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Fifth Wheel Installation - 2006 Ford F-350

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How to Install a Fifth Wheel on a 2006 Ford F-350

Today on our 2006 Ford F350, well be installing the Reese Quick-Install Custom Based Rails and installation kit from Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches part number RP50082-58. Now weve already gone ahead and removed both of the rear wheels as well as lower down the spare tire out of the way. This will give us a little bit more working room. Well begin here by setting our rear rail in place. Well take some measurements to make sure its centered between the welled seems of the bed and then well measure 32 inches to the rear portion of the rail. Now youll notice that this vehicle does have a spray end bed liner, so were going to add approximately 8 of an inch to our measurement to come and save for the extra spray liner. Now that we have the rail centered, as well as at the proper measurement from the rear of the bed, well go ahead and mark our 4 locations that well need to put a pilot hole to make sure that everything will line up. Well go ahead and take our paint marker here and mark these 4 locations. Once these 4 locations are marked, well go ahead and slide the rail out of the way and put 4 pilot holes in, 1 at each of the 4 locations we just marked. Now that we have all 4 pilot holes drilled, well go ahead and go up underneath each of the wheel wells and make sure that our side plates will line up with the pilot holes we just drilled. You will notice that the side plates are right and left sides and you want the flanges to angle outward when you would hold them up into place. Now that weve made sure that our pilot holes are lined up with our side plates, well go ahead and do the step up process and ultimately end up with a 9/16 hole drilled in the bed at these 4 locations.

Now before drilling through any portions of the bed, its always a good idea to make sure that you cant drill into anything such as a gas tank, a break line or any wiring harness. Next were ready to go ahead and install our frame brackets to the frame. Well go ahead and begin here on the drivers side, well line up the 2 tabs on either side of the hat channel as these will line up with the holes we just drilled in the bed. Once we have this lined up, well go ahead and slip our U bolt in place and then loosely attach our hardware. The U bolt hardware is the U bolt mechanical tooth washer as well as a half inch knot. Now for the rear location to mount our side plate on, well be using a 5 Ace by 2 inch bolt, a inch by 1 by 3 inch spacer block, a 5 ace lock washer and a 5 ace hex knot. This would be the same hardware that well be using for both sides. Now that we have each of our sides plate loosely installed, but tight enough to keep them in place.

Now well go back up end of the bed of the vehicle and put our rail back over the 4 holes we drilled. Now youll notice that our rail actually sits on the top of the corrugation part of the bed, so well need to put the U shape spaces up underneath the bed, that way we always have metal to metal contact and the bed will not be crushed when we tighten everything down. Now to get some of the U spacers underneath the bed we did have to use a pribar or a large flat head screw driver to bend portions of the bat channel just enough to let them slide in. we also had to use a hammer to kind of tap them into place. Now that we have all of our U spacers in place, now were ready to go ahead and put out carriage bolts from the top down. Our carriage bolt are inch by 2 inch long. Theyll go through the rail then through the bed making sure that they slide through the U shape space that we just put in place, followed by putting a round hole spacer block, a lock washer and a hex knot.

Well do this for all 4 locations. Next well need to take the fifth wheel head assembly and slide it into our mounted plate and then take out unmounted plate and connect it on the other 2 prongs on the fifth wheel. This will give us our spacing for our other rail. Once we have that, well need to make sure that its centered between the welled seem on the bed as well as at the fifth wheel slides in and out of the rails easily. Now youll notice that our fifth wheel is actually a used fifth wheel as it came from another vehicle and were just remounting new rails to accommodate the used fifth wheel. Now that we have our rail in place, well take our pilot bed and put a pilot hole in each of the 4 outer locations as well as the center location. At this time, well also go ahead and put our pilot hole in the center location for the rear rail. Once weve checked to make sure the pilot holes line up with the side plates, well go ahead and step them up to a 9/16 hole.

Well do this for the 5 locations on the front rail and for the rear center location, well just step that up to a half inch hole. Now that we have all of our hole drilled out, now were ready to put our hardware in. Again, for the front rail, well need to go underneath, put our U shape spacer blocks in place then we can put our carriage bolts in place from the top. Now both of the center locations do not require a U shape spacer block. So for the outer 4 locations well do the carriage bolt through the U shape spacer block underneath the bed, followed by a round hole spacer block, a lock washer and a hex knot. Now for the 2 center locations, itll be a inch carriage bolt, a mechanical tooth washer and a hex knot. Well go ahead and tighten down all the hardware and then well torque it to the manufacturers specification beginning with torqueing the mounting rails to the frame brackets followed by torqueing the frame brackets to the truck frame itself. Once we have all of our hardware torqued down, well go ahead and show you how our fifth wheel hitch slides into the rails. Well go ahead and slide out pins in followed by putting in the locking clips and then well reinstall the spare tire that we removed earlier. And with that, that will conclude our installation of the Reese Quick-Install Custom Based Rails and installation kit from Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitches part number RP50082-58 on our 2007 Ford F350. .

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