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Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review - 2011 Ford Expedition

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Review of the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains on a 2011 Ford Expedition

Today on our 2011 Ford Expedition with tire size P275/65-R18, we'll be installing Glacier Tire Chains, part number PW2028C. Now, these tire chains are perfect for the occasional use, a feature of rugged steel wiring covered with case hardened steel rollers for traction. Now before we install our tire chains, we'll get them out of the packaging, lay them flat on the floor and make sure that we have all kinks out of it. We'll then go ahead and identify the correct chain to use and the correct location. Now, each tire chain is labeled with a yellow label indicating the direction of travel as well as which side of the vehicle you'll need to install these chains on. Another great way to find out is to ensure that the hook of the side chains faces outward when mounted on the tire.

You always want to make sure that the lever is towards the outside of the tire. Now that we've identified the correct chain, we'll go ahead and drape the tire chain over the tire, making sure that the chains stay centered on the tire thread. Now that we have them draped over, we'll move to the inside of the tire here underneath the vehicle and hook the side chains together, taking out as much of the slack in the chain as possible. Now here on the outside, we'll go ahead to make sure that our chains are taut where we'll hook the side chain together and pull the lever, locking it back to the side chain itself. And with that, our chains are on and we're ready to head out into the snow and ice.

And that completes our installation of the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chain, part number PW2028C on our 2011 Ford Expedition.

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