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Yakima Roof Bike Racks Review - 2019 Toyota Tacoma

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Review of the Yakima Roof Bike Racks on a 2019 Toyota Tacoma

John: Hey guys, John here from And today we are test fitting the Yakima HighSpeed Roof Mount Bike Rack on our 2019 Toyota Tacoma. This bike rack is a great way to get our bike to our favorite destination without taking up precious truck bed space, or adding extra length to the rear of our vehicle with a hitch-mounted bike rack. The HighSpeed can handle up to a 40 pound bike with a max tire width of 5 inches and a maximum wheelbase of 48 inches. Your wheelbase is going to be from the center of one axle to the center of your other axle.Let's go ahead and get our bike off of the roof. And so we can show you how this bike rack interacts with the Tacoma specifically.

With two points of contact we have the fork up here and the rear strap here. To start off we will remove the strap by pressing in on this tab, removing the ratcheting strap. And then since it is up higher, I found it a little easier to move our rear wheel and rest it on our crossbar and then release the tension of the fork before taking the bike off. I would like to point out as well that the mechanism we we're messing with up there, it ratchets and clamps around this tube. And so, I mean, you can leave the tube up there, but I found it easier to install this first on the bike so we just lifted up in place.

Just to demonstrate that, you can see it a little easier without our bike there. The sleeve will fit right here, and then we closed the clamp there over the sleeve. And that's what keeps our bike secure up here at the fork.Get you a few measurements here just so you can determine if this is going to be best for your application. At the rear it sits.. The max height is about 7 inches there.

We do have the Yakima JetStream Crossbar system, roof rack system on our Tacoma and has the baseline towers. So those that sits about 4 and a half inches. So altogether you're adding about 3 and a half inches to your overall height of your roof. And then that knob looks like it's about 8 inches there. These are good measurements to keep in mind.

Maybe you have a shorter garage. You want to make sure that you don't damage the bike rack. You can keep it loaded up and pull in your garage. Just keep that in mind.There are lock cores that we can add to the bike rack. We can, add one here. We can add one here at the back strap area. And then there is an integrated cable lock. We can add a lock core there. You can acquire the lock cores here at, just to add some more security to both your bike rack and your bike. Our bike rack is secured with three different straps. There are two at the front and one here at the back. To remove the strap, slide this plate forward, and then lift up on this tab and move it out of the way. And that'll be the same just at the front. There is a wheel that when we install it, we'll place this there. And then you'll adjust this wheel to adjust the tension from the strap. Like I said, this is a great way just to free up space in your truck bed and not add an extra length at the back of your vehicle, but also to get your bike to your favorite destination.And that's going to do it for the look at the Yakima HighSpeed Roof Mount Bike Rack on our 2019 Toyota Tacoma. Thanks for watching.

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