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How to Install a TranSMIssion Cooler on a 2013 Honda Odyssey

Today on our 2013 Honda Odyssey, we'll be installing the Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler kit, part number D13503. To begin our install, we've already opened the hood and we're ready to start removing the upper fasteners for the front fascia and air guard. To remove the pushpin fasteners, we'll use a flat blade screwdriver, get underneath the center of the fastener, pop it up and then remove the fastener. There'll be multiple fasteners that'll need to be removed. Now with all the fasteners removed from the top air guard, we'll go ahead and pull the air guard out of the way. We'll set it aside for re-installation later. Next we'll remove the two bolts securing the top brackets of the upper fascia.

Now with those removed and set aside, move to the wheel wells. Here we'll need to remove two screw fasteners on each side. Keeping in mind each process we do to one side will get repeated identically on the opposite side. Now with those removed, we'll go ahead and get underneath the vehicle where we'll have multiple fasteners to remove here also. Once again these will be pushpin fasteners and bolts or screws. With those removed, we'll go ahead and pull out the lower rock guard and set it aside.

Next we'll go ahead and remove the front clip, we'll pull out on the front clip just below the headlight assembly unlocking the plastic fasteners underneath. At this point, it's a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you hold the front clip while you remove it. Then disconnect two electrical wires on each end. To disconnect these from the socket, we'll press on the locking tab and then remove the connector. Now with all the connections removed, we'll go ahead and pull the front clip out and set aside for re-installation later. As you can see we know have access to the front of the A/C condenser and radiator, this is where we'll be mounting the new transmission cooler kit and we'll be attaching to the manufacturer's radiator lines, the return side coming out of the radiator which we identified by checking the lines and testing them as the vehicle warmed up for the hot and cold side. This application you're looking for the cold side. We'll be mounting our cooler kit here at the top of the driver's side of the A/C condenser and routing the lines down and behind the radiator.

To get our lines there, we'll need to cut out some of the air deflector here on the driver's side. We'll use a rotary tool and cut out just enough to route our hoses through. Now with that done we'll move back to the front of the A/C condenser, to gain a little extra room we're going to go ahead and remove the driver's side headlight assembly and the two fasteners securing the A/C condenser brackets which will allow us more room to get in behind the A/C condenser to secure the new transmission cooler. To remove the headlight assembly, there's a total of four fasteners that we'll have to remove, three bolts and one pushpin fastener. As we gently pull the headlight assembly out of its position then we'll go ahead and disconnect the electrical wires behind it. There are a total of four wires that'll need to be disconnected. Next we'll go ahead and take the supplied hose and mount it onto the nipples of the cooler, we'll remove the covers first. Note it may be easier to use a little transmission fluid as a lubricant to help slide the hose over the nipple.

Once we have the hose in place, we'll go ahead and take one of the new clamps provided with our install kit, slide it over the hose, into position and secure it. Note for this application we're using an additional piece of hose that's approximately 24 inches long. Now with both hoses installed on the cooler we're ready to go ahead and install the cooler onto the vehicle. Next we're ready to go ahead and start mounting the transmission cooler. We'll use the supplied mounting rods, mounting clips and foam pads to secure the cooler. The mounting rod will go through the transmission cooler through the foam pad that will get sandwiched between the cooler and the A/C condenser then the rod will go through the A/C condenser where we'll secure it with the mounting clip. Keep in mind that you don't want to completely secure each one as you go as you'll need enough room to get the foam pad in behind the transmission cooler as we route the mounting rod through it. Now with all the mounting clips in place and secured, we'll go ahead and cut off the excess from the mounting rod. Next we'll go ahead and take the hoses and route them around the A/C condenser and through our cutout behind the radiator. Now with that done we can go ahead and re-install the A/C condenser brackets and the headlight assembly. Next we'll go ahead and get underneath the vehicle and start routing our hoses over to the line that we'll need to connect them to. Quick tech tip, note we'll be using some black zip ties to help secure our hoses into position. Now with our hoses routed we'll go ahead and make a mark and cut off the excess from the hoses as needed. Then we'll remove the manufacturer's clamp and remove the manufacturer's hose off one end and install our prepared line that we've run from the transmission cooler onto the manufacturer's steel line. Quick tech tip, after we removed the manufacturer's hose we're going to go ahead and take a bolt and stick it into the end of the manufacturer's hose to prevent fluid loss. Now with one hose installed we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for the second hose. We'll route it, cut it to fit then remove the manufacturer's clamp and then the hose. Quick tech tip, make sure you install your clamp onto the hose after you've cut it to fit so that you can go ahead and secure it to the steel line once you have it in position. Now with both hoses secured we'll go ahead and secure the remaining hoses with some zip ties and then we'll cut off the excess from the zip ties to clean up our install look. Now with our new transmission cooler installed and before we re-install the front clip, we're going to go ahead and start the vehicle and check for leaks. Now that we're confident that we don't have any leaks we're ready to go ahead and re-install the front clip and all necessary fasteners. Next we'll go ahead and re-install the front clip, air deflector and rock guard with the fasteners that we removed previously. Now with that done that'll complete the install of the Derale Series 8000 Plate-Fin Transmission Cooler kit, part number D13503 on our 2013 Honda Odyssey. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Tom R.

No mention here of the cooling configuration. Did this get installed in series with the stock cooler? Did it bypass and replace the stock entirely? Which is recommended? I assume you did this in series; you mentioned finding the cold line, but not what the reason for it was. From what I understand, you want the hot line from the transmission to go to the new cooler, then route the new cooler outlet to the where you took the hot line out of the radiator. Also, despite identifying the cold line, it looked like you hooked both transmission lines up to the new cooler, completely bypassing the radiator. Why did you identify the cold line then? I thought a series install was preferred. If you did a bypass, did you do anything to plug the open ports on the radiator?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

You will want to install the Derale Series 8000 Cooler # D13503 so that the outlet of your OEM transmission cooler is going to the input of the Derale, and then the output of the Derale is going to the cool line of your transmission cooler system. This is how the cooler was installed in the video. If you check out diagram #4 of the instructions on the product page you can see what I'm talking about.


There’s mention of an additional 24” section of hose used for this installation. Is that required for installing the cooler on an Odyssey?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

The additional length was needed during our install on the Odyssey so it's very possible it will for yours as well. For the extra length you can use part # D13003 .

Reply from Mike

@ChrisR I completed the install this weekend. I used an extra 4’ section which worked great. I’d recommend that to anyone looking installing on a 4th gen Odyssey.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

@Mike Fantastic!

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