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MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation - 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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How to Install a MagnaFlow Exhaust System on a 2002 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Install-exhaust-2002-ford-f350-mf15979 Today, were working on the 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty. Were going to install the MagnaFlow performance exhaust part number MF15979. Before we can install our new exhaust we have to remove the old exhaust, so Im going to take a little spray lubricant, spray each one of the rubber hangers, make it a little easier to remove and reinstall later. We also see there some exhaust clamps that were going to need to be removed. Were going to thoroughly spay these down with some penetrating oil to make it a little easier to break them free and get them loose. Alright start removing the exhaust; were going to come up here to the turbo underneath the hood.

This clamp will need to be removed in order to remove the exhaust from the turbo. With our band loose up of the exhaust, its still real tight around it but since were going to reuse this band I dont want to twist it or bend it. So what Im going to do now is go underneath the truck, begin removing the exhaust and hopefully it will break free and allow me to remove the exhaust pipe. Im going to go ahead and start at the rear of the vehicle and start removing the exhausts hangers. So weve removed the one at the tail pipe, now Im going to remove the one in the front muffler.

OK with our clamp loose, I can now go ahead and move forward towards the front of the vehicle and lose the other exhaust clamp. What weve got as an exhaust clamp here is a ball clamp, were going to go ahead and remove the hardware off of it also. OK, now as we start to remove the exhaust pipe from the vehicle, if it wont split, well well loosen the clamps, at the very least, well be able to take the loose here at the ball clamp. Lets head back to the tail pipe and see if we can get it loose there first. Sometimes the exhaust has been on this vehicle for a very long time, its going to be real difficult to get it free here.

Instead of fighting it, why dont we go ahead and take the exhaust hangers off at the rear of the muffler and then weve got a couple more of the exhaust pipe and just pull it down in one long piece from the ball flanks to the tail pipe. Now what Im going to do is just take a strap and run it from this spring to this spring; this will help pull the weight of the exhaust while were removing the remaining hangers. I will get two more hangers on the exhaust pipe well be able to remove the back half of the system from the vehicle. You can see now that weve got the back half of the system removed, all weve got left is the exhaust pipe that goes off to the turbo. You have several options when removing the down pipe from the turbo.

You can one; cut it into half which were going to do or two; you can remove the transmission cross member for you to keep it in one piece. Now were ready to go ahead and start reinstalling our exhaust. Now there are two pieces at the front holding together our down pipe up next to the turbo. Lets go ahead and get it installed on the turbo before we complete the rest of the exhaust. Now weve gone ahead and tighten our clamp down about 80% of the way, well still need to snug it up, by this way if we need to move it around just a little bit, to make our exhaust pipes lineup we can still do so. Now lets go back and get under the vehicle, continue to run our exhaust all the way up to the tail pipe. Now that weve got our front pipe hook to the turbo Im going to go ahead and remove this exhaust pipe as it was just helping us pull the pipe up until we got connected to the turbo.It makes it easier if I go ahead and remove this hanger first before we install this exhaust pipe so lets go ahead and do that now. Im going to hit it with a little spray lubricant, pop that hanger off, now we can go ahead and work our exhaust pipe on. Before you slip your exhaust pipe on, you want to go on and take your bend clamp, you slide it on first quick tech tip for you; it may make it a little easier to slide your pipe on if you put a little spray lubricant on the pipe first. Before you slide your pipe all the way on, make sure your hanger is up above the bottom of the frame rail. Now with our exhaust pipe in place, we can go ahead and reinstall our hanger. We must slip it on the bottom first and then back on the top. Ok our first section of exhaust pipe is in place. Before I put my pipe in place Im going ahead and slip our exhaust clamp on, slide our exhaust pipe right in; thats our 20 inch exhaust pipe. Next well get another clamp and we will take and slide on our clamp and then our 34 inch exhaust pipe. Now with our third section on, we can go ahead and install another clamp and slide on our 18 inch piece of exhaust pipe. Now we need one more clamp and we can install our muffler. One thing I want to do before I add the weight of the muffler is go ahead and put on our hanger clamp here to help support the weight of the exhaust. Our hanger clamp simply goes around the pipe and weve got two nuts tighten up, itll fasten the clamp to the pipe, with the nuts stuck Im going to go ahead and just tighten them up a bit, Ill go ahead and slide our new hanger into the insulator; as you can see this one rotate on it a little so what we can do is go ahead and take one of our bend clamps and tighten it up also, Ill hold my pipe up square so that the hanger sits nicely, with the pipe lined up well go ahead and tighten our clamp down. Were not going all the way; we just need enough to hold the pipe. Tighten down my front clamp here also and go ahead and snug up the rear exhaust pipe also. With those all tighten down we know our exhaust isnt going to go anywhere. Now were ready to go and install our muffler. Next were going to go ahead and set up our adjustable hanger; this hanger is adjustable by height as you can see by the slots in the hanger. But first we need to go ahead and put our hardware in. Weve got a bolt, washer and then a nut. Im just going to install this finger tight till we get the height we need and then well tighten it down. Now Ill go ahead and install the fasteners on the other side, with our fasteners on, well go ahead and insert the U bolt part of our clamp and then install the nuts, now we can install our exhaust hanger into the manufactures rubber isolators. With our hanger installed well go and slip the muffler up onto it, now we can slide on our front piece, our two piece tail pipe. We just make sure our clamp fits around our tail pipe, snuggle in the muffler, one set completed well go ahead and install the second piece of our tail pipe, slide my clamp on first and well slide it into our hanger. Quick check tip for you; before you completely tighten down your clamps permanently make sure youve got a little downward tilt to your exhaust, make sure its not going to run or anything in the exhaust channel. Here is a quick tech tip for you; just keep in mind when tightening down this side of the clamp and then you tighten down both sides evenly. With all our clamps installed well go ahead and tie them down to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Now that weve got everything tighten up underneath well go back up to the end of the compartment, well finish tightening down the clamp that holds our down pipe to the turbo. With that completed, that completes the install of our MagnaFlow exhaust part number MF15979.

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