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Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2007 Dodge Ram

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How to Install a Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2007 Dodge Ram

Today on our 2007 Dodge Ram 1500, we're going to be doing a review and installation of the curved front-mounted trailer hitch receiver, part number 31320. This is what your front-mounted hitch will look like once you have it installed. It's going to have a nice, sleek look on the front end and not protrude out very far from the bumper. It's going to be tucked up and underneath, so you won't have anything visible from the front besides the receiver tube, which is going to be at 2 by 2 inch square tubing with a 5/8s inch pinhole through the side. This receiver is going to have a 9,000 lb line weight, which means if you have a wedge or any kind of lines hooked up to it, it's going to support you pulling 9,000 lbs with it. A vertical tongue 00:46 weight of up to 500 lbs, and a trailer weight of up to 5,000 lbs. Now we'll go ahead and get a few measurements. From the center of our pinhole to the outermost part of our bumper, it's going to be about 3 and a half inches.

From the top of the receiver tube to the ground, it's going to be about 17 and 7/8s inches. Keep in mind the vertical measurement may change, depending on if the vehicle has a leveling kit or a lift kit. These measurements will help you in selecting from ball mounts, cargo carriers, bike racks, wench mounts, or even snow plows. Now with our truck up in the air so we can easily get to the undercarriage, we're going to go ahead and lift up our hitch so we can mark out the facial 01:26 where we're going to need to trim it. Go ahead and get an extra set of hands to help us hold it up while we mark it. Go ahead and take our paint pen and mark along the side so we can easily trim it.

Now that we've got our mark, we'll go ahead and let it down. Now that we've got the bottom lines marked, we will now need to mark up about 3 quarters of an inch. Once we have that marked, we'll go ahead and draw a line and square it off. Now we'll go ahead and get our rotary cutting tool and cut it out. Now we'll go ahead and clean up those edges, then we'll be ready to place our hitch up. With our extra set of hands holding our hitch up into place since we have that spacial 02:26 cut out, we're now going to use a light colored paint to go ahead and mark the hole points where we're going to need to drill.

We're going to have 3 points on either side. We'll go ahead and take our light colored paint so we'll be able to easily see it, and spray the holes. We'll repeat that on the driver's side, then we'll go ahead and lower down the hitch so we can punch our holes. We'll go ahead and work our drill bits up until we reach our 7 16s drill bit, so we can fit through our hardware. We'll start with a small pile of inaudible 03:15. Now we'll go ahead and repeat that same process on the other 5.

All right, now what we'll do once we have all of our holes drilled out to 7 16s, we'll go ahead and cast through our fish wire with the coil band in first, fishing it back up to the access point here so we can attach our hardware. Let's re-up 03:57 the coil then, now, we'll go ahead and attach our hardware. Go ahead and take the block, placing the block over the fish wire and into the hole. Then we'll go ahead and thread on our bolt and pass it through. I like to go ahead and put a little bit of tape on mine just so they don't come off mid-pull. We'll go ahead and repeat that same process for the other 5. With an extra set of hands, we'll go ahead and lift our hitch up into place, making sure that we don't press our bolts back up into the frame. We'll go ahead and take our provided flanch nuts and thread them into place. With all of our flanch nuts in place, we'll now go ahead and tighten them down. Now with our hardware tightened down, we'll go ahead and torque it to manufacturer specifications. That'll do it for our review and installation of our curved, front-mounted trailer hitch receiver, part number 31320, on our 2007 Dodge Ram 1500.

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