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etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar Installation - 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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How to Install the etrailer SD Non-Binding Tow Bar on a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited we're gonna be checking out the SD Non-Binding Tow Bar. So there's gonna be a total of five main components needed to flat tow your Wrangler down the road safely. First one's gonna be the base plate and that's gonna provide us with a solid and reliable connection point that way we can hook our tow bar up to it. So the tow bar here it's gonna be your second main component. This is gonna be the physical link that actually connects the front of your Jeep to the back of your motor home.

The third main component is going to be safety cables and these are gonna be there in the event of an unlikely disconnect. These are gonna keep your Jeep connected to your motor home. The fourth main component is going to be tow bar wiring. And this wiring what it's gonna do is transfer the lighting functions from the back of your RV, to the back of your Wrangler keeping you safe and legal. And last but not least our fifth main component is going to be a braking system.

And what that's gonna do is apply the brakes in your Wrangler, whenever you hit the brakes in your motor home helping to bring you to a more predictable and safe stop. When it comes to a tow bar something that you definitely want to think about and make sure you choose the right one for you and that's because honestly out of all the flat tow components, this one's probably the most interactive. This is what you're gonna be dealing with on a day-to-day basis. So you want something that's easy to use, works good and if it looks great too, that's kind of a bonus. And I think this one does all three of those probably one of the more important things at least whenever you're flat towing is how well your tow bar is going to pull your Jeep down the road.

You want it to track well, and in this case I think this one should do a pretty good job. It's got quite a bit of length to it, a little bit longer than some of the other ones that I've seen and honestly, right now the arms aren't even completely extended. We got a few more inches to go. And generally speaking, the more distance you have in between your vehicle and your motor home the better, you're just gonna be able to kinda go around in tight turns and maneuver a little bit better. Your vehicle will be a little more responsive and everything else.

So this one should do pretty good at that. I feel like here to where your two arms come up. So there's two points and that's not something you always see. So I feel like these could articulate a little bit better and just be a little more responsive. When it comes to a tow bar in general one of the features that I personally think is a must have is a non-binding feature, and this tow bar does offer that to us. What that means is whenever you're pulling your vehicle down the road and you get to your destination, you go to unhook. A lot of times, these arms can get in a bind. And so when you try to separate it or remove it from your base plate, it can be pretty much rock solid and it'd be extremely difficult and I mean honestly who wants to deal with that. You just wanna unhook and be good to go. So if that we're to happen and these arms get in a bind you can easily release that tension by simply just pushing down on this lever. So when you push us down it'll release all this tension and make it super easy to disconnect, no problem at all there. Compared to some of the other type tow bars that don't have that non-binding feature they can really be a pain, you get in that bind and a lot of them have like a button up here that you have to get a special tool for, get a hammer out and beat it, and it's really unnecessary. I feel like with the non-binding feature was really the only way to go. And you're gonna be thankful for this feature whenever the arms do eventually get in a bind. Something that is pretty cool about this setup and kinda separates it from some of the other tow bars. Is it more or less has a built-in high-low adapter So if you guys aren't familiar with that a high-low adapter what that's gonna do is position the front of your tow bar here level with your towed vehicles base plate, that way it rides level and pulls down the road like it should. So that's pretty cool. You're not gonna have to source another piece to your flat tow setup in our case we have this one in the rise position, majority of the time you'll end up having it in the drop position but in this case we have a Jeep, sits a little higher off the ground, and that's what's great about it kinda gives you that option oh man, I need to put it in that rise position flip it over and do it. It does take a little bit of time to set up initially to figure it out and tighten your bolts on and everything but once you do it once you're done and you're ready to roll. So kind of a neat feature that you don't see in every tow bar and it's pretty cool. Something that is pretty nice is the tow bar actually does come included with some safety cables. It just makes everything go a little bit smoother a little bit easier to figure out what you need with these being included you're not gonna have to try to figure out what's the appropriate length or weight capacity and so on. So just a nice touch and also has on one of the arms, a rail here, and what that's for is for you to take your wiring kind of run it through there, pin it down. And that just keeps it a little more organized a little higher up off the ground. So you're not gonna have worry about it dragging or anything like that. Now, whenever you are ready to hook up to your motor home it's gonna be super straight forward. You're just gonna take the tow bar, line it up with your base plate, put your pin and clip through. Safety cable openings are gonna be easy to get to as well. So you'll snap those on and then plug in the rest of your components such as your braking system and your tow bar wiring. And that's really all there is to it. So really saves you a lot of time and headache. You're not gonna have to fight with anything everything's spaced apart good, looks clean and organized. So this tow bar can be stored on the back of your motor home. It's pretty neat actually, how we can do it. What you're gonna do is remove all your components including your safety cable there, as well as detaching the tow bar itself, and just kinda clip everything together. And what we're able to do is you can do this a few different ways. You can store it like this with each arm off to the side which a lot of times can make it a little easier to hook back up since all you're gonna have to do is kinda one of these deals or what you can do to store to either side, you can put it over there or both of them like this. So it gives you a few different options. This can be permanently solder on the back of your motor home. If you do that, I do suggest picking up a locking hitch pin. That way it's secured, no one's gonna run off with it. As long as they're covered that way it'll just help keep it protected and give it one extra layer from the elements. And that'll finish up our look at of the SD Non-Binding Tow Bar on our 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited..

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