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Du-Ha Under Rear Seat Truck Storage Box and Gun Case Review - 2019 GMC Sierra 1500

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Review of the Du-Ha Under Rear Seat Truck Storage Box and Gun Case on a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at the Du-Ha Truck Storage Box and Gun Case here on our 2019 GMC Sierra. This storage box goes under your rear seat, and it allows you to store your tools, your firearms, your gear, as well as any of your valuables and keeps them out of sight and organized. Now I've had experiences when I have things stored on the floor of my truck, and when I make a quick stop, they start rolling forward. So if you have them contained inside this storage organizer, you're gonna prevent that from happening. We have all kinds of gear stored away.

Some of the things we have inside is my emergency kit. We have our tool box. We have a really large tarp for rainy days. We have our extra sockets and a lot more. The storage box goes underneath both seats.

Now I recommend if you have things organized, because you have the option of lifting one seat or the other, you get to put your important items here, your important items there and you don't have to lift all of them up at the same time and you get to choose where you put things. Not only is this custom fit for your truck, but you can also get it in different colors to match the interior of your truck. So some options are black, like what we have here, but also dark gray, light gray, brown or tan. Not only can this organize your cargo and your gear, but you can also use this to store your firearms. So this is a legal firearm case in most states, of course, please check with your local laws just to make sure you comply with them.

If needed, you can also get a locking version here at etrailer. So this is what our truck looks like on the daily. We have all kinds of stuff, just strolling around here on our floor, as well as on our seats. So we got tools. We got straps, we have other gear and cargo.

So we're going to try out our organizer and see what it's gonna look like when we try to tidy up. Included with this case are gonna be these dividers, so these are inserts that fit right into your box. You can see how they are made of plastic on the outside, but they also have this foam on the inside, just to protect whatever you're carrying. You're gonna get 2 of these inserts and just place them inside your case and this will create 1, 2, 3 areas for storage. Depending on what you're carrying, You also have these indentions or these grooves for maybe items with handles or firearms. You're gonna also get these hook and loop pieces or straps that go through those dividers and wrap around them to secure them. Measuring for length from inside the grooves to the end of the carrying case, you have about 50 inches of length to work with. A good example is one of my friends uses this carrying case and he fits his 28 inch barrel shotgun in there. And he says, it's a really good fit with room to spare. The case is made of a heavy duty polyethylene, which is a strong and sturdy material, but also flexible enough to fit around the grooves of your truck. As a lightweight case, this has a good balance between sturdiness, so that it holds your cargo in place, but also it's light and easy to remove if needed. The bottom of the case is a smooth construction. You don't have to worry about anything sticking up and scratching whatever you are storing. You also have slight grooves just to help keep your smaller items contained. The case itself is custom fit for your truck. We have it here on our GMC Sierra, so you can see how it fits around the grooves of our truck. Please check out our fit guide here at etrailer, just to make sure you get the right case for your truck. As you can see, we have a lot of stuff on our floor. We actually have a before and after. So you can see the difference between having the organizer and not having an organizer. So we put most of our things in here and look how organized it is. I'm a pretty big fan of the way I was able to fit even our larger items. I got to mix and match with our dividers just to get the best fit for our larger toolbox, as well as our smaller items. Most of our items are level with the top of our case. Now you do have about an inch of clearance, if you do have larger or bulkier items. So let's see how it fits with it just as is. That's perfect. For the space between our case and our actual seats, you can see how there is an inch of space. My final thoughts about this storage box is I love how I can organize everything inside of a truck. I'm a big fan of organization and keeping things neat and not cluttered and this works really well for that. I do like how it gives a lot of space, but it is also lightweight. So if I need to take it out of my truck and put it inside of my garage, I can do so quickly and easily. And that was a look here at our Du-Ha Truck Storage Box and Gun Case here on our 2019 GMC Sierra. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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