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Hollywood Racks Destination E Bike Rack Review - 2022 Toyota Tundra

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Review of the Hollywood Racks Destination E Bike Rack on a 2022 Toyota Tundra

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our Hollywood racks destination E electric bike rack right here on our 2022 Toyota Tundra. Well, this is a pretty impressive electric bike rack. You have that great weight capacity of 70 pounds per bike for your extra heavy electric bikes, and you also have all kinds of different features to hold down that bike and let you have access to your tailgate on your Toyota Tundra. So we're gonna talk about those features.

We're gonna talk about those specs, we're gonna focus on our truck here today. That way you can see what is the better fit for you, your different types of bikes and your truck. The first feature we're gonna talk about is the tilt away feature. And with our Tundra being a pretty big truck we actually had to open up our garage door, just to get access, because, the way this tilt away is pretty unique. We have this lever right over here.

You're gonna wanna turn that lever. In fact, you can move over to where your tailgate is to easier access that lever and loosen it. Once that lever is loose, you can then just push that out. The good news is your bike rack does not tilt away immediately. You can hold onto the rack right over here at the mask, and then just push the rack out to a tilt.

So we're just gonna go all the way down, and you can in fact, just let it drop like that. No difficulties at all. Why would you tilt your bike rack away Well, if you wanna lower your tailgate. So let's see if we have clearance here and it touches the very top of the mass. So we can get the tailgate almost all the way down.

To bring this back up, you're just gonna lift up on the rack. So the good news here is even if you have your extra heavy electric bikes make sure this is out of the way, this goes down, bring that lever back in, then tighten it down to secure. So, as I mentioned earlier, this has a 70 pound weight class C per bike. So for your extra heavy electric bikes, that's 70, that's another 70 for total of 140 pounds. We have a lot of security with this bike rack too, because you have 1, 2, 3, and four different touch points. So let's take a look at our wheels. First, notice how we have a front wheel strap, and then we also have another front wheel strap. Then we have a rear wheel strap, and then we have our frame mount. So this has arms that go around your frame. We have a clamp that goes down, and then you tighten it down here. On your frame out, you also have a lack core, that way you can secure your bike. So to take the bike off, you're gonna start at the wheel straps. So notice how much space we have between our truck and our bike rack, which makes it easier to access our levers on this side. We're just gonna press that lever and just push this strap out of the way. Hollywood racks makes it so you can swing the strap to this side, that way doesn't get caught up in the spokes. So this is gonna be the third strap. Notice how long the straps are. We can carry a maximum tire width of 4.5 inches. Let's set up the ramp. So we do have a ramp that you can use with this rack. And you're gonna have a hole on that ramp that goes over to the hole on your a wheel cradle. So in our case here, there is no mounting point for our front track, so we're gonna have to set it up in the back. So we have this lever here. You're gonna wanna loosen that lever. You don't have to completely take it off. That will allow your ramp to slide out and this is gonna fit underneath your tire. And then onto that stopper, that goes out as far as the ground will let you, and then we can disengage our frame out. So here we have our knob. So with this in the unlocked position, as you rotate that knob, that clamp, then disengages or loosens around your frame. For frames of different shapes and sizes, this will still work because you have the option of putting this either on your frame or on your seat post. So whether you have those smaller bikes like those women's frame or step through frames, perfectly fine with those. Once that is out, you can then see how this works as a strap. You can keep that over to the side, and then you can ramp this down. So you will have to be conscious of where your pedals are. In our case, since we're going backwards, don't have to worry about that. You can also see here on the center of our ramp how we have a guide. So that way, even as we shake this back and forth, we're not off of the track. So even with our limited space, we we're still able just to get our bike down to an angle where it was easier for me to lift it up in a way. Don't forget to tighten down your ramp and then secure it inside of your truck, before continuing on to the next step. Notice how our straps all have that tilt back and forth, just to accommodate those different wheel bases. You have this really nice, strong and sturdy cradle here, which it just adds to the stability of this platform rack. You also have the grips on each of your straps, so that way, as you strap everything down, you have that secureness as well as that cushion on those wheels. Still in straps, you also have these straps for your clamps in case you wanna keep the clamp on, but you don't wanna getting in the way. Definitely check out the full review my friend, AJ, did of this rack, if you want more information on how that works. So this is gonna add some length to the back of your truck. So we'll take some measurements to see exactly how much. I'm gonna measure from our bumper on our Tundra, to the end of the rack right over here. And that sits at, I'd like to see 32 and a quarter inches. So since you already have a big truck just keep that measurement in mind, whenever you're backing into your garage, or you're trying to park into a tight spot, because you now have a bike rack, as well as two bikes behind you. Measuring for ground clarence. We have this destination wing style here. We're gonna measure from the end of the rack to the ground. It sits at 23 and a half inches. Over here towards the center, it sits at 28 inches. Compare that to where our shank is though. Our shank sits, at bottom of the shank to the ground, 18 inches. So we have a little bit of a shank rise there which is helpful on other vehicles 'cause you wanna make sure that your bike's clear the ground. In our case here, though, with Toyota Tundra, it's more for how high you have to lift your bikes up onto the rack. With other racks, that's a lot of height you have to deal with. Since this has a ramp though so much easier. Now, we're gonna fold this mass down, that way we can fold up on the rack. So we have these straps holding those levers in place. I'm gonna wanna pull on those rubber straps, and see now that, that this engages that mass. One strap and there's our other lever. Now the trickiest part is depending on how you have your bike rack set up for your bikes. It may be tricky to get some clearance there with the center portion of your rack. But once you have the fit that you like, don't forget to tighten everything down, and secure those levers too. The next step is to remove this clip, so that you can remove this pin. So you just pull that out of the way. And the good news is, you don't have to hold anything up, while you do this process. Once that pin is out, all you do is lift up on the rack, and I'm gonna get out of its way, and go over here to the back, bring it all the way up there, and secure it with that pin I just took out. So closest point between our bike rack and our truck is gonna be by our bumper. So that is from the bumper to pretty much where that clamp is five inches of clarence. There are plenty of clarence, even between our tailgate too. The length now added to the back of our truck is gonna be from the bumper to the furthest point, was is by this hinge and that's 15 and a half inches. So big difference compared to when this was folded down. If you do have limited space inside your garage, this is the position you'll have your bike rack in especially if you don't wanna take it off since it is a heavy rack. And if you do choose to keep this on your truck, what is it like living with a bike rack behind your truck We'll notice that with this folded up, it sits right, pretty much just a little bit above where your tailgate sits. The main portion of it is below your tailgate top. Your taillights are gonna be completely visible. Now, obviously you can't lower your tailgate and your backup camera is not even covered. It sits in this open portion, since you have a really good backup camera system though on your 2022 Toyota Tundra, this is not gonna be an issue. You'll still be able to see around you. Now let's talk about how this fits into our hitch. So we have a two inch chink which fits into our two inch hitch receiver. We have this hitch-pin and this lock. Now that lock is gonna be key to the locks you're gonna find on your clamps that go around your bikes. That way, you only need to use one key to access both your bikes and your bike rack. This fits into the hitch and it has its own alignment feature here. So you just line it up, and then you put that hitch-pin through and you tighten it down with this knob here. To show how the anti-ratal mechanism works, as I shake our bike rack back and forth just to simulate that road movement and on vibration, notice how the truck is moving at this point. That's because that's a nice and secure fit. Very important when you're carrying around extra heavy electric bikes. And that was a look at our Hollywood racks destination E electric, a bike rack on our 2022 Toyota Tundra. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoy the journey..

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