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Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2007 Ford E-350

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How to Install a Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2007 Ford E-350

Today on our 2007 E350 RV Cutaway, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Draw Tite front mount trailer hitch receiver, part number 65001. What I really like about this hitch is the versatility of it because you can use it with a bike rack, a cargo carrier and some of our customers have said that they like to do that because they pull a trailer behind their motor home. It can also be used for a winch for maybe pulling a ATV or 4-wheeler out of the mud offroad. It's nicely tucked up and hidden to where all you can see is the face of the receiver tube opening here and that's even nice and tight against the bottom side of the fascia. This hitch also features these recovery eye hooks. It's got one on either side to allow you to attach a safety chain or winch cable, anything like that because you don't want to hook it to a ball mount that would be in the hitch. This hitch features the 2" by 2" receiver tube opening with the welded on reinforcement collar all the way around here.

It's got the standard 5/8" hitch pin hole. It also has the smaller 1/2" hole and that's going to be used with a J-pin stabilization system. If you're using an accessory like a bike rack or cargo carrier and you want to make sure that you get some of that shake and play out of the receiver tube here, that's going to be perfect for being able to use that. Where this hitch comes out too it stays nice and hidden but it should give you plenty of room for most accessories that you may want to mount here to the front hitch. This hitch features a 500 pound max tongue weight rating which is the total downward force here on the inside edge of the receiver tube opening. You will want to be sure to check the vehicle's gross axle weight rating to be sure that you don't exceed that for the front axle of the vehicle.

It features a 5,000 pound gross trailer weight rating, so if you're planning on using this to help guide a trailer into position so that you can see it in front of you, that's going to be your max limit, is 5,000 pounds. If you plan on using a winch with it, the max winch line pull is 9,000 pounds. I'll give you some measurements to help assist you with your selection of front hitch mounted accessories. The distance from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost part of the front bumper is about 4-1/4". The distance from the top inside edge of the receiver tube opening to the ground is about 14-1/4". Now, let's show you how to install this hitch.

To begin our installation, we'll be just underneath the front bumper here. Underneath here we've got this plastic flash guard that goes underneath just in front of the radiator and we've got this push pin fastener here that we can take a trim panel tool or flat head screw driver. I'm going to use a pair of side cutters. In order to get under the center of that, pull it out, then once you get the center pulled out, the body of it should come right out with it. There's going to be one in the same location on the other side. Once we've got both removed, that plastic shield should just come right out and we'll set that aside.

Some of these are going to have room here at the end of the frame rail in order to fish our hardware in but this one doesn't have quite enough clearance between the bumper and this end of the frame rail so we're just going to take this entire bumper off. We use the 21mm socket in order to take the bolts off that attach it to the end of our frame rail. There's one there and there's going to be one on the inside of the frame rail. I'll leave that just on a couple of threads there and then go to the inside and take that one off. Then we'll go to the other frame rail and do that same thing. Then you can remove those nuts that you had loosely installed on the back side to hold it in place and carefully remove it and set it aside. Here at the front of our frame rail, we'll need to drill out this forward most hole to the size indicated in the instructions in order to get our carriage bolt to fit through there. Then I'll continue to step up drill bit sizes until I've reached the final size. Now I'll take the fish wire and send it coiled in up through the oblong hole here so that it will come up the front of our frame rail. Then once we've got our coiled in out here, we can take one of our square hole spacer blocks and 1/2" carriage bolt, then we'll put our spacer block in and pull our carriage bolt through into position. Now we can take another carriage bolt and square hole spacer block and just put them into place through that hole that we drilled out. Then we'll go to the other side and repeat that process. Now it's a good idea to grab a second set of hands in order to put your hitch up into place. We want to get the hitch up into place, then on one of them put on comical teeth washer with teeth facing up towards the hitch and then put on a 1/2" hex nut. Once you've got one started on each side, you can let it hang and get the rest of your hardware started. We'll make sure our hitch is centered and then take a 3/4" socket and begin tightening our hardware. Then we'll torque all 4 of our fasteners down to the specification listed in the instructions. Keep in mind anything that we do on one side, we'll be doing that same thing to the other side. Now we can reinstall our bumper in the reverse order that we took it off. We won't be reinstalling the plastic shield that we took off from underneath to begin the installation. That's going to complete our look at and installation of the Draw Tite front mount trailer hitch receiver, part number 65001 on our 2007 Ford E350 RV Cutaway.

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Lynnette K.
We have a 2005 E450. Minnie Winnie Motorhome. I was not able to find an E450 on your drop down. Will this hitch work on our vehicle?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Yes, the Draw-Tite Front Hitch # 65001 will fit your 2005 Ford E-450 chassis.

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