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Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2020 Ford F-450 Super Duty

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How to Install the Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2020 Ford F-450 Super Duty

Hey everyone, my name is Shane, and here at etrailer, we install, test fit, and review different products to hopefully make your process much easier. Today I have a 2020 Ford F-450 Super Duty. I'm gonna walk through how to install the Draw-Tite Front Mount Hitch. Adding a front mount hitch on your vehicle is gonna give you a lotta different options. The main reason most people are gonna put a front mount hitch on their truck is either they have a trailer that they like to move around and they wanna get it into a tight spot. It's gonna make it much easier to move it around and get it in that spot with it mounted on the front rather than the back.

Maybe they wanna add a wench to it. Our particular customer here has an in-bed camper, so they're actually gonna be using it either for a bike rack, a cargo carrier, or a wheelchair carrier. Our hitch is gonna be a steel construction, black powder coat finish, it's really gonna hold up well against rust and corrosion. We're gonna have a 2" by 2" receiver tube opening, reinforced collar give us a little extra stability there, which is gonna give us a lot of different options for hitch-mounted accessories. Our hitch pinhole, which is here, is gonna be 5/8" in diameter.

It does not come with the hitch; however, it can be found here at etrailer. This second hole here, this is for a J-pin stabilization device. So, like I said, if you're putting a cargo carrier on or bike rack or something like that that you're gonna be actually hauling, adding the J-pin is gonna take any movement out of that while you're traveling. Now as far as our weight capacities go, we're gonna have 500-pound vertical load limit. That's anything we put on the hitch that pushes down right here in the center bottom of the receiver tube.

So whatever you're putting on there, you're wanna make sure it's not exceeding that downward pressure. We're gonna have a 9,000-pound straight line pull. So if we have a trailer, it's loaded up, we wanna make sure that it's not over 9,000 pounds. Also, with those weight capacities, you wanna make sure you're not exceeding your gross axle weight rating on the front. You also wanna make sure that the vehicle, whatever you're moving or hauling, wanna make sure that the vehicle can handle that amount of weight.

Now as far as our measurements go, from the center of our hitch pinhole to the outermost part of our bumper, we're looking at about five inches. Keep that number in mind for any of your hitch mount accessories that you may be hauling that may fold up against the vehicle like your cargo carriers or your bike racks. From the top innermost part of the receiver tube to the ground, we're looking at about 14 1/2". Keep that number in mind for any of those hitch mount accessories that you're hauling that may require a little bit more ground clearance. Now as far as the installation process, it's not really too bad. The instructions are not gonna tell you to take the bumper off. However, with the F-450 having the inner cooler, you will have to take the bumper off in order to access the bolts on the inside of the frame rails. Start our installation, we're gonna have five fasteners along the bottom, five fasteners along the top right here in the center, take a plastic trim panel tool, and we need to remove those. So when you pull these out from the top side, you need to make sure you pull this base out, too, then we'll come back and remove the five on the bottom. Next, we're gonna take our trim panel tool, we're gonna come right to this edge on each side, and we need to pop the clip switch. Once you get that on both sides, we're gonna slide this piece off and we'll set it aside for now. Next, we're gonna come underneath the vehicle, we're gonna remove two of these bolts on each side. What you're looking for, you're looking for the body mount, and it's gonna be two bolts right below it. Now it's a good idea to have an extra set of hands. We're gonna remove the four bolts on each side by our toe hook. That's gonna allow us to remove the bumper off the frame. We're gonna use an 18 millimeter socket There's a small plate on the back side. Once you get one completely out, screw it in a couple threads to keep that plate from wobbling back and forth. You wanna make sure you don't just pull it off. If you follow the wire back, there's a plug right back here on the driver's side. This is for your fog lights. You need to disconnect that in order to remove the bumper. We'll slide the bumper off and we'll set it aside somewhere safe. Now the directions don't tell you to remove the bumper. But with the F-450 having an inner cooler, there's no way to access these two bolts from underneath. Next what we need to do is if you have a skid plate, you're gonna loosen the outside two nuts and you're gonna remove the inside. We don't have the skid plate, so we're not gonna mess with those. We're gonna take an 18 millimeter socket, we're gonna remove the two nuts here, and then the U-bolt. So we're gonna start with this very outside one on each side first. That'll allow us to take our inner cooler, pull it out, and drop it down so we can have access to that back one. Now we can lower our inner cooler. We'll slide it off the bolt heads, lower it down like this, and that gives us access to rear nuts. This hardware will not be reinstalled. We're gonna take one of our pull wire, we're gonna feed it up through the bottom hole in the frame rail. We're gonna take a spacer block, carriage bolt, thread it into place, and pull it down just like that. We're gonna do that in each frame rail. Now with an extra set of hands, we're gonna raise our hitch up into position, we're gonna take our pull wire, feed 'em through the back holes. We'll take the pull wire off of each side, and we're just gonna add on a nut. This is gonna allow us to support the hitch while we install our remaining hardware. That way we don't have to try to hold it up. You're gonna have a small tab on the bottom of your inner cooler bracket. We need to bend that out. We're gonna do that on each side. Next we need to line up our hitch with the two holes on the frame rail in our inner cooler bracket holes. We're gonna use a carriage bolt with a spacer block. We're gonna have two of 'em for each side. Next we're gonna take a conical tooth washer, gonna make sure the teeth are facing in towards the frame rail on the hitch, and then we're gonna put on a nut. Do the same thing here. And then once you get these upper four done, you can come back. You're gonna remove the nut from the lower one that we put on earlier, add your conical tooth washer, and then reinstall the nut. Now we'll take a 3/4" socket, we're gonna tighten our lower bolts first. And we'll take a 3/4" wrench, we'll come back and we'll tighten these. Once you get everything tightened, you're gonna come back and torque it to the specifications in the instructions. Next we need to either cut the hole in the lower air dam or you can just remove it. I'm actually gonna cut it. So we're gonna find center, we're gonna measure up an 1 5/8". That's gonna be our lower line that we're gonna be cutting. We're gonna measure from that line up 3 1/2" and out an 1 1/4", I'm sorry, an 1 3/4" on each side. So basically we have a 3 1/2" by 3 1/2" square. I'm just gonna use a rotary tool with a cutting blade. And we can come back once we get our center section cut out and take your utility knife and you just run it along the edge, and you can trim off little extra burrs that are on there. Once you have your bumper trimmed, go ahead and reinstall it, test fit it, and make sure you don't have to make any more adjustments as far as cutting. If you don't, you're reinstalling your bumper in reverse order from the way you took it off. Once you have your fascia reinstalled, you're ready to go. That's gonna do it for a look at an installation on Draw-Tite Front Mount Hitch on a 2020 Ford F-450..

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