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Glacier Cable Tire Chains Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram

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How to Install the Glacier Cable Tire Chains on a 2009 Dodge Ram

All right. Today, in this 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Series Quad Cab, we're going to install Part# PW3029C, this is a Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains. For reference, we'll work on a tire size today of P275 by 60R20. First off, you will make sure that the hooks on the crossbars here, the hook goes up and away from the tire. Also there's a little flag on the side here that tells you the tire rotation which way you decided 00:00:36 to go. Let's go ahead and take our chain and go ahead and lay it on across top our tire, make sure it's even from left to right. I like to go ahead and take them, the leading edge and tuck it on the tire as far as possible, and take the other half, pull it down, make sure you get as much a slack out as possible, and then we'll drive forward just a little bit where it makes it easier to make a connection point on the ends of the cables on this side of the tire. We will make our connection point first on the inside edge.

We bring out our cable to the latch and then on to one of the stops here. It looks like we're on the third stop, so we'll keep that in mind and we'll go back to the outside. Now on the inside, we're using the third stop. Now on the outside, we can use this one or this one, which got to be within one. It looks like on this one, we can go on the fourth one.

Okay. Then we'll take our lever, pull it down. This lever has a hook to catch the edge and latched onto itself keeping it from moving around. Now it's also a good idea to drive a short distance and make sure that it's tight as possible. You may have to make one more adjustment on the lever here. If you need a little more tension on the chains, you can also use Part# PW99, this is Glacier Rubber Adjuster for light truck tires.

With that, that will finish it for Part# PW3029C, the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains on our 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 Series Quad Cab. .

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