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Du-Ha Truck Storage Box and Gun Case Review - 2019 Ram 1500 Classic

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Review of the Du-Ha Truck Storage Box and Gun Case on a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic

Hey everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby, and today we take a look the DU-HA truck storage box and gun case here on our 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. So this is going to be a really nice way of just going ahead getting all your loose items here in the back of your truck and giving them a nice little storage container. As you guys can see, it makes for some pretty nice compartments here. I got a little tent that I've stored here in this pocket, we have our gun rests here, that makes it really nice to go ahead and actually, of course, get our guns in here, which could be nice, and I think you might be able to fit a shotgun, like 30-06 or something like that, obviously nothing too crazy long, only that I can give you guys the dimensions here later in the video. I really like these dividers too, they're like the solid plastic.

A lot of times, you'll only see them made out of this middle element here, and they're a little flimsy, and they kind of just don't hold their shape as well. I really, really like how we actually have this outer casing keep it nice and solid for ourselves, but still being softer at the top to actually hold on our guns, which is really great. And yeah, they just simply slot in right here, you will need to put your passenger's side, it's going to have your deeper wells, so your shorter one is going to be right here in your driver's side, and that's basically just because of how they've got it cut. But that makes it really easy to organize this, you get the different couple compartments here, start setting all your stuff in it, really, really nice thing to have. And of course, we still have the room to go ahead and close our seat when we don't need it.

Now obviously this is going to be a great way to organize all of your stuff. As we mentioned, we get a couple compartments in here, nice deep well to go ahead and start holding on all of our items. And it is a custom fit here, as you can see across the front here really good examples of it conforming to our fit of our RAM Classic and doing a great job in there. Now I will say, we're losing a little bit here on the back end, it does raise itself up, and I'll tell you guys why in a second. It's because of a little lag screw we have and I'll show you guys that.

But you can see it's just having a slight little raise If I we're to press it a little bit, or maybe we had some heavier items in here, it'll probably seal itself just a little bit more back towards the back. But again, that didn't really impact how our seats are folding back down and B, we're not really too worried, right I'm not like really dropping anything, nothing for to slink in there. The big thing for me was these fronts, and I'm liking how it's sitting on that ledge, not impacting too much where my feet are going to be, but still doing a great job, and just staying nice and covered on the entirety of the shelf, which is really cool. Talking about lag screw, we can now see it right here, pinning this in, and actually inserting itself right below our cup-holders. So there is a little cutout in all you guys' this Ram 1500 that's already there.

This has this little plastic spacer, makes it really easy to stick ahead if you get a finger or two underneath it, or just take a flathead screwdriver, pop this bad boy out, and then we can actually start syncing this in. You will need a 14-millimeter wrench, I use just a wrench, because a ratchet is really not going to have the room to fit under here. And you can be a little careful because if you guys try to just go at it too hard, you could end up scraping around here. And then again, probably not the biggest issue, we're going to be having our seats close on here a lot, and it is just a big old tub of holding our stuff, so not really something I'm too worried about cosmetically, but if you guys are, just be a little conscious there as you guys are tightening that down. But I really do like that because nothing is going to be moving or shifting around, right Like they would if we didn't have it in there. So even if we are taking harsh turns or whatever, loading up stuff, we're going to stay nice and solid, and that makes it way easier to load up our stuff, and of course get them unloaded. I like what I'm in here too, like I said earlier, not really impacting my feet or anything, which is great, not really in my way. Now if I we're to go down here for soda or something, you do have just a little bit of a harsher edge here. Honestly, I think it's so well out of the way that we're not going to have any issue, but just to keep in mind, a little bit of a lip there just to kind of watch out for. Does it mention before this can also work as a gun case Of course, let's make sure we are following all of our state laws to make sure we are staying in accordance to those. But you do have about 53 inches here for your rear-most gun rack, and under the front one here, you are working with about, I put you at about 50 inches for your deep well. Now you do have a little bit longer all the way, and from side to side on your inside, you get about 56 inches in total. But that's just kind of giving you guys a good idea of how much deep well you have here to make sure that all your stocks can fit in it. Two, with that as well, you will need to have your barrels facing that way, your stocks over here, so as to make sure we are being safe as we're loading and unloading our weapons as well. The reason for that is because like we said earlier, basically how these guys are cut to fit, you are going to have to have this side over here, and that just leads you to have those deeper wells to actually go ahead and secure your guns. But the polyethylene material on here makes it nice and durable as well, I definitely feel like it'll hold up well, no matter what we're throwing into it, which is great. I think it's going to do an awesome job of staying nice and sturdy for us. I really do like how too when not in use, we can easily take these guys off, throw them right there in the middle, and then I have this huge well open, so maybe I'm not transporting my guns or again, we just need a little bit extra space, we're going to make that happen for ourselves. Overall I think the DU-HA has an excellent way of just giving yourself a little bit of organization in the back of your truck. Obviously taking all those loose items and just getting them in here is going to be way better than have them sliding around, getting mixed up, having to fight through that urge to throw it all over the side of the truck and get through it. We can go ahead, have it organized, and that way we know exactly where it's going to be. I like that it can double up as a gun rack as well. Again, let's make sure we are always adhering to state laws wherever we might be. But overall guys, I just think it's an awesome way like I said, to give you a little bit organization in the back of your truck, that way you have a way more enjoyable time. Well guys, I think that about does it for our look here at the DU-HA storage box and gun rack here on our 2019 Ram 1500 Classic. I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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