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Dometic Part-Timer RV Toilet Installation - 2009 Forest River Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel

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How to Install a Dometic Part-Timer RV Toilet on a 2009 Forest River Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel

Hey guys. Shane here with Today we have a 2009 Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel trailer. And I want to walk with you how to install the Dometic part-timer RV toilet. This is what our toilet is going to look like when it's installed.This is going to be a standard high toilet. So it's going to be close, if not exactly the same height as your toilet at home.

Having a toilet that high in your camper RV is going to make it not only a lot easier to get up, it's going to make it a lot better on your knees, and it's going to make it feel more like your home.It's going to come with a foot pedal flush and fill valve. It's also going to come with a hose. This makes it great for cleaning out the inside of your toilet. And you're going to use a lot less water with this. It's also going to come with a hanger so you can decide to put it wherever you want hanging on your wall.

Our customer hasn't quite decided where they want to put it. So that's why we haven't hung it up.Another great feature with this toilet is a lot of times on your older toilets, even your home toilets, when you close the lid, they just slam shut. With this, all you got to do is touch it. And they are slow-close, easy-clothes. They're not going to slam shut.

They're not going to wake everybody else up in the camper when you have to get up in the middle of the night to use a restroom.Keep in mind, this toilet is only designed for your campers and RVs. It is going to be a direct mount. So it's going to line up directly with your existing toilet and mounting location. It's going to come with new hardware. So if you need to replace the hardware from your old toilet, it is going to come with that.

It's going to come with a lower seal or lower gasket. So you won't have to pick one of those up. The only modification that we had to do when installing this is we had to reroute our hose and that's because the previous toilet to foot pedal was on the opposite side. We just picked up a couple of elbows here at, along with the clear hose to attach between the two.So to flush your toilet, you simply push down the pedal all the way. To fill it, one thing I want you to watch is these holes right here. Rather than them going straight down, they actually do a vortex and they kind of circle the bowl, which is going to make cleaning a lot easier. You're going to push it down part-way. That fills your bowl. And if you need to use your hose, push down the foot pedal partway. It allows you to spray the inside of the bowl down.In my professional opinion, the way this thing is designed, how much pressure is actually coming out of this hose to make cleaning it much easier is a lot more sanitary. And when you go do your business, you don't want to sit on a plastic toilet. You want it to be comfortable like you're doing it at home. So if the hose is something you don't think you're going to use, we do offer toilets, same features without the hose. Both sets are going to come in white or tan.I just want to go over a few features of what our old toilet doesn't have that our new one will. First thing is our lids are both plastic. And we've all been there sleeping at night, somebody gets up to go to the bathroom and dropped the lid. In a camper, that can go all the way across the camper. Everybody's going to hear it. Not only the lid, but the seat is plastic. So plastic is not quite as sanitary as your ceramic. Couple other things. This one does have a foot flush, which is a nice feature, but it's not going to have the hose on it. So cleaning can be a little bit more difficult. It makes it a little bit easier with the host because you can grab the hose and just spray around on there. And it's going to use a lot less water. Now let's go ahead and bring in our new ones, set them side by side and compare the two together.So here with our new one sitting next to our old one that we're going to be replacing. You can see the height difference. We're actually adding about two inches, which is going to make it a lot easier to get up. Especially when you're older, you have a hard time sitting down lower and then standing back up. Having it up higher is going to be a lot easier on your knees. Our foot flush is going to be on our right side, especially for this setup where our doors over on this side, it's going to make a lot easier to get to. We don't have to reach around to the other side to flush it. So if you're not as concerned with height and you're looking for more economical version, there are low-profile designs that measure about 13-and-a-half inches.We notice a difference from our new ones who are old and to seal right down here, how it kind of has that rubber flange, that kind of cups the top of that bowl. You notice on the old one, it doesn't have that. What happens is, as that seal starts to wear out, you can potentially get some smell from your tank and also it could potentially allow water to leak. And you may end up using more water because you have to constantly fill up the bowl because that water is draining down where that seal should be. So, as I mentioned earlier, the seal in there can potentially have water drain into your tank and cost you more money with having to refill your toilet all the time. You can kind of watch here, this water is actually drained into that tank. And eventually this bowl is going to be completely empty.With all that being said, let's show you how to get the new one installed. To remove your old toilet. The first thing you need to do is make sure it doesn't have any water in the lines. You should have one hose running to the back of it, either to the back or to the side. The foot lever over there, the hose is actually running on that side. So you're not going to be able to see it while I'm taking it off. And then what you're going to do is you're going to have a couple bolts that are holding the toilet down to the floor. Those are going to need to be removed, and you should be able to lift your toilet out and starting installing your new one.So before you start in installing anything new, you're going to have a rubber seal here that was underneath your old tank with old hardware. Pull that rubber seal off and your new toilet is going to come with new hardware and a new seal. So what you do is you take these and you slide them. And just like that. And then we'll set our new toilet on top and put our hardware in.One thing to keep in mind is our toilet used to plug in on that side. Now it's going to plug it on this side or hookup. We actually had to extend it because that's a hard line and there was no way to bend it over. So you may or may not have to do this. The way I did it is I had two 90-degree or two elbows, half-inch. So it's all fitting these hard lines and I use clear water line and extended it. And then I'll just hook it right into the back of the toilet on this side.Pull it in place. We need to line up our hardware so that it comes through the hole.So it was kind of hard to see, but you want your hardware to come up through those two holes and we're going to put a flat washer on top and then nut on top of that. So I use a 7/16 socket to tighten my hardware, to get my toilet sunk down to the floor. For my fitting in the back, I just thread it onto the back of the toilet. Once you get your hardware tight, you're going to have caps for your bottom hardware, and you're going to have caps for your hardware on your lid. All you do is pop those into place.Now that we've got it installed, we've got our water pumped into it. Everything's working correctly. We're ready to go. That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Dometic part-timer RV toilet.

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