Hopkins Trailer Connector Socket Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 1500

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How to Install the Hopkins Trailer Connector Socket on a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500

Today on our 2016 GMC Sierra, we're gonna be taking a look at, and installing, the 7- and 4-pole trailer connector socket with mounting bracket. This connector is gonna allow your GMC Sierra to hook up to anything you may be towing that has a 7- or 4-pull connector.This is what our connector looks like installed. It's really nice because it utilizes all the factory wiring, so it's literally just a plug and play type deal. The connector itself just clips right into the bumper and gives you that nice clean factory look. The cap is spring-loaded and has a rubber seal around it, and what that'll do when we're not using it, it will keep any moisture or dirt and debris out of it. Also, there is a diagram on the caps, and that actually tells you what each individual pin does.

Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how easy it is to get it installed.To begin our install, you're going to wanna first determine where you wanna put your connector. You can either use it in your factory plug here, or if you wanna go another route, it does come with a mounting bracket that you can put on your hitch. So this bracket and a few screws will just screw right up to your hitch, and then you could put your plug in it. But for today, on our Sierra, we're going to replace the factory-style dummy plug here.Now, here is our connector. We're going to wanna unplug it.

To do that, take a flathead or something, and there's this little gray piece here that kinda holds that plug from coming undone, so you loosen that. Then right here, take your finger, and just unplug it like that. Kinda set that out of the way. Now to remove our dummy plug, there's these two metal clips here. So you can take a flathead, or even a pair of pliers or something, and just kinda push those inward.

Should pop right out like that.All right. Now, we went ahead and pulled our plug through the opening here, and it's a good idea to put some dielectric grease on our contacts just to help prevent any corrosion or anything like that. If you don't have any at home, you can pick some up on etrailer.com. And we will take our new connector, just plug it in until you hear it click, and go ahead and feed it back through. And do the same thing.

We're gonna push until we hear it click.Now with everything connected, it is always a good idea to test everything before you hit the road. So here we have our 4-pole connector tester, which you can find on etrailer.com. Go ahead and plug this in. All right, we will check our brake lights, our left blinker, our right blinker, and our running lights.All right now, chances are pretty good since our 4-pole connector's working our 7-way will as well, but for some peace of mind we will check that with our tester too, just to be on the safe side. All right, now we can go ahead and test our brake lights, our left blinker, our right blinker, and our running lights. Since we verified everything is working correctly, now we're ready to hit the road.And that will complete our 7- and 4-pole trailer connector socket with mounting bracket install on our 2016 GMC Sierra.

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