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Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wiring Harness Installation - 2013 Ford F-350

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How to Install a Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Wiring Harness on a 2013 Ford F-350

Today on this 2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab, we're going to install part number PK11893-11932. This is the Pollak 5th wheel and gooseneck T-connector with the 7-pole connector. To make things easier for access to wiring later in our install, we'll go ahead and have the spare tire removed. Not necessary, but it makes things a lot easier to do. First we got to do some pre-assembly. We got to push these wires into the sockets right here. For a color code, all we got to do is follow the already assembled side right here.

To work these wires in place, it also helps to use some needlenose pliers. Our yellow wire is in the middle, so we'll start out with that one. They kind of go in and snap in. They have to go in a certain direction. Push them in until they click.

If it doesn't want to click, then back it off, turn it a little bit, and try it again. Next we'll go ahead with the white wire and work our way around. We'll flip it around, here's another component we need to put into place. Line up this triangle with the one on this component here. Line it up and push into place.

We'll set that aside for now. We'll go ahead and drill a hole out for our 7-pole connector that will plug into this socket. The connector is a personal preference where you want to locate it, but we're going to locate ours down and low right here. Obviously we got the bed liner to contend with, so we'll have to drill through the bed liner and also through our bed right here. We're using this section because it's farthest away from the sheet metal on the outside. It gets really close from here on up, so your connector might fit in just fine, but the rest of the wire harness will take up so much room to go down, it'll push on the skin on the outside.

That's why we're going to install ours low and right here. Once we have our location, we'll go ahead and drill a quarter inch pilot hole and then follow up with our hole saw. We'll continue on to sheet metal on the inside. We're going to follow up with a 2 1/8 inch hole saw. This will be pretty easy to reach so we're just going to route this up from underneath and out the hole. Now before I put this together, we'll go head and use some dielectric grease on the contacts to help protect them. Pack some in there. We're using part number 11755 from Lubrimatic, electrical contact grease. Let's let that set for a second. We'll use a small screwdriver to pop the lock open. Make sure it doesn't fly off on you. We'll take our 7-pole connector and carefully slide it together. There are guides to line it up, but you can bend the pins, so be careful about it. Push it in a little bit until it clicks, and then push down the button and just double check it. Route this back to the inside. At this point it would be a good idea to spray anything to protect the metal inside here if you want as well. I'm just using a paper towel loaded with some spray paint to dab it around the edges to help protect it. Let's go ahead and put our 7-pole connector in place. We're going to drill some holes in the bed liner, but we won't saw our hardware. I'd like to install two to hold it, and then we'll go ahead and drill out the other two. We'll install a screw and then a nut behind it. We'll go ahead and drill our remaining two holes. Got them all started, we'll go ahead and tighten them down. This uses a flat blade screw driver. We'll go ahead and work our bed liner back into place and then we'll go make the connections underneath the truck. Once you're satisfied with the fit of everything, we'll go ahead and put our little lock back into place. Let's go ahead and work it back into place. Here's the other end of the wire harness. We're going to route it over the frame, just let it sit here for now. We need to get access behind the factory 7-pole connector on the hitch. To get access to it, we'll go ahead and take the bracket off the hitch, we'll use a 10 millimeter socket on this. Here's a connection point, just like the one behind the 7-pole connector in the bed, but this one just doesn't have a lock. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Push down this tab right here, we can go ahead and pull it apart. We'll go ahead and apply some more dielectric grease to the ends, run it back over the hitch, go ahead and put the two matching ends together. Let's get this end reading. This actually has one of the gray locks on it. Push them together as well. Put our little lock back into place. Push our wires back up. Mount our bracket back in. We're pushing the wire back over the frame. I think I can zip-tie it to the hitch, and we'll hide our bundle on the other side. Now the kit doesn't come with any zip-ties so you'll want to go ahead and get yourself some extra ones. With that, that'll finish it for our install, let's go ahead and put the spare tire back up. OK, with that, that'll finish it for our install of part number PK11893-11932, the Pollak 5th wheel and gooseneck T-connector with the 7-pole connector end on on our 2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab. .

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