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Dexter Electric Trailer Brake Assembly Installation

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How to Install the Dexter Electric Trailer Brake Assembly

Today, on this enclosed trailer, we're going to install Part Number 23-105. This is a 12 inch, electric brake assembly for the left hand side of the trailer rated at 6,000 pounds from Dexter. Everything shown in this video will also apply to Part Number 23-106. This is the same type of brake assembly but for the right hand side. Now this is traditional brake assembly that you're probably used to seeing. It has a small, oval magnet on the bottom.

Our new one looks a little bit different but it bolts on the same and wires at the same, just as the original. You see the label for left hand side. You can see the 5 nuts on the preexisting studs on the axle, with the same dimension and number here. Let's go down to our next axle where we have our brake assembly already removed and you can see where everything is gone, we go ahead and take our new part and slide into place. When you install it, you want to always make sure that your magnet is always facing toward the ground. After you take off the nuts for the original brake assembly, it's a good idea to go ahead and just cut your wires. Basically, what you want to do is just cut them but still leave a little lead left over so you have a fresh to work with.

Let's go ahead and put our new brake assembly in place. We can go ahead and reinstall the original nuts and lock washers. Oaky, inaudible 00:01:30 We'll go ahead and run them down and then hand tighten them. In just a matter of a few moments, we've got a whole new brake assembly installed, new magnets, and new pads and springs. It's a lot quicker this way than buying pieces individually and putting them on your old back inaudible 00:01:56 plate. There are a variety of ways of making a wire connections but in this case, we'll be using Part Number DW05744-10.

This is the Deka Heat Shrink Butt Connector for 16 and 14 gauge wires. Just like any other butt connector, we'll go ahead and strip the wires back. Twist our wires and add our butt connectors. Now to connect the wires, we don't have to worry about polarity because magnets don't have a polarity. You just want to make sure that one of these wires eventually goes to ground and the other wire eventually goes to your hot lead and your output from your brake controller. All right, we've got our connections made, we'll go ahead and use the heat gun to seal them up.

Now instead of a heat gun, you can get by with a lighter. Once we allow them to cool, you can go ahead and tape them up or secure them anyway that you'd like. Now, we've got our wheel and our hub already installed, all we're going to do is adjust the brakes. Using the brake tool, and we'll just go ahead and tighten up the adjusters until you really can't spin the wheel. Then a tip clue, you want to back it off one click at a time about 10 clicks. Then give it a spin and you should have a very light drag. If you don't, like in this case here, you probably want to tighten it up just a little bit more but that gets you pretty close. There it is right there. There you have it for Part Number 23-105. .

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