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etrailer Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly Installation

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How to Install the etrailer Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly

Hey guys, Shane here with Today, I'm going to walk you through how to install the trailer hub assembly. These hubs are going to be designed for 3,500 pound axles. And what these are going to do is allow your brake pads a new surface to grab onto, so if you're carrying a heavy load, we know our trailer is going to stop for us. They're going to be a cast-iron or an iron construction. So very durable, nice black finish on the outside, really going to help resist rust and corrosion.

These are going to work with 13, 14, 14 and a half, and 15-inch wheels. They're going to be 10-inch in diameter.What I really like about these, they're going to come with the bearings pre-installed and pre-greased. They're going to come with the grease seals. They're going to come with the races. They're going to come with the cap.

And the assembly is also going to come with the lug nuts. Our lug bolts are going to be half inch in diameter. They're going to be five on four and a half. Each assembly is going to have a 1,750 pound weight capacity, going to be compatible with hydraulic and electric brake drums. It's also going to be compatible with standard axles from most manufacturers like Dexter, Lippert, LTI and AL-KO.

Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk you through how to get it installed.So your installation, you need to remove your old hub off of your axle shafts and then take a towel and you want to wipe down all the old grease that was on here. Make sure it's not real marred up or anything. And then what we're going to do is you can either use a grease gun, if you have one, or a tub of bearing grease, and we're going to put some on the shaft, smear it around before we put our new hub in place. Get you a good, nice coat on there. And don't be afraid to put a bunch of it on there.

The more grease you have, the better it's going to protect your bearings. Then we'll flip it over. We're going to pull off this top cap. Be careful because the bearing that's on this side doesn't have a seal on it. So you don't want to pull the bearing out. We'll pull that cap off. Take our assembly, slide it in place. Be careful that you don't push that outer bearing out.I just don't want it to fall on the floor or anything like that. And we're going to install our old washer. Make sure you clean it off because it will probably have a lot of old grease on it. Then we can put on our axle nut. You want to make sure. When you put this on, it doesn't have to be tight. We don't want to tighten it down, over-tighten it. So pretty much hand tight to hold your hub on and your bearings in place. There's a hole right on top of the shafts for a cotter pin. Just turn. What I did is I went all the way tight and then loosen it to where it gave me access to that hole. Then we'll take our cotter pin, slide it back through. Bend these up like that to hold our cotter pin in place and keep our axle nut from spinning off.Then you're going to take your cap, slide it over like this, and we're going to take a soft hammer, we're just going to kind of tap that into place. Got our cap on, and then we're going to wipe off the grease on the outside. Make sure your brakes, your pads are grabbing onto your hub and then make any adjustments necessary that you need to get your brakes working properly. Once you've got one completed, go ahead and reinstall your wheel and repeat the process for any other hub assembly that you're replacing. That's going to do it for a look at inaudible 00:04:44 installation on the Bludot trailer hub assembly.

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