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Hollywood Racks RV and Camper Bike Racks Review - 2021 Toyota Highlander

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Review of a Hollywood Racks RV and Camper Bike Rack on a 2021 Toyota Highlander

Evangeline: Hi everyone. It is Evangeline from and today we are looking at our Hollywood racks RV rider bike rack here on our 2021 Toyota Highlander. Now this bike rack is a great option if you have your heavy electric bikes, if you have fat tire bikes, if you have carbon frame bikes, alternate frame bikes, really anything you can throw on there is pretty sure to fit. One of its features is that this can tilt away and to do so takes a little bit of a process. You first need to take off this clip, There we go. That's kind of in the way, take off this clip and then you can remove the pin.

If it's a tight fit, you might have to lift up the rack a little bit. From there, you can undo this knob. So just loosen that up from here and then undo this knob, hold onto it.As you take it out and with it release, you can then push out the bolt and with the bolt out of the way, this then falls and stops right there. So would this help the way let's take a look at, if we have clearance to open up our hatch and it comes close, but there is space between our door and our bike, which allows us to get in there maybe take groceries out or take any biking equipment we need out of there, like a helmet without having to take off our bike or even our bike rack.The way our bike is mounted to this bike rack is but one, two wheel straps and this frame mount. So the cool thing about this frame mount is that you can adjust it around.

So if you do have they see a carbon frame bike, which you should not attach by the frame, you can move it over and attach your bike by the seat posts.So let's take our bike off. The first thing to do is to remove this wheel strap. So press down that lever, then lift the strap up and through. I like to put it to the side just so it's not in the way when I do need to take it out later. So take the second strap out and move that to the side.

And from here, we get to our frame mount clamp. So to remove the clamp, you first need to get this loosened up, this has a knob that can be tightened or loosened around your bike right now I'm loosening this out so that I can remove this clamp almost there.There we go. That will work. So then we can have this clamp just slide away while we tilt the bike a little bit towards the vehicle, just to get out of the way of that mass and then take it off. And you are able to go on a bike ride.

This is a different design from let's say the Hollywood racks sport rider, S E, which is the Zen, especially for electric bikes because of this clamp, so this can rotate around. You can adjust it so that it clamps on to whatever you need it to clamp on to. And if you do have alternate frame bikes, this is ideal. Since this can go onto your seat boast. To move the mast down, you need to loosen this knob, which is by the base of the mast. Then take out that bolt. And from there, you can slide the mast down. For the mast in the lowered position.You can then secure it by putting the bolt back into place. You may need to wiggle the mast around a bit just to get that best fit. And from there, you can tighten it down with the knob. Now let's take some measurements. First of all, this has universal wheel hoops. And what that means is if you have bike tires up to five inches wide, those can fit inside these hoops. So your fat tire bikes are fine, as well as your electric bikes since this has a weight capacity of 80 pounds per bike, which is a lot. Now, when you do have a bike rack on your vehicle, some length is added to it exactly how much let's see, from our back bumper to the end of the bike rack, which is by this wheel hoop end it is 28 and a half inches. So that's a fair amount of the length.Just something to keep in mind when you're backing into your garage or parking into a tight spot as for ground clearance, we will measure first by this end, where this nice reflector is, and it sits at 21 and a quarter inches at the end. Now for this and near our shank, we have it at 14 inches. So that's a fair amount of ground clearance. Just something to keep in mind when you are driving up a steep driveway or up an incline, like a hill. To fold it up, it's sort of the same process as when you tilted it away, you need to remove the pin and the clip. So what I like to do is just start with this knob first, remove the knob and with the knob removed, you can remove this bolt, then take this clip out and take off this pin. Now hold on to your rack.As you bring it up to the full, that upright position, then secure it into place. After you have it folded up, you do need to put back your hardware and then let's see exactly how much length we have now that it's folded up. So from our back bumper to the back of our bike rack, which is by this mast, it is 13 and a half inches. So that's a big difference with it folded up. Who's definitely want to in this position, when you are driving around town and now let's take a look at the closest point between the bike rack and our car. So with the mast folded down, that's actually the closest point. So we have it here with these clamps out and it sits at about four inches away from our trunk door. So that's a fair amount of clearance between here. And nothing that you really should worry about. This bike rack fits into two inch hitch receivers, just like what we have here on our Toyota Highlander.It does come with an anti-rattle bolt and a hitch lock. So this bolt does come with an included tool to tighten it down. I do recommend though picking up our performance wrench and this uses a three, fourth socket. I highly recommend that because that will just make your life a lot easier when piping it down. My final thoughts about this bike rack is I do love how much it is compatible with.You can fit your electric bikes. With your 80 pound weight capacity, your fat tire bikes, even your alternate frame bikes because of its clamp. This is definitely something you might want to consider with an alternate frame bike as compared to the Hollywood racks sport rider. S E. Now the downside is that it has a lot of process. There's a lot of pins and clips and knobs to undo. So if you want something that is easier or faster to use, this might not be your best option, but it does work with our Toyota Highlander. When you do have it tilted away, if you can access your hatch without taking your bike off. So that is a plus. So that was a look at the Hollywood racks RV rider here on our 2021 Toyota Highlander.

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