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Curt Fifth Wheel Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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How to Install the Curt Fifth Wheel on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Today on our 2015 Silverado 3500 we'll be installing the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Install Kit, part number C16413-204. To begin our install we're first going to go ahead and lower and remove the spare tire and both rear wheels. We'll then remove the inner thunder well. Not all applications will have one, but this one does. To remove the inner thunder wells there are a total of twelve fasteners that will need to be removed. These are torque spit screw fasteners. Once we remove the fasteners we can then go ahead and peel the wheel well liner out and remove it.

With our wheel well liners removed, it can give us easier access to the frame and our attachment point. Next we'll move into the pickup end. Go ahead and set the front rail as per the instructions. Working with a short bed pick-up, so we'll follow the instructions for a short bed. Measuring from the end of the bed near the tailgate to the rear edge of the front rail. Once we measure out both sides, we'll then measure side to side to make sure we're centered in our pick-up bed.

Once we have it completely measured out and we're set, we'll go ahead and take a yellow paint marker to mark the 4 outside attachment points. Go ahead and find the center of our attachment point. Because this vehicle is equipped with a sprayed-in bed liner, I'm going to go ahead and use my 1/2 inch drill bit to find the center. Go ahead and take our 1/8 inch drill bit and draw out a pilot hole for each of our 4 outer attachment points. We'll then go ahead and take the side bracket and set it into place. Once we have the side bracket in position, we should be able to look from the inside of the frame out and locate our pilot hole in conjunction with the attachment point of the side brackets.

Once we're satisfied with our pilot holes, we'll then move the base rail out of the way and drill it out to our final size, as per the instructions. We use step bit process enlarging the bit size until our final size. . Repeat the same process on the other side. Next we're going to move to the wheel wells and go ahead and install the side brackets. To install the side brackets, we're going to use the 5/8ths carriage bolt and block, along with the 5/8ths flange nut to secure it.

We'll take the pull wire, go through the attachment point and out the access hole. Once we come out the access hole, we'll then slide on the block and thread on the carriage bolt. We'll feed the block into the frame followed by the carriage bolt and pull them into position. Once we have the carriage bolt into place, we'll leave the pull wire attached and go ahead and repeat the same process for our forward attaching point. With both carriage bolts into position, we'll take the pull wire and feed it through the side bracket as we bring the side bracket tight to the frame. We can then remove the pull wire, install our flange nut. . With both flange nuts installed, finger-tight, repeat the same process on the other side. We're now ready to move back to the pick-up bed; we're ready to put the base rail back in place. Before we put the base rail back in position, we'll take the U-shaped spacer blocks and set them around the attachment points. By installing the U-shaped spacer blocks, it'll help off set the bed corrugation so we don't smash the bed ribs when we tighten it down. We'll go ahead and set the base rail back over the attachment point. And take our 1/2 inch carriage bolt, drop it down through the base rail, through the U-shaped spacer block, through the bed and then through the side bracket. Once we have all our carriage bolts in place, we'll move underneath the vehicle towards the inside of the frame where we can secure the base rail using the 1/2 inch block and flange nut. We'll install each flange nut finger-tight until we have them all in place. Now, with our front base rail installed and our hardware in position, we'll go ahead and use our fifth wheel attachment to set the position of our rear-based rail. Once we have it set in position, I'll go ahead and install some pins to make sure we're lined up. We go ahead and mark the 4 outside attachment points. This will be on the 2nd hole from the end for each of the outside attachment points. Once we have it marked, we'll go ahead and drill them out with our power hold. . Then check it with the side bracket. Note: it can be easier to get to your hardware if you bend the heat shield up and out of the way here on the passenger side. Using a pry bar, we'll go ahead and simply bend it up and out of the way. Once we've verified that our pilot holes are good, we'll go ahead and remove the fifth wheel attachment and base rail and drill out our holes to our final size, repeating the same process we did for our forward space rail. With the rear base rail, we'll need to install the U-shaped spacer block between our side bracket in the bottom of the pick-up bed, so that we compensate for the bed ribs. . Once we have them in place, we'll go ahead and set our base rail in position and drop in our carriage bolts. . Then, we'll move underneath and repeat the same process installing a block and flange nut. Now with all the outside carriage bolts in place, we'll go back and drill out from the center 2 attachment points. This will be on the rear edge of both base rails in the center. Once again, we'll use our 1/8 inch bit to start our pilot hole and enlarge to a 1/2 inch size. Then we can install the carriage bolt. We can set our block directly against the pick-up bed, flush, and not crush the bed rib when we tighten it down. Now because our center attachment point is center of the bed rib, we don't need the U-shaped spacer block, like if carriage bolt we're off set to 1 side of the bed rib or the other. Now, go ahead and tighten it down. We'll start with the 1/2 inch carriage bolt first. Then move to the 5/8ths hardware on the side bracket. And then torque to specifications, as indicated in the instructions. Now that we're done with our attachment points here on the passenger side, we can go ahead and re-bend the heat shield back down, so that it doesn't rattle against the bottom of the pick-up bed. Next we'll go ahead and re-install the rear well liners. Then our wheels and spare tire. Now, with everything re-installed, we're ready to hit the road. That does it for the install of the Curt Custom Fifth Wheel Install Kit, part number C16413-204 on our 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500. .