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Demco SBS Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Wire Kit Installation - 2021 Jeep Gladiator

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How to Install the Demco SBS Towed Vehicle Battery Charge Wire Kit on a 2021 Jeep Gladiator

Hey, everyone, Shane here with Today I have a 2021 Jeep Gladiator, I'm going to walk you through how to install a charge line kit for Demco's supplemental breaking system. The charge line kit is not a part that is necessary when flat towing a vehicle. However, I always recommend it because your braking system is tied to the battery, if your vehicle is shut off you have no way of charging your battery, but the braking system when it activates the brakes or applies the brakes, it's pulling some power from the battery. With the charge line kit, it's going to run from the battery up to the six pole plug on the front of the vehicle so that when you're running the motor home and it's attached to the vehicle, the alternator on the motor home is going to trickle charge your battery while it's being towed. So as the power is being pulled from the braking system, or pulling the power from the battery to activate the braking system, the motor home is charging the battery that way when you get to wherever you're going, your battery is going to be charged and ready to go.

You don't have to rely on somebody else to jump-start you, you're not going to be surprised when you get there. You don't have to go and try and find jumper cables 'cause it can be a little bit embarrassing. As far as the installation process, it's very simple, a single red wire, one end is going to have a fuse holder with a ring terminal, the other end is going to be bare which connects to six pole plug on the front of the vehicle. To start your installation, we're going to take the fuse in the ring terminal side, and we're going to lay it up by the battery. We're going to take the bare end and we're going to route it down to the front of the vehicle.

How I routed it was behind these cables, factory lines, behind our breather box, right down behind the front grill, across the back, you want to make sure you're staying away from anything hot or moving once you get down there, go over the frame rail, get them across, and then right here on our six pole plug, you're simply going to take that wire and you're going to put it on the center pin, or the auxiliary pin. Now, when you make this connection, don't have it connected to the battery and don't have the fuse in the holder. Once you make this connection, make sure the fuse isn't in the holder, connect the ring terminal to the battery, and then insert the fuse, other than that, that's all there is to it. So now what we're going to do is run a test and make sure we're getting power through our wire. Now, we won't be able to test it at six pole plug because with the Demco charge line kit, it's going to have a diode in there, and what the diode does is it only allows power to come from the motor home to the battery.

It's not going to allow any backfeed from the battery or from the line to the motor home, so if the vehicle is still connected and when the vehicles are shut off, it's not going to drain the power on the motor home, or the battery on the motor home. So what we'll do is we have our fuse inserted. That's telling us we have power in our line connected the positive side of the battery. That's going to do it for look the at and installation on the charge line kit for Demco's supplemental breaking system on a 2021 Jeep Gladiator..

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