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Extang EnCore Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the Extang EnCore Hard Folding Tonneau Cover on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Today on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 Series Crew Cab, we'll be doing an installation on the Extang Encore Hard Tunnel Cover, part number EX62450. The Extang Encore Hard Tunnel Cover is perfect for keeping your cargo and the inside of your truck bed dry. The folding design allows for partial or full-bed access. Simply pull on the cable release, fold it and fold it again. Make sure to secure your buckles on both sides and then you've got partial access. If you wish to have full-bed acesse, pull under We'll fold the two panels up first.

You want to make sure to have your release unlocked. We'll fold that up and then we can simply just carry it out. Another great feature is that it used bolt break-through one-key lock technology, which allows us to code our truck key to the lock. It sits about an inch on top of our truck be rails and only about an inch and three-quarters inside our truck bed. The panels are made out of fiberglass reinforced plastic so it's going to resist dents and harsh UV rays. It has a black powder-coated aluminum rails with rubber corners so it's going to be rust-proof.

It's an easy no-drill installation. We'll go ahead and show you that now. The first thing we need to do is turn our attention to the truck's bulkhead here. As you can see, our truck bed here does not have a drop-in bed liner that covers our bulkhead so we need to make up for the difference in the space from our rail to our bulkhead here. We're going to go ahead and put on our bulkhead seal. What we'll do is we're going to start peeling it and then we're just going to stick in on right here right before it begins to roll into the truck bed.

It's a good idea to make sure this is nice and clean of any dirt and debris. You can use some alcohol to wipe it down if you like. We'll go ahead and we're just going to kind of peel it a little bit at a time and then we'll stick it into place. When we get to the end, any excess that we have, we can just cut off with some scissors. Then once we've got that done, we can just go ahead and peel that backing right on off.

It's not sticky on the top here. That's just a protector to keep it from getting damaged. Now let's go in and install one of our rails. We're here o the passenger side of our Sierra. We want to be sure we have the correct side. We've got this little loop here that needs to be facing on the inside of our bed. Up front, we've got the drain hole, which needs to be up towards our cab. We can actually go ahead and set it in place. Then we can take our included spacer and we're going to drop it in right in front of this bolt. You can see how it's notched here. We'll drop it in like so and that's going to tell us how much space we need between the bulkhead and the rail. We'll slide it all the way forward until the front of our spacer is touching the bulkhead. Once we've got it in position, we can take one of our clamps and install it. Now on our rail here, we've got stickers showing us the approximate locations to place our clamps. For the first one here, we'll go ahead and loosely install it. We need to make sure when we put our clamp in place, that the teeth here line up with the grooves underneath the rail. We'll go ahead and put it in place, just like that. Not only do you want to be sure that the teeth on the clamps line up with the groove on the inside of the rail here, you want to be sure that the clamp is all the way up in the channel as far as it will go so that bottom tooth there needs to actually be touching the clamp on the inside here. That way, it's all the way up in the channel as far as it will go. Once you've got it just like that, you can snug it down. Then also when tightening down, you want to be sure and put down pressure on the top of the rail. That way you can make sure it's going to have a nice, tight fit and that it's going to be level. Now we can just repeat the same process for the other side. With both rails installed, you want to go back and torque them down to the manufacturer's specifications. Now we can go in and install our hoses. They're very easy to install. They just fit over the spigot right here and then you can feed them down through whichever drain hole in the back of your truck you wish. With our truck here, our plug is already out of the way so I'm just going to feed it down through there and once we get most of it through there, we'll just go on and plug it in. Make sure and feed it all the way up through. That way it won't come undone, just like that. Once we've got that done, we can just repeat the same process for the other side. Now let's go ahead and code our tunnel cover to our truck key. This is very easy. Let's go ahead and remove the cap on our lock. Then we'll take off the protective cover. We need to make sure we fully insert the key all the way into the lock. Make sure it's all the way down and then we're going to turn it clockwise until we can't anymore. What that's doing is it's matching our lock to our keys. Once we've turned it turned it clockwise as far as it will go, we'll need to unlock and then lock three to four times, just to make sure it's being coded correctly. Once we've done so, we can pull the key out, put the cover back on and it's ready for everyday use. Now let's go ahead and set our bundled assembly in place. We we set it in place, we want to make sure that the buckles here are facing towards the rear and that the one panel is going to face towards the cab of the truck. Now we've ensured we've got it in the right direction, let's go ahead and lay it down towards the back of the tailgate. Now let's go ahead and secure our tethers on both sides. We're just going to hook them into the loop here. Let's fold the whole front panel forward towards the cab and make sure that it snaps into the pins on each side of the rails. We can push it in place on both sides, just like that. Now let's unfold the last panel towards the tailgate. You want to be sure that your tailgate is open and we want to also be sure that our latches automatically latch in as we lay it on our rails. We'll listen for two clicks. We got one there and one there. Now we can close up our tailgate and make sure that it seals up correctly. I'd say it looks pretty good. With everything all closed and sealed up, we're ready to hit the road and that's going to complete our installation on the Extrang Encore Hard Tunnel Cover, Part number EX62450 on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 Series Crew Cab. .