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Gustafson RV LED Puck Light with Button Installation

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How to Install the Gustafson RV LED Puck Light with Button

Hey guys, Kevin here with the etrailer and today I'm gonna be showing you how to install the four inch Gustafson LED puck lights here on our enclosed trailer build. So if you're planning on making your own enclosed trailer and retrofitting it to go camping maybe you just don't want the huge cost of a RV or you just want to get down and do it all yourself and build it how you specifically want it, you're gonna need to be able to see. So these four inch puck lights are really gonna come in handy with that. So these LED puck lights are gonna give you a real low profile look here, it's gonna be real nice. Don't have to add any trim pieces or anything like that to kind of cover up any bolt holes or anything like that, just because the bracket is actually hidden behind this cover. It's a very simple installation.

And then it's going to give you a lot brighter of a view versus your incandescent because you're using LED. LED Lights are also very low energy, so you're not gonna have to use as much energy for a whole lot brighter of a view, and you can save yourself some time and energy versus incandescent bulbs. So my thoughts on this installation is it's fairly straightforward. I mean, you're only hooking up two wires and then splicing it together with some others just because we we're using three different puck lights here. And then really it's not too hard at all especially since we're using an enclosed trailer here and we're not actually fighting through any cabinets or ceilings on an RV where we have to really just kind of go on blind.

So fairly simple install, let's show you how we did it. So right outta the bag your Gustafson four inch LED puck, it's gonna look like this. As you can hear, there's some screws in there. So we're gonna take our small screwdriver here, a flat-head, and you'll find a little divot in the casing, and just work that in to pop the cover off. So here's our light.

All of these holes, you can use for mounting depending on what your situation is. But what we're gonna start off doing is we're just gonna take off the ends here for positive and negative. And we're gonna crimp on two bud connectors so that we can add on some additional wiring. For our purpose today, we're just gonna use red for our positive, yellow for our negative. You can easily get this wire.

It doesn't really matter the color just as long as you know what color is coordinated to which positive or negative. So with our bare wire here, it's a little bit extra, just from the factory. So I'm gonna fold that back and then twist it. Actually, I'm gonna go a little bit, a little less. Twist that up. And then we'll stick it in our bud connector and kind of twist that on as well, make sure it really gets in there. We'll take our pliers here and we're gonna crimp this down. Now with that negative wire, we're just gonna strip that back, twist that up, place it in our bud connector, and crimp it down. And now we'll just repeat that for our positive wire. All right, so to make our cut out hole on our ceiling here, I'm gonna measure this right here. It's gonna come out to roughly three quarters of an inch. So I already got my center found going down our trailer here. So I'm just gonna split that three quarter inch, mark it on here so that we can make our cut out for our wires to go through. I'll cut that out with my multi-tool. You can use a drill if you want, whatever, just to get through. Just be careful that you don't poke all the way up into your ceiling there and cut through it, and then you got another hold of patch. As you can see, now we got plenty of room for our two wires to slide up into our ceiling. You don't always have to put the wire on first, you could go ahead and run your wire, have it come out your hole first. But since I'm only going from here just directly over to some other wire to tie into our REDARC Manager30, I already just did it just to make it a little bit easier. And then what I did to run it through our hole is just electrical-taped it on to some airline tubing. We're just gonna stick that right through. Now I did loosen up the screws here on this panel just so I could kind of press this all in. Brought our lining through. I set it back into place. And now we can go ahead and screw in our bracket here. So since we have plenty of space here and I'm not fighting anything else, I'm not gonna use these separate holes. I'm gonna use these holes where it's got like a little bit of an indent in the plastic showing that that's kind of like the main hole. Just. Tap those into place. And then all we have to do is pop on our cover. So I already have our two other light's installed here. So what I did was I ran the wiring straight over, for both of them, with this one running all the way down over to where we're gonna install the REDARC Manager30. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna connect our middle light, and then also our front light, with the wiring that we ran from the back. So to do that, I'm gonna strip back some of the wiring here. We're gonna cut into our wiring running from the back. Strip those back. And then also the wiring that I just cut off, we're gonna strip that back and we're gonna put this all together with a bud connector. All right, so the wiring from the back light up to the middle light, I'm gonna mesh together here. Let me use my pliers, make sure that we got this nice and tight. And we're gonna take our bud connector, put that on and crimp it down. And do the same with our negative wire. All right, now we can take our other wires running up to our REDARC and we are going to twist those, put on in, and then crimp that down. And now we can hook up our wire to our battery and just give you a little test, show you how bright these lights are. But that pretty much does it. Like I said, we are going to leave our wiring as is because we are gonna install a REDARC Manager30 battery management system. So I'm gonna leave a little bit extra wire until we can shoot that and show you guys how to install that and get it all in place, how it should be. But I think that about does it for our installation on the four inch LED puck lights from Gustafson. My name's Kevin, thanks for watching guys..

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