Derale Dyno-Cool Transmission Cooler Installation - 2006 GMC Savanna Van

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How to Install the Derale Dyno-Cool TranSMIssion Cooler on a 2006 GMC Savanna Van

Today on our 2006 GMC Savana Van, we'll be installing the Derale Dyno-Cool Thin Tube Transmission Cooler kit, part number D12904. Now to begin our install, we've already gone ahead and raised the hood and we're going to remove the front grille so that we can mount our cooler. To remove the front grille, there are two fasteners here at the top. We'll also need to pop the corners free and this will be fascia that runs all the way over to the fender and around the front blinker. Now to remove the front fascia here at the corners, we'll need to pull the blinker assembly out and remove the fastener behind it. To pull the blinker assembly out, there's a gray snap fastener that secures it in the corner. Using a flat blade screwdriver or a plastic pry bar, we can pull the taillight assembly out.

Remove the electrical connectors by pulling back on the locking tab and removing the wiring from the blinker assembly. We'll now set it aside and remove the fastener. Now with all our fasteners out here on the driver's side, we'll move over to the passenger's side and repeat the same process. Now with our grille removed, we'll go ahead and remove the coolant reservoir. To remove the reservoir, we'll need to disconnect the overflow hose from the radiator and the fastener that's secured to the front core support. First, let's take our hose off.

We're going to use a flat blade screwdriver to assist and we'll go ahead and tuck it up so we can hold onto the remaining coolant. Now we'll go ahead and pull the fastener out of the reservoir tank. With our fastener out, we'll go ahead and remove the coolant reservoir. We've got the overflow hose. You can see the two front pieces will slide out from underneath the front cowling. Now with the reservoir tank out of our way, we can go ahead and identify our transmission coolant lines as they come from the transmission and go to the radiator.

Here's the upper and lower lines. Now for this application, we're going to use the top transmission line going into the radiator. Now we've identified the line we're going to use, we'll need to go ahead and mount the cooler. To mount the cooler, we're going to use the Derale Performance Universal Mounting kit, part number D13002, with that will come the brackets and self-tappers to assist us in mounting our new cooler. The cooler will sit here in front of the A/C condenser. We'll run a bracket off of each corner.

This particular bracket will run from the new cooler to the condenser bracket where we can secure it with the self-tapping screw. Now before we mount the cooler, we want to go ahead and install the new cooler hoses onto the ends of the new cooler. To do that, we're going to use assistance of some of the transmission fluid as lubricant and we'll put it on the end of the transmission fitting, the hose will slide on easier. Now to get our hose onto the end of the transmission fitting, we'll simply slide it on and then rotate it to help slide it in place. Then once we have it in position, we'll go ahead and take one of the worm gear clamps provided with the install kit, slide it onto the end of the hose and into position. Once in place, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Now we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for our other hose and fitting. Again, as we get our hose into position, we'll go ahead and slide our clamp on, slide it into place and tighten it down. Now we're ready to start mounting the new cooler. We're going to pre-install the lower passenger's side bracket directly to the cooler flange. Now with the bracket pre-installed, we'll bring it to the vehicle and we'll double check our height. Now to secure our cooler, we're going to use the universal mounting kit and the self-threading screws. With our lower bracket in place holding the cooler, we'll now go ahead and install the upper bracket. Now for the two towards the center or driver's side, we can attach them to the cooler and then to the support bracket that goes down the middle of the radiator. Now with our mounting fasteners secured, we can see we have the excess from our brackets, using a pair of tin snips we can trim off the excess. We'll go ahead and take the hoses, route through the pre-cutout around the radiator and behind the headlight here on the passenger's side, around our hoses into the engine bay. Once they're in the engine compartment, we'll go ahead and set them aside as we'll need to disconnect the manufacturer's transmission cooler line from the radiator. To do that, we'll pull back on the plastic cover and then remove the small C-clip that holds the line into the fitting of the radiator, being careful not to lose it. Once we have the C-clip out of the way, we can remove the line from the radiator and install the new Derale GM Radiator Adaptor, part number D13035. Now before I remove the manufacturer's line from the radiator, I'm going to go ahead and route the hose so that I can trim to length now. We'll do a gentle sweeping arc back to the radiator fitting. I'll mark the hose and go ahead and trim my line. Next, I'll go ahead and install the new fitting onto the new hose. Once again, we'll use some transmission fluid as lubricant to help slide the fitting into place. Then once we have them positioned, we'll go ahead and install our clamp and tighten it down. Now that we've got our line cut to fit and our quick fitting installed on the line, we'll set aside as we'll need to remove the transmission line from the radiator. We'll pull the transmission line out and remove the clip cap. We'll take our new hose and the fitting, install the cap onto our new fitting and then the fitting into the radiator. Once it's in place, we can reinstall the clip. With the clip back in place, it holds the line into the radiator, we'll reinstall the black cap. Next we'll take our second hose that we ran from the new cooler, route it to the manufacturer's line and then cut to fit. Using a pair of tin snips, we can just trim the line. Then we'll slide our hose clamp onto the new hose and the new hose onto the manufacturer's line. Now with our new hose onto the manufacturer's line, we'll slide our clamp into place and tighten it down. Once we have our connections made, we just going to use some zip ties to secure our line as necessary. Once we have it secured, we'll go ahead and cut off the excess from the zip ties to clean up our install look. Now with our cooler installed, secured and tighten down, we'll go ahead and reinstall the overflow coolant bottle. Once we have our overflow reservoir reinstalled, we recommend to go ahead and start up the vehicle bringing it up to operating temperature and check for leaks. Once you've verified that there are no leaks, we're ready to reinstall the front grille. Now with everything reinstalled, we're ready to hit the road. That does it for the install of the Derale Dyno-Cool Tube Thin Transmission Cooler kit, part number D12904, for our 2006 GMC Savana Van. .

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