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Draw-Tite Hi-Rise 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation - 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Draw-Tite Hi-Rise 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch on a 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on this 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup we'll be installing Part Number: 9464-35-5W. The Draw-Tite Underbed Kit for the Hi-Rise 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch. This kit will allow you to install your Hi-Rise 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch in your truck bed. This is Part Number: 9480-5W. This 5th wheel instillation kit doubles as a goose neck trailer hitch. When you aren't towing your 5th wheel trailer simply remove the hi-rise hitch to free up the ball hole that this kit will recreate in your truck bed. This is our hitch ball. It's 2 and 5/16ths diameter and it's rated for 30,000 pounds; with the pin in place the ball is definitely not going anywhere.

Unlock the pin, which is very easy, you just pull it out and move it to one side or the other and it clicks into place. Then you can take the ball out. When you're not using it you can store the ball upside down in the hitch. Then to lock the pin, pull it out, let it fall back into center. Of course we had to make some holes for u-bolts and for our hitch as well. Beyond that there is not drilling required on this truck.

This uses u-bolts and existing holes in the frame to keep everything in place. The towing capacity of this hitch is rated 30,000 pounds, just like we saw on the hitch ball. It's also good for 7,500 pounds of vertical lowered limit, or tow weight. Always check with your owners manual or your dealership to make sure your vehicle can pull these kinds of loads. First up in installation is to get our truck ready to install the hitch. It works out really good if you can lift the truck up and take the rear wheels off.

It gives you much easier access to the frame. We need to definitely remove the spare tire as well for easier access underneath the frame, and underneath the bed as well. Next up we have to lower our exhaust out of the way to give us some more working room. First we'll go ahead and put a strap around it, or anything supported, before we lower it down. I'm using a simple cam buckle strap. Next we'll spray down the rubber hangers like this right here with some spray lubricant and then we'll go ahead and pry them off.

