it's gonna cover those holes to kind of keep the dirt and debris from getting in. We're also gonna have tabs, which really makes this base place nice is that these tabs actually will mount to the tow bar and stay on the tow bar. Unlike some of the other ones out there that you disconnect the tow bar and then you have to turn the tab and you have to pull the tab out, and then you have to find somewhere to store the tab. These actually mount to the tow bar, they stay on it all the time, and you don't have to worry about losing them. So, that's a really nice feature with this base plate.

And all you do when you insert them or you add them in is slide it in like this, you spin it, and locks it into place. It's gonna have a nice black powder coat finish to resist any rust or corrosion, and it's gonna mount directly to the vehicle's chassis.The holes here, these are gonna be for your safety cable hookups and you're gonna have one on each side of the vehicle. This base plate is compatible with other manufacturer tow bars, however it may require a different bracket which is sold separately. As far as the installation goes, it's pretty straightforward installation. You will have to remove the fascia.

One thing I do recommend this kit does not come with is red Loctite which it requires you to use on all bolts being installed. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get it installed.The first thing we need to do is we're gonna remove this panel. There's gonna be 13 push pin fasteners that we need to remove. You're gonna have some right her ein the front, and then along the top of it. How we remove them is you're gonna pry up the center, and it's easier, iyou can do this with a flat head screwdriver, a trim panel tool like this works.

We just wanna make sure that we're getting the base with it. We're gonna remove this panel, we're gonna set it aside for now.Next, we'll take an 8mm socket. We're gonna have three screws we need to remove on the inside of our fender well. This is gonna be on the front side of the tire.Next thing we need to do, is we need to remove our belly pan. We're gonna take a 13mm socket. We're gonna have three bolts along the front. We're gonna have four along the back.Next, we'll take a 10mm socket. We're gonna have four bolts that run along the bottom of our fascia we need to remove. These bolts are gonna be the gray colored. You can see there's black ones here. We're just taking the gray ones out. Once you've removed the three bolts from one side of the vehicle inside your fender well, make sure you do it on the other side.Next, we're gonna take a small drill bit and we're gonna drill out the center of the rivet that's in each bottom corner of the fascia. We're gonna do the same thing on the other side. And then, on each side of the vehicle, pull back your fender liner and right where your front fascia meets your fender, there's a 10mm head bolt right up inside. We need to remove that on each side of the vehicle.Next, we're gonna remove our fascia. We're gonna start from the outside, the fender, and work our way toward the center. We wanna make sure if you have any sensors or lights that need to be unplugged, you do that while you're taking your fascia off.On your driver's side you're gonna have a plug that looked like this if you have the sensors in the fog lights. This yellow tab you're gonna pull out, the red you're gonna slide up like that and it'll come off.Next, we're gonna take a 15mm socket. We're gonna have three bolts holding on our bumper support. We're gonna remove those. Then we're gonna have one nut. We'll use a 10mm socket to remove that. We're gonna do that same thing on the other side.Next, our tow hook, on the very back side of it, we're gonna have a large nut. Take an 1" 3/16ths socket. On the back side of your tow hook, we're gonna have a large nut, we're gonna need to remove that.Next, we'll take a 16mm socket. We're gonna have two bolts right up at the front side of our tow hook we need to remove. Then you wanna remove your tow hook. This will not be reinstalled. Then we're gonna repeat that same process for the other side of the vehicle.Next, we're gonna have two bolts on the bottom of our bumper core. We're gonna have this on each side, we're gonna need to remove both of those bolts. Use a 15mm socket to do that. Now to make this easier and safer, we actually have to cut this lip off. But because we're so close to our lines here, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this 10mm nut off, these two bolts out. I'm actually gonna remove this bumper beam here, pull it off, and ill do a lot of grinding and cutting while it's off. Then, we'll use a 10mm socket to remove this nut here. And it's gonna be the same thing on the other side. We'll take a 15mm socket and remove the two bolts on the top. Then we can slide out bumper beam off.Next, you can see I have it marked out here, we need to cut that lip off and try and flatten this out, grind it flat as much as possible. Let's take our cutoff wheel. I'm gonna do a couple of support cuts this way and then I'll cut this way. Once we get it cut and then grind it down, we wanna take some spray paint. We wanna cover up that bare metal to reduce any rust or corroding later on down the road.Next, we're gonna put our pull pot into place. Your bracket's gonna say driver and passenger side. You'll notice that there's a cut out. It's gonna go towards the center of the vehicle. It'll fit in just like this. And what I like to do is I'll take my factory hardware that goes up into my bumper. I'm gonna go ahead and install that, loosely install it for now. That'll help hold it in place. Then, we're gonna take our three bolts that we removed down here on the bottom. We're gonna be putting Loctite on all of our hardware, red Loctite. If you don't have any you can find some here at Get these loosely installed. We're gonna go ahead and pull this one back out. We're gonna add a little bit of Loctite to it and put it back in. Or if you really wanted to save yourself some time, go ahead and put Loctite on all of your hardware that your installing, that way you won't have to take anything back out.Next for our two holes here, we're gonna be using two of the bolts that come in the kit for each side. 10mm bolt, fender washer, a lock washer.Next, we're gonna tighten and torque all of our hardware to specification in the instructions. I'm gonna start with this one going up to the bumper first, our bumper main. Then, we're gonna repeat that same process for all remaining hardware. Once you're done with one side, you're gonna repeat the process on the other.Once you're done installing your base plate, if you're gonna be adding break system, tow bar wiring, anything like that, it's a good idea to do that before you put your fascia back on. It's a lot easier to run your wires back behind and mount any brackets you may need to mount back there. If you're not adding any of that other stuff, go ahead and put your fascia back on. You're gonna do it in reverse order from the way I took it off. You can see here, we're not gonna need to do any further fascia trimming. Our base plate fits right into the holes where our tow hooks were.That'll do it for our look at and installation on the Demco Tabless Base Plate Kit, part number DM9519340 on our 2019 Jeep Cherokee.



What torque is required for attaching the main bolts?

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The bolts used to connect the mounting bracket section to the vehicle are 10mm bolts which call for a torque of 45 ft-lbs according to the instructions. Be sure to always double check this number with the latest set of instructions.

Joe F.


I have a 2019 non trailhalk Jeep Cherokee. Does the emco Tabless Base Plate Kit Fit my vehicle with some modifications to the front fascia

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


The Demco # DM9519340 installed in this video is for the Overland and Trailhawk models. If you have anything other than one of those 2 then you need the Demco # DM9519338 instead.

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