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Dexter Trailer Idler Axle w/ EZ Lube Hubs Installation

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How to Install the Dexter Trailer Axle w/ EZ Lube Hubs

Today on our boat trailer, we're going to be installing the Dexter Idler Axle with EZ Lube hubs. Part# 205451-EZ-72-10. Now, to begin our install, we're first going to go ahead and remove both wheels. Keeping in mind, each process we do here on one side will get repeated identically on the opposite side. If its been a while since you've had the lug nuts off, we're going to go ahead and spray them down with a spray lubricant. I'm also going to go ahead and spray down the Leaf Spring Shackle bolt hardware so the penetrate can start working before we get to actually removing that hardware.

Now, with the wheel off, we need to remove the older manufacturers U-bolts. The easiest way to do that, just to go ahead and cut them off as it will not be reused. To cut them off you can use a Sawzall, torch or even just a cut off wheel for the smaller U-bolts. Now, in some applications, you'll need to remove the spring bolt that we lubricated earlier, so that you can allow the Leaf Spring to come down out of the way to get the axle out. Other applications, you can actually take the axle and slide it out between the Leaf Spring and the frame.

Once you have the old axle out, we're ready to put the new axle in.Now that we've show one style, we're going to go ahead and remove the bolt so you can see what it's like to go ahead and remove the Leaf Spring. When we go to remove this hardware, note some of the bolts will be splined into the shackle. So, we're going to just help hold that bolt in place while we remove the nut. Then we'll drive the bolt straight out. You can see this particular bolt is not splined, so it just came right out.

Once you have the axle out, it's a good idea to check the Leaf Spring to make sure none of the leafs are cracked or broken or it's been excessively overloaded, which you can tell when the strap here is either missing or bent or broken. Also, check the hardware for excessive wear, moving it in and out and up and down. If you take the hardware out and it looks a lot like this one, where it has excessive wear, both here at the bolt head and on the threads, then it's a good idea to go ahead and replace them. Now, because of the excessive wear here in there hardware that we've already taken apart, we're going to go ahead and install the new Eyelet bolt, which you can see also has the serrated towards the top of the bolt so that it will lock into the new shackle strap that is also going to get replaced because of the excessive wear. The new shackle strap, which we'll have one, will slide all the way on and we'll press it into the shackle strap to hold to bolt in place.

A second shackle strap and then a new nut. The nut will thread and lock onto the bolt.Now, here's another style of hardware. We've got the Eyelet bolt and nut, Part# 166081. Along with our Redline TrueRide shackle strap 2-3/4 inch long. Part# TRSL275, replacing the old or existing hardware. This is the actual hardware we'll be using with this application. Now, let's go ahead and finish taking our hardware apart. Again, here you can see the wear of the Eyelet bolt. Next, I'm going to go ahead and put my Eyelet bolt back in the front shackle strap to hold the Leaf Spring in place. Now, with the passenger side here taken apart, let's go ahead and put it back together with our new hardware. Now, with our new upper Eyelet and the rear shackle straps in place, we'll move over to the drivers side and repeat the same process. While our Leaf Springs are down, we'll put the axle in place and then bring the Leaf Springs up and put in the bottom Eyelet bolts. Now it's a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you raise the Leaf Springs up to the shackle straps and install the new bolts with the axle in place, on top of the Leaf Spring. Here on the axle is going to be the Leaf Spring seat, with a pre-drilled hole in it that will match up with the centering point here on the Leaf Spring. Go ahead and line it up, lock it into place on both sides. Now, with our axle in place, to secure it we're going to use the Redline U-bolt kit, Part# APUBR-10. It will come with the plate, two new U-bolts and the nuts. Put a U-bolt down on top of the axle on the inside and outside of the Leaf Spring pack. Then, on the bottom, we'll line up the plate with the U-bolts. Once we have the plate in place, we'll go ahead and install the nuts on the bottom. Now, with all the hardware in place here on the passengers side, I'll move over to the drivers side and repeat the same process. Now we're ready to start tightening our hardware down. As I tighten down the Eyelet bolts, we're going to want the serration at the head of the bolt to sink into the strap. So, I'm going to help hold it in place while I tighten it down so that it sinks into the metal properly. Now, with the Eyelet bolts tightened down, we'll go ahead and tighten down our U-bolts. I like to runt hem down with an Impact and then check them with either a wrench or a socket and ratchet. As you tighten them down, tighten them down evenly, front to back. Then we'll torque to specifications, as indicated in the instructions. Now, with all the hardware installed here on the passengers side, I'll move over to the drivers side and repeat the same process. Now, in most applications, this is the style hub that will be coming with the axle, but will not be on the axle when ordered. It will come with the hub, two bearings, an inner and an outer, a seal for the inner bearing, a large cap, which will go on the outside, a grease seal will go through the middle for an EZ-Lube axle, and then an inner cap. The new hub will also come with five new lug-nuts. Now with everything installed, we'll go ahead and put our wheels back in place and install the new lug-nuts. Once I have all my lug-nuts in place, we can go ahead and tighten them down. Then we'll set the trailer back down and have some weight on it. We can go ahead and torque to specifications. That will conclude our install of the Dexter Idler Axle with EZ Lube hubs. Part# 205451-EZ-72-10 for our boat trailer today. .

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