Transmission Cooler Installation - 2012 Subaru Outback Wagon

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How to Install a Transmission Cooler on a 2012 Subaru Outback Wagon

Today on our 2012 Subaru Outback Wagon, we're going to show you how to install the Derale performance series 8000 plate-fin transmission cooler kit with farbed 00:00:08 inlets. This is a class 3 efficient cooler, part number is D13503. Now to begin our installation we're going to pop the fascia off the front of the Subaru here, it's one that doesn't require a whole lot of effort to do, so to get us a lot of room to work we'll start removing our push pin fasteners, we're underneath the front quarter of the car here. Use a screwdriver or trim panel tool, whatever you've got. We're just going to the center core out first, then the rest of it will come in after that's through. Then we'll take the one right where the front fascia meets the fender in the corners out. We're going to do this on both sides. Now we're ready to head up top.

Now we're going to have 8 more fasteners right across the front edge here, basically 4 on each side, we get those popped out. If we look right under the front edge of the car we're going to have 3 fasteners that are kind of tucked up behind the fascia a little bit. Then we just set it aside somewhere safe until we need to put it back together. Now we're going to pull the bumper off just by removing the 4 bolts that we've got on each side there. If we look at the rear of the bumper here, this is going to be the bottom, so this is our passenger side, this is our driver side. I want to bring my cooler up toward the top set of holes that are on the, closer to the bottom of the bumper lineup with this rail right here.

I'm just going to use self tapping screws to secure it in place. That's going to have it mounted nicely for us there, but what we can do is do a pilot hoe right up here on the top side of that bumper on each side, and we'll put another one in. While we've got our bumper in this position, it's going to be a good idea to connect our lower hose here, it's kind of in a tight spot once we get in there, so we're going to use just a little bit of lubricant there, and on our hose, help them slide together. Then we'll want to get a hose clamp put on there. Then we'll slide our bumper back into place, as we do we want to make sure the two tabs here on the back go into the larger open slots in the front. We're just going to put the bolts back on and pull the bumper in place. Now I'm going to run my line right down behind the support, it'll be just to the left side of our frame.

We'll pull it so that it feeds down towards the driver side frame rail, that's where transmission lines are. Now we'll go ahead and slide on our top hose here, and we're going to run it down the same area we ran the other one. To make our connections with our transmission line, it's a little bit farther back, we've included part number D13003, that's an additional 4 foot piece of hose here, it's going to give us plenty of length to get to those transmission lines, and get everything connected properly. Now we need to determine which of our transmission lines are running towards the front of the car, and which ones are running back. We'll start our car, place it in reverse gear, and while we've got our parking break on and also our foot on our brake, we want to rev it up a little bit just to put the power through the transmission. Then after about 10 seconds or so we should have more heat built up in one of our lines than the other one. If we feel our hoses here, one should noticeably warmer than the other.

This one's going to be the hotter of the 2, so this is our input line from our transmission, the warmer fluid's going to come into the cooler, and with cooler fluid comes back. We're going to go on the cooler side here, this will allow us to use our transmission cooler as a secondary cooler, so it'll go through our factory cooler, through our cooler, and then back to the transmission. We've got our 2 lines coming from our cooler that run right down here by our hose, one of the we're going to slide up on the metal, part of the line that comes down, the other one we'll use our connector and just splice the two together. Doesn't matter which one we use for where, this one we'll use to connect to our metal line, see we've got tubing cutter, we're going to cut it off nice and flush. Then our other one we're going to connect that right in line with our other hose, take that off. Let's use a little bit more of our lubricant here, and we're going to slide the provided . You can see they'll either thread in, or we can just slip it between our 2 hoses, we're going to use it just as a junction between our 2 hoses there. We're going to slide our hose clamp around there, we can get it tightened down, just want to be sure it's inside of that barb. That's good there. Then we'll pull that factory clamp down out of the way. Now we'll want to loop our hose around and slide it right back up on there to reduce the amount of fluid we let out of the system there. All right, now our last one will be to connect that to that hose. Feed that in to our factory line, and then we'll just bring back our factory clamp there. Then we'll clean up any of the fluid that will be running all over the place down here. Start the car, pressurize the system again, let it run a bit, and make sure we don't have any leaks, we want to check our connection here, here, and also in the cooler. Now we just want to lightly touch our cooler, it should feel warm to the touch, that indicates that we've got good flow going through it. Now we just want to check, make sure we don't have any transmission fluid in any of our connection points, and we should be ready to put this fascia back on and head down the road. Now we'll put the fascia back on, we want to be sure to connect our fog lights back together back here, that way they'll work. Line everything up and click it back into position here. Now we'll put our fasteners back in all the way around. All right, with everything put back together we'll want to check the transmission fluid, make sure it's at a appropriate level, and we're ready to head down the road. That's going to complete our installation of the Derale series 8000 plate-fin transmission cooler, part number D13503 on our 2012 Subaru Outback Wagon.

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Mike R.

Great video. You make this look very easy and show everything needed to get the job done. Narrator is kind of like the Bob Ross of trailer videos!

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