Going to be a couple more, just in front of the axle, in front of the muffler. On this one there is sometimes about two or three rings on the very end of the prongs here. You have to remove those with a needle nose pliers and work them off so you can take this assembly off. Now we can go ahead and pry off the rubber hanger. Next up our wire harness right here has to be loosened up because we'll have a u-bolt cell go underneath it and around the frame. You can pull these off by hand if you want but the trim panel tool will work too. These are most of the time pretty loose. Next up we have to drill a hole in the bed of the truck; to do that we'll measure from the end of the bed to the length described in the instructions. Now there'll be two different lengths for 6ft and 8ft beds, so make sure you get the right one. We'll make our distance mark . Then we'll make sure it's even from left to right. Now we'll drill a very small pilot hole first . Keep it as accurate as possible. Then we'll follow up with a quarter inch drill bit. Now we're going to use a 3 and a half inch hole saw. The actual hole saw size actually comes with the hitch itself, so always go by that. Now since our corrugation is up on the edges it can make the hole saw skip around a bit. We're going to use a piece of plywood that has a hole already drilled in it to help keep it from skipping around. Next up we're going to work with the crossmembers. These bars go underneath the truck. Now these bars are identical but do sit different ways. This edge . With the oval and the square holes, will sit like this going toward the font. The one going toward the back will sit the opposite way. Before we put them in place we need to install hardware. We'll be using the carriage bolts that come with the head assembly, or the hitch, that sits in the middle. We'll simply drop them in like this, into the square holes on the far outside; to help keep them from falling out I'll take the nuts that come with them, they're lock nuts. Let's go run them on just a few threads until the stop . Do the same thing to the other bar. We'll take the nuts off later when we put the hitch into place. Let's go ahead and put our crossmembers into place. We're going to start with the crossmember that goes towards the back of the truck. We put this in over the exhaust, on top of the frame first . as far as we can into the corner. Push it past the shock. Get it above the frame right here on our driver side and we'll pull it back. We'll then repeat the same process for the front one, however the bolts will be pointing toward the back. Now we'll go ahead and loosely install a frame bracket. We're on a passenger side here, we'll line up this hole with our front crossmember. We'll loosely install the 5/8ths bolt, flat washer, and lock washer. It would be a good idea to go ahead and clean out the threads to make sure this bolt fits before you put your bars into place. This hole will line up with this cross bar here. We'll keep everything loose just to hold everything together. Next up we'll go ahead and install a u-bolt that goes around the frame, we'll use these two holes here. Our hardware will be a Conical 00:06:37 Tooth Washer, you notice the teeth on here that always face towards the hitch . Then a half inch nut. Same thing on the bottom here. Do the same thing with this u-bolt, it won't go all the way through yet. We're going to install this stiffener bracket behind the frame bracket. Then we can go ahead and run our u-bolt through. Next we'll install some hardware for our stiffener bracket right here. It's going to match up to this hole in the bottom of the frame. The hardware that'll go inside the frame will be this block and this carriage bolt; to help get it in there the kit comes with a bolt leader that'll push it through the hole we're going to use and out an access hole. We'll take our block, push down to the bolt leader, and into the frame. Then we'll take our carriage bolt and thread it onto the bolt leader. Push that into the frame and pull it out the hole. The hardware we'll install will be a familiar conical tooth washer and nut. We're done with our passenger side for now; we'll go ahead and repeat the same process over on our driver side. I've already put the hitch into the cross bars. It helps to have the cross bars with the bolts point straight down. What I'm going to do . Take a pry bar and push up on the cross bar until the bolts are pointing down then using using a 15/16ths ratchet wrench I'll go ahead and snug the bolts down just to help keep it from moving around . Just enough. We'll also take the nuts off the hardware now. Now when we put it up into place it might be a good idea to use a strap, I'm using a cam buckle strap here . To help pick it up and pull it through the hole in the bed. You could also put the hitch ball into place and have an extra set of hands pull up with that as well. We'll reinstall the original nuts we used and also we'll add the flat washers to it. A couple things to remember when we put this into place. We'll make sure that the pin here is facing toward the driver side. It's also offset so the offset is going towards the front. That'll match up to the hole in the bed compared to the rails. Now we got ours still really lose right now. Before tightening it down, we'll go ahead and line it up with the hole in the bed and then we'll tighten it up. We'll tighten down our hardware using a 15/16th socket. We'll tighten it down just enough to take up the slack. When you first put it up here maybe take a few moments to go ahead and center this in the hole. There'll be a little bit of play in there . What you can do is use the hitch ball, put it in place. I'm using a non-marring mallet; and you can just knock it around which ever direction you need it to be. Next it would be a good idea to go ahead and make sure the crossmembers are square with the crossmembers in the bed. That way when you drill out the u-bolts for safety chains they won't be a little bit crooked. I simply measure from the edge of a cross rail, to the edge of a inaudible 00:10:54. Make sure it's the same on both sides. You may have to loosen up some of the hardware a little bit on the outside to make sure you get the flexibility you need. At this point with everything in place we can go ahead and tighten down our hardware for good. All our previous bolts we just a snug down, just enough to hold our shape. We'll go ahead and do our u-bolts to our frame bracket first, and our bolt down here. When we tighten down our u-bolts we'll make sure we tighten them down evenly on both sides. After the u-bolts tightened down we'll torque the bolts down as specified in the instructions. This is the passenger side, one more time on the driver side. Next up we'll go ahead and tighten and torque the bolts that do the crossmember to the frame bracket. Again we'll need a 15/16th socket. Last four bolts, we need to tighten and torque down will be the four bolts from our hitch to our crossmembers. We'll go ahead and install the handle for the pin. We'll go ahead and route it through here and install it into the hitch . Install it into this pin here and then through this hole we'll install a simple clip. It's quite a tight fit, sometimes it helps to use some pliers to go ahead and get a good grip on it and push it into place. Next up is our u-bolts for our safety chains. They're going to install into these slots right here. We're going to drill on this slide of the slot right here, so that way when we install the u-bolt this will sit inside the corrugation and be as low as possible. You'll also notice that one leg is shorter than the other. That's to give us a little bit extra clearance when the exhaust is put back up into place. First I'll go ahead and mark the holes using a half inch drill bit. That was our passenger side, one more time on the driver side. Then I'll drill a small pilot hole through using a quarter inch bit. Now we're going to drill our pilot holes out to a half an inch. We'll go ahead and put our u-bolts into place. Remember the one with the short leg . Underneath we'll install our hardware. First up, flat washer, spring, and then the lock nut. Now the lock nut will only go on a few threads for now, we'll tighten it up later. Same thing on the other half . We'll do the same thing for the other u-bolt. Next we'll go ahead and tighten these up with a three quarter inch socket. We'll just tighten them up where we'll just have a few threads showing from the bottom. At this point our hitch is fully installed now. We can go ahead and reinstall the exhaust back onto it's hangers. Put the spare tire back up into place, and for us put our tires and wheels back on the axle. That'll do it for our install of the Draw-Tite Underbed Kit for the Hi-Rise 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, Part Number: 9464-35-5W, on our 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup.