Transmission Cooler Installation - 2006 Honda Odyssey

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How to Install a TranSMIssion Cooler on a 2006 Honda Odyssey

Today on our 2006 Honda Odyssey we'll be installing the Derale series 8000 plate-fin transmission cooler kit, part number: D13503. To begin our install, we'll first need to go ahead and remove the upper engine panel. To remove it they'll be multiple push pin fasteners that we'll go ahead and remove. To remove push pin fasteners we'll simply take a flat blade screwdriver, get underneath the center of the push pin, pry it up and then remove the push pin fastener completely. Once we remove the upper panel we'll go ahead and set it aside and then remove two push pin fasteners underneath that secure the front grill to a bracket underneath. Next, we're going to move underneath the vehicle and repeat the same process with the under body trim panel.

Note, on this application, it's missing several fasteners.Next, we'll move to the wheel wells. Pulling back on the wheel well liner we can access the screw that holds the front bumper cover to the side fender. Once we remove the screw on both sides we can then pull back on the bumper cover, unlocking the fasteners underneath. Be careful once you do as then the bumper cover can come off easily. Now with our bumper cover loose, we'll go ahead and remove it and set it aside for re-installation later.

Next, we'll need to identify the inlet and outlet of the transmission cooler. This will be on the lower portion of the radiator, which is visible once we removed the under body trim panel.Once we start and run the vehicle we're checking for a temperature difference between the two lines. Note, it is best to check the temperature when the vehicle is in a cool state and hasn't been run for quite a while. Once you run the vehicle long enough, we'll test the lines to check for a temperature difference. The warmer line will be the inlet and the cooler line, or in this case hose, will be the outlet.

This is where we'll add the new Derale transmission cooler kit inline with the manufacturer's transmission cooling system. To do this, we'll go ahead and remove the clamp from the hose and then the hose from the radiator.To give us a little more access behind the AC condenser, we'll go ahead and remove the upper brackets that secure it. To remove them, we'll remove the bolts that secure the bracket and then the bracket from the AC condenser. Once again we'll set these aside for re-installation. Next, we're going to remove the front bumper.

There are a total of six fasteners that will need to be removed. Once we remove these bolts we can go ahead and set both the bolts and bumper aside for re-installation later. Next, we'll take the hose and route it to the front of the vehicle. We can do this by going around the radiator between the radiator and the core support. We'll go ahead and remove the clamp from the hose.Next, we'll go ahead and remove the nipple covers off the new transmission cooler and install the manufacturer's hose onto one side of the new transmission cooler. Note, for this application we'll be using one of the new worm gear clamps provided with the install kit. Once we have the hose in place we'll go ahead and tighten it down. On the other side of our cooler we'll install the new hose that's provided. Note, it can be easier to get the hose onto the nipple if you lubricate it with some transmission fluid first. Now once we have it in place we'll go ahead and slide the clamp into position and secure it. Quick tech tip, if necessary, you can trim the excess from the worm gear clamps if they interfere with the radiator, transmission cooler, or any lines. To do this we'll use a pair of side cutters and clip off the excess from the worm gear clamp. Note, after you clip it off, you have created several sharp edges, so be careful once you do so.Next, we'll go ahead and take the new hose and route it around the radiator towards the radiator nipple that we removed the manufacturer's hose from. Now with the hose routed we can go ahead and secure the new transmission cooler. We'll use the rod and clip for the foam pin to secure it here to the AC condenser. We'll take the rod, run it through the new transmission cooler then through the foam pad, next through the AC condenser and then install the clip on the backside. We'll loosely install all four then once we have them in place we'll firmly secure them into position. Now with all four in place and secured, we'll go ahead and cut off the excess from the rods.Now we'll go ahead and re-install the AC condenser brackets to put our AC condenser back into position. Next, we'll move underneath the vehicle and take the new line and run it over to the nipple. We'll mark it and cut off any excess of the hose, then we'll install our clamp, then put the hose under the radiator nipple and tighten down the clamp. Now with all of the hoses routed and secured, we'll go ahead and double check for leaks by starting the vehicle and letting it run to come up to operating temperature. Once you verify there are no leaks, we're ready to go ahead and re-install any components we've previously removed. That's it, with everything back in place this will complete our installation of the Derale series 8000 plate-fin transmission cooler kit, part number: D13503, on our 2006 Honda Odyssey.Video: Expert service Fast shipping Lowest prices 800-298-8924 Duration 00:07:44.

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In your video, you installed the transmission cooler inline before the radiator, if that's really an '06 Honda Odyssey. I manually tested direction of flow and that hose is from the transmission, not returning to it.

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