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etrailer Class III Trailer Hitch Installation - 2021 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install the etrailer Class III Trailer Hitch on a 2021 Jeep Wrangler

Today, we're gonna enable our Jeep to do a little bit more. This is a 2021 Jeep Wrangler and we're gonna be taking a look at the etrailer two-inch trailer hitch receiver. Being a Jeep owner, you know that the spare tire gets in the way a lot. So this hitch is designed to give you about three inches more clearance. So some of those accessories can still fold up. So right now I have the Swag mini-spec on here and going down through, putting this in.

We align that hitchpin hole. All the way up and now we can fold this thing up and it's not gonna hit. We can still put this pin through and we can drive like this just to add a little bit less length to the back of our Jeep. So just so you know, for the other accessories you may want to put in your hitch. From the hitchpin hole, the very center, to right at the edge of a stock tire on our Wrangler is about eight inches.

So this hitch is definitely the way to go compared to all the other ones on the site, just because the other ones that we've tried on this Jeep today, none of these accessories we're really working. So definitely take that measurement that we just gave you and check your accessories that you have right now. Or just watch a couple videos on our website if you're picking the accessories and buying them with the hitch. Like I said before, this is gonna have a 3,500-pound gross trailer weight capacity, and a 350-pound tongue weight capacity. But if you go on our website and you purchase a weight distribution system, this will go up to 4,000 pounds gross trailer weight capacity, and 400 pounds tongue weight.

And this isn't just for your cargo carriers, your bike racks, stuff like that. It's also gonna be for hauling. So you see the safety chain loops. They're plenty big, even for the bigger hooks that we may have. But you might even have some smaller ones as well, which will also work in there.

So I don't really think we're gonna need to use these bigger ones because it doesn't have a massive capacity, but just know that they do fit if you do have something like this on a smaller trailer. And then usually all your accessories are gonna come with a hitchpin. If they don't, which they should, you can grab one. Or if you just lose it. I lose things all the time. The diameter of this hitchpin hole is gonna be five-eighths of an inch. So you can see there's hardly any play at all in there. And that's really what we want just to prolong the life of the pin and also just to keep everything nice and tight and strong, so we're not gonna have anything break down the road. There are a couple options on our website. I like this one just because of the finish, because the other ones are kind of glossy. This one's Matte black. It really does kind of mimic the bumper. And another thing I like about this one. Since it sticks out a little bit farther, it doesn't exceed the length of your vehicle. Now obviously the spare tire's gonna be a little bit farther out. As you can see, the bumper lines up perfectly with the edge of the hitch receiver. So I think that looks a little bit cleaner. And with the flat black, it's a little bit more low profile. From the center of the hitchpin hole to the edge of the bumper or the edge of the hitch receiver, it's gonna be about two and a half inches. And then coming all the way out, it's about eight inches to our tire right here. And we do have stock tires on our Jeep, so this next measurement might vary a little bit. So the tires on here are 245, 75R17s. So at that right height with stock suspension, it's about 18 and a half inches from the ground to the inside top lip of our receiver. This is my pick of the litter when it comes to the hitch receiver for your Wrangler, just because it does sit out a little bit farther. So it's gonna give you less trouble with some of those accessories you may have. And if you're not really in the market for a hitch receiver for your Wrangler, just get one. It really is a very inexpensive item to put on your Jeep to allow it to do more. With Jeeps, you wanna do everything. I get it. So might as well just grab one of these. You can put it together in your garage. It doesn't take me more than 10 minutes or so. So watch our install, that'll help you go through it. But it's very, very simple. So grab one and stick around for the install. In the instructions it says to lower the exhaust. If you wanna make it easier on yourself, you can. That's just a couple steps we don't really need to do. But if you wanted to, there's a hanger right here and that same exact position on the other side is our other hanger. That'll just give us a little bit more room. But we don't really need it. We're gonna have four different holes. One here, one here, one here and one here. That's gonna line up with these four holes. We can get this all lined up. Just like that. And then we're gonna take a bolt with a washer on it. And these are included with the kit. Thread it through. So the one hole closest to your passenger side is gonna be threaded. And then the next one next to it isn't, and then this one's also gonna be threaded. And then the end one, on the driver side, isn't gonna be threaded. So with the ones that are threaded, you'll feel it can go through initially. And then once it hits the back, we're gonna have to thread these through a little bit. So what I like to do is twist it a little bit to get it threaded in. And then do the same thing on the other side, which isn't gonna be threaded. Just so it holds it up on its own. See how it goes all the way in there. So we can do the rest for the remaining two holes. And now I'll take our nut. Hopefully you guys can see it. I'll thread that on all four of our bolts. Once those are installed, what I like to do is get 'em hand tight and snug. We'll need a three-quarter-inch socket or wrench. I'm just using two wrenches 'cause it's a little bit easier. It's not a whole lot of space in here. I like to get those pretty much snug as much as I can. And then we want to come back through here with our torque wrench and torque it down to spec. There we go. We can do that for the rest of our bolts. And that's pretty much all you have to do to enable your Jeep to do so many different things. And if you need some accessories, we have some here at etrailer just to allow you to do whatever you wanna do wherever you wanna go. And again, this was a 2021 Jeep Wrangler, and this was the etrailer two-inch trailer hitch receiver. And I'm Adam..

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