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Optronics GloLight Trailer Light Installation - 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic

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How to Install the Optronics GloLight Trailer Light on a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic

Today on our 2007 Chevrolet 3500 cab and chassis, we're going to be taking a look at and also showing you how to install the Optronics GloLight Trailer Light Stop, Tail, Turn, and Back-up Signal. These are submersible and offer 36 diodes. The part number is STL161RB for the passenger's side and STL161RLB for the driver's side. Also, to get this installed safely, you're going to use part number 119178KIT. Here's what our light's going to look like installed. As you can see, it gives us a really nice, intense light that's going to come out. It makes our truck very, very visible, but also that glow effect you can see around the outside really makes this light stand out.

It looks much better than your typical can-style lights that you're going to see in the back. Now, these are typically a trailer application style light, but they work really, really well for this application, kind of upgrades what the existing light is. We do have a reflecting ring all the way around the inside, so it's going to remain visible at night. If the lights are off you'll be able to see it. You can see your running lights are going to be the glow ring around the outside. Then your brake and your blinker signal is going to come from the six diodes that are here in the middle. We also have three diodes that are down here for our reverse lights, and these are significantly brighter than your standard incandescent reverse lights are going to be.

This is really going to help light up things behind us as we're backing up. Now, with this being an LED-style light, it really has a lot of longevity. The LEDs tend to last much, much longer than a standard incandescent bulb does. They also generate less heat and they don't draw as much power, so several benefits there. Here's what our light is going to look like. Now, the glow light is a really nice-looking light. This is going to be a complete LED kit, so we've got the nice glow ring around the outside here and then inside are going to be our brake and our blinker lights.

We've also got our reverse lights here. These are pretty adaptable. These are typically for use on trailers, but we are using it today on our flatbed truck. We're just going to have to invert it. This is how it would normally be on your trailer.

We're going to be inverting it for our application today. Overall, it's going to give us a nice clean look. This is the cab and chassis application that we're doing, and we're going to just use the existing brackets. This had a Knapheide bed. This was the style of bracket that they used. Each one might be a little bit different, but as you can see we've just kind of pre-drilled a couple holes there where our light's going to fight through, mount to that bracket, and we're going to use the existing mounting locations that we're already there. We just had to drill them out to move them around a little bit. Now, kind of in setting this up, what we want to do is take our white wire. This is going to run to the ground, which we're just going to do right on the back bolt here. That'll give us a great ground. Our black wire is going to be for our running light signal. Our yellow wire, that's going to be for the reverse signal. The red wire, that's what we're going to use for our turn and for our brake signal. The end of our white wire, let's go ahead and strip that back. We're also going to strip back one end of our resistor. Now this is a 50 watt, 6 ohm resistor. We sell it on our website. The part number is P230004A-2. That'll give you one for the left and for the right. Essentially, this acts like a bulb. We're going to hook one end of it to our factory blinker signal, the one that was at the back of our light to start with. The other side is going to go to ground, and that's going to prevent that hyperflash. That hyperflash is a warning signal on a lot of GM vehicles, and it tells you you've got a bulb out. Well, if we just delete that wire, if we don't use that wire, it's going to hyperflash because it thinks there's no bulb there. This is going to act as a bulb, offer some resistance. Its aluminum construction is going to make it really nice, and of course it dissipates heat very quickly, so it's going to work very well for a long time to come. I'm just going to get that stripped back. We'll combine it with the ground that we have coming off the back of the light, get those twisted together, and we're going to slide on a ring terminal. Just crimp that down. Both our wires are nice and secure. Now when we mount it to our plate, we can put that ground right behind it. All right. Now we'll have four wires to connect when we get under here. With that one in there, that's going to make the car think that there's a bulb in place so it's going to flash properly, and we won't have to worry about that brake signal overriding our blinker signal. Now we'll run through our lights and make sure everything is working properly. Let's start by turning on our running lights. All right. We'll do our left blinker. Do our right blinker. You can see how we've gotten rid of that hyperflash. Check our brakes. We can also check out those reverse lights. That's going to complete our installation of the Optronics GloLight Trailer Light. It's part number STL161RB on our 2007 Chevrolet 3500 cab and chassis.

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