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Du-Ha Under Rear Seat Truck Storage Box and Gun Case Review - 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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Review of the Du-Ha Under Rear Seat Truck Storage Box and Gun Case on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 250

What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the Du-Ha truck storage box and gun case on our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. So, if you're looking for some storage underneath your seats, that's not just throwing stuff underneath your seats, the Du-Ha is going to be a custom fit. It's going to fit really nicely to the floor of your truck and also to the back as well, which is going to be great because we can go ahead and either put two rifles or one with a scope or just a bunch of tools and stuff. And we're not going to be able to see it at all so you don't have to keep your guns in the tool box or in the bed of your truck if you have a tonneau cover. One, just because there's one lock to holding that in whether it's in the bed of your truck or in a toolbox.

With this we have four different locks and someone's going to have to break your window to come and steal your guns.So, someone going by isn't going to see a toolbox and wonder what's in it. They're not going to know. So, the nice thing about it is the seats do double as a lid for this, but the really cool thing too is we are going to have some organizers here. This is going to help hold your gun or guns, regardless of how many you have. It's going to have a little foam insert.

So it's not going to. You don't have to worry about it, hurting your guns or scratching them or anything like that. It's going to protect them. Fits right in there and then we're going to have another one, that's going to do the same exact thing over there. So, once we start kind of piling our stuff in here, let's just say someone pulls out in front of us, we have to slam on the brakes.

Maybe it's a deer. Who knowsSo, we might see a little bit of shifting forward but they actually do have a really cool set of hardware to prevent that from happening. It's going to be on both sides but it's extremely difficult to see. Pretty much what's going to happen is these are going to go through this little crevice on the side and it's going to go all the way back to a stud, way back there. You really can't see it but there's going to be a nut that comes with it that we're going to thread up on top of here, and then we're going to have a little pin that comes through and snaps on here.

So, we're going to get you the best visual at the stud we're talking about, but it's going to be before I actually go ahead and install it because I'm going to have to get back in there to install it.But once we did install those, it's extremely sturdy and awesome. So let's just go ahead and get to it. So pretty much, there's going to be two sides. One, that's going to have a little bit bigger hole and it's going to fit perfectly over top of that stud there and it's going to be exactly the same on the other side. And we're going to have a nut that comes with it, pretty much so you can go back in there and thread that on. We don't have to tighten it down right away, but the other side is just going to go through that little gap that we showed you earlier, then we're going to put the pin in it to secure it. So, I'm going to tighten that down and also tighten down the other side and then show you the final product. Now, once we're done take the pin, flip it down and we are solid.This thing is not going anywhere. I mean, we did bolt it to a big old stud in the back so it's really not going to go anywhere. We do have a little bit of travel this way, but I mean, if your seats are down we're not going to have any travel. So, your guns are going to feel hardly anything especially when they're going to be held in with that foam. So if you're going to use it as a gun case, it's going to keep them nice and protected. They're not going to feel hardly any vibrations from the road.So, let's just go ahead and see exactly how much stuff we can fit in here. So if you don't plan on using it with guns, I'm going to just throw a bunch of tools and stuff in there just to see. What I've noticed though is the ridges on the side are a lot higher than let's just say, the WeatherTech. So, I think we'll be able to stack stuff up a little bit higher before we run into any clearance issues or anything like that. So, let me go grab some tools. I usually just throw them in the back so everything I'm going to put in here was already underneath my truck backseat. So we'll see how it works. So, not going to be able to fit my big case in here. Yeah. We're not going to be able to fit that. Well, that's fine. No big deal, put that somewhere else. But I do have a lot of other stuff that I plan on bringing. Just a couple of drills, a couple bits, just the essentials of course.And even if you're not using it as a gun case, we can keep these inserts in to kind of keep everything nice and organized and stuff. So all in all, there's a lot of different stuff we can fit in here. I can throw a bunch more ratchet straps and stuff in here but it's definitely going to give you a lot more space just because it does have ridges. So, as you start stacking stuff up if we didn't have this in there, this is just going to kind of keep it all confined a little bit more. So whenever we have all of our stuff that we need to get the job done, we can keep it in here and people can still Ooh and aah over our clean truck because as of right now, you can't really see much of anything.I really like it just because no one's really going to think about what you may have in the truck. If you see a toolbox, it's probably some goodies in there but even if someone does get a little curious and poke their head in and look, I can't really see anything so that is definitely a plus. We're using the light gray one now. Black would probably be the better choice for this interior on the truck, but if you have other types of interiors, we are going to have black, we're going to have dark Brown and tan. So depending on what kind of interior you have, I highly suggest matching it to whatever color you have. It'll be a little bit more low profile.One thing we do need to double check before we use this as a gun case, check your state laws. Make sure that you can use this as a gun case. Some different States require to have a lock on your box so if you plan on doing that, do the checking before you order just in case you're in one of those States that want a lock. Other than that, that's pretty much it for a look at the Du-Ha truck under seat storage box and gun case on our 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500..

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