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Fifth Wheel Hitch Installation - 2002 Dodge Ram

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How to Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch on a 2002 Dodge Ram

Today on this 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 Series, were gonna install part number RP30035.Well start it off by removing the rear wheels. You dont have to do that but it makes things easier to install. Plus, you also have to remove the inner fender liners as well. Those are riveted in place so we had to drill those out. Weve also removed the spare tire additional base if we need.Now our next step would be to go ahead and start placing the rails in the bed of the truck. There are certain dimension you have to go by.

Were gonna measure the edge of the bed to the edge of the base rail. Double check your measurements because there is a measurement for a long bed and a short bed.Once you had the length defined, make sure the base rail is even left to right. Once that is accomplished, you can go ahead and start drilling on our pile holes. Well be using in the base rail with the two outside ones. So what well do is well use a -inch bit and just twist it in there to find our center then well go ahead and drill it out with a 1/8-inch pile hole bit.Our pile holes are drilled, now well take our frame bracket, well put it up against the hole we just drilled and see how they relate to the frame.Im gonna place our rear bracket and line it up to the hole that you drilled out and you have at least two holes going onto the frame.Now you need to place our second base rail going towards the cab of the truck.

To do that, you can use your fifth wheel hitch that youre going to use, in this case well be using the leg parts to do the job. Once you got the second rail in place, make sure its squared with first one then you can mark and drill our holes one more time.Alright, we got our holes drilled out on the drivers side and Ill go back underneath again and compare it with the frame brackets. One thing to make sure is that the bracket will sit up against the hatch channel right here.Now were done with our drivers side, Ill screw in the pile holes on the passenger side.Well go ahead and enlarge the hole and drill through our final hole size of 9/16.Alright, now we can put our rail back into place and install our hardware and underneath the rail well install this block right here. Well drop in our carriage bolts.Alright, when we hold our brackets up youll notice that the hanger for the brake cable here is kinda in the way and what were gonna do is actually unbolt it and bend it down so it sits on top of the bolt then well tighten it back down. There you go.

Now I tighten it back down.Ok, when we install our bracket well use a teeth washer, a lock washer and a nut. The two remaining bolts will be the same hardware.Alright, were done for the drivers side for now, lets go to the passengers side and do the same thing.Lets go ahead and put the hitch in to the rails to help line them up for sure before we tighten the rails down to the bed. Now that the base rail is in place, we know the hitch can be removed easily so well go ahead and add two more bolts. Were gonna add one on this side of the rail and one on this side on the other rail. Well slide our block and put a bolt through.

Teeth washer, lock washer and nut. Do the same thing for the other bolts.The rails and hitch is attached to the bed now, now we got to attach the brackets to the frame and well mark and drill our holes. Now the brackets got to have two bolt holes per bracket and be careful on the driver side coz the brake lines are real close to the holes that youre going to drill out. Before we start drilling we also put a piece of wood between our brake line and our line harness. Well drill out our pile holes first and then finally finish it up with a 17/32 bit.Now, our hardware will be this bolt right here with the nose thats kinda like a wheel stud, well put that from the inside out and then tighten everything down. Now our brake line is really close to this bolt right here so I have to move it a little bit out of the way to work it through. I will put a little bit of lubricant on the narrow part too. Alright then well put our lock washer and nut on it, do the same thing for this whole. Well repeat the same process for our main frame brackets then well snug down the bolts then torque them down as best on instructions.With all of our bolts torqued down, our installs finished. All you gotta do is install the wheels and the spare and were good to go. And there you have it, RP30035.

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