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Fifth Wheel Base Rail Kit Installation - 2005 Chevrolet 3500

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How to Install the Base Rail Kit on a 2005 Chevrolet 3500

Today on this 2005 Chevrolet 3500 we are going to install part number RP50064-58. This is Reeses fifth wheel rails and install kit. The first thing we need to do is get the truck ready to install the kit. The first thing we did was remove the spare tire so we can get underneath the vehicle and install the hardware. We will also lower the exhaust because above the exhaust there is a heat shield and we need to move the exhaust out of the way so that we can cut the heat shield out of the way. We will look at the passenger side frame rail of the vehicle and this is the heat shield that goes all the way across. We are actually going to remove two sections of this. We are going to remove this section here from this hat channel as far back as we can because right here is where we have to have wrench access to tighten down parts. The second section we are going to remove is on this side of the hat channel, there are two right in a row, so we are going to cut across here and we are going to go all the way to the next hat channel up here and go across as well. 00:57

Next when you get into the bed of the truck we will measure out where to put the base rails. What we are going to do is measure the edge of the bed itself as described in the instructions and make a mark, do that on both sides, we will line up the rails with a mark and you want to measure left and right to get it centered in the bed. With the rail in the right spot we will mark out the holes we drilled. On the rail going towards the cab of the truck we are going to be using these two holes on the outside edge of the rail on both sides. We will find our center. We will drill out a pilot hole with a 1/ 8 inch bit. Repeat the same process for the remaining three holes. We are looking underneath the truck now and we can see the two holes that we just drilled out and we will hold the bracket up there and see how everything is going to fit into place. We will just line them up roughly so it looks like the bracket is going to be using this existing hole here and it looks like we can U-bolt it or we can bolt it into place here as well by drilling the hole out. 02:18

We have got the pilot holes drilled out, lets move the rail and drill out the holes and work our way up to 9/ 16. Now lets get back underneath the vehicle in the frame and we are going to start mounting the side frame brackets. We are going to set it on the frame for now and just line it up with the holes we drilled. What is going to happen is we are going to push it up to the bed and see which one of these three holes we are going to use. You can see we are going to be using this one right here so we can put our hardware into place. We are going to be using the 5/ 8 bolts and the flat washer, the large flat washer. Then we will use another flat washer and a lock washer and then the nut. Now the attaching point going towards the front of the vehicle we have got a couple of different options, one we can use the U-bolt assembly which will go around from the top and bottom, however sometimes you might have some lines in the back that might be hard to get around and you really cant get to it very easily. We will put the frame bracket up to the bed and line it with the holes as best as possible. We will use a clamp to hold everything together. We have got the bracket in the final position, we will take a 1/ 2 inch drill bit and we will use that to mark our center hole. We are going to drill out a pilot hole and then follow up with a 1/ 2 inch bit. 03:41

Next we are going to use a fish wire tool that comes with the kit and we are going to put it in the hole that we just drilled and route it out back and we are going to install a two inch block with a square hole, slide that on to the wire and then we will take the 1/ 2 inch carriage bolt and thread that in place and push it in and pull it on out. Make sure it is fully seated. Remove the wire pull. Snug that up finger tight for now and we should be just fine and we will take the clamp off. Now with the 5/ 8 bolt we will put the bracket back up to the bed and we will snug it down. At this point we can repeat the same process back over on the passenger side frame rail. Lets start installing the base rail. First we are going to install the lock and that will give it metal to metal contact from the top of the rail through the bed and onto the bracket down below. We will do that on both sides. Start installing the hardware for the base rail we are going to use this flat block with the round hole and offset and a lock washer and a nut. The next thing we want to do is place a second rail in the bed and we are just going to put it approximately in the right spot we will use the fifth wheel hitch that will be used with the truck. We will use that to position the second rail. Next we will use some pins to hold everything in place and then we will make sure that both rails are square with each other. What we are going to do is measure diagonally from one inside edge of the rail to the opposite rail and we get the measurements back and forth and we know that the rails are square. The same thing we did with the first rail we will mark and drill out the holes accept this time we will be using the two inside holes. 05:41

With the pilot holes drilled out we will remove the rail and just like before we will drill out the holes to the final size. This time we will not need the blocks on the top because the corrugation is going towards the top and touching the rail however we will have to use those in between the frame bracket and the bed underneath of it. Lets in the bolts. One other thing you want to look for is that when you put the bolts in there make sure they sit flat, if not you may have to loosen the frame brackets to get them to point straight. While we are here lets install the fifth wheel as well. Start working with the hardware on the bottom and slide the block and notch and just like the front one the block, the lock washer, and the nut. With all of the hardware loosely installed make sure the hitch is firmly in place and shake it around a little bit to make sure you have plenty of play to remove it. We will reinstall the pins and then we will make sure the blocks that are underneath the rails, make sure they are straight. Snug down these two bolts to the frame bracket. Check and make sure it still moves is a good sign. With all of the pins removed with relative ease we can torque down the bolts from the frame rail to the frame bracket. Once we have the base rails torqued down to the frame brackets lets tighten the frame brackets down to the frame. Torque down the frame brackets down to the frame. With all of the bolts torqued down our install is finished for the fifth wheel brackets. The last thing that needs to be done is to reinstall the exhaust, the tires, and wheels, and the spare tire. There you have it for part number RP50064-58.

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