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Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector Installation - 2021 Chevrolet Colorado

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How to Install the Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector on a 2021 Chevrolet Colorado

Hey everyone, Shane here with Today, I have a 2021 Chevrolet Colorado, I wanna walk through how to install the Hopkins Multi-Tow Trailer Connector. This is what our connector is gonna look like when it's installed. It's gonna come with the plug and wiring to wire directly to the factory wiring coming from the vehicle. Nice thing about it, it's gonna give you the seven pole plug, as well as your four pole. The nice thing about having a seven and four pole means, we're not gonna have to purchase an extra adapter.

So if we just had a seven pole plug and we we're pulling the trailer if we just had a four pole, we'd have to get an adapter for that plug. Since we have both, we're not gonna have to worry about it 'cause we have them both right here. Another nice thing about it is each lid is gonna have markings on it. It's gonna tell you what function is in what location on the plug. Right turn, running lights, left turn, electric brakes and backup lamps.

The nice thing with the seven pole plug is it's already come with the wires that connect to your factory wires for your electric brakes or backup lamps. So if we pull boat trailer that has electric blocker reverse lockout, it's nice to have that wire connected so that you can back it down in the water without the brakes coming off. Each one of our lids is gonna be spring-loaded, so when we're not using it, it stays closed. Its gonna have a nice extended tab, it makes it easy when opening it. Each one of our lids is gonna have a rubber ring on the inside.

When it's closed, it's gonna seal against this edge, that's gonna keep moisture, dirt, and debris from getting inside on the connections. As far as the installation, it's pretty simple and straightforward, it's gonna come with-- Now that we've gone over some of the features, lets walk you through how to get it installed. To start your installation, we're gonna come over on the driver's side inside the frame rail, and we need to find this bundle of wires. We're gonna follow it to the connector where it's connected to the frame rail, and we're gonna pull it off and give us a little extra room to work. Pop that off, and pull all these down, and you're gonna wanna strip the tape off that's wrapped around the tire or wires to expose the different colors.

Next, what we're gonna do is the end of it has a covering on it. We're gonna do one wire at a time, we're gonna cut that back. We're gonna strip the end, and we're gonna put a butt connector on it. Now your kit comes with butt connectors, but since this is outside the vehicle, I recommend switching them out for heat shrink. You don't have heat shrink butt connectors, you can find them here. You're gonna need two larger ones which are 10 and 12 gauge, and then three smaller ones which your 14 to 16. The only wire that we're not gonna be cutting off the end is this black wire right here. Now we're gonna take our harness, we're gonna strip back the ends of our wires. We're gonna take our green and it's gonna go to green. Take our yellow to yellow. Brown to brown, blue to blue, purple to gray, and red to orange. We'll come back with our heat source and we'll shrink up all of our butt connectors. Next, we need to remove our dummy plug. We're gonna have a clip on each side that we're just gonna push in, and then we'll pop it out. Now we're gonna take our new plug and we're gonna put it right its place. That should just snap in. We're gonna take our terminal grease that comes with our kit, and we're gonna spread it right over the top of all our connections. What this is gonna do is, any moisture happens to get inside of that, this plug, it's gonna help keep the connection from corroding. We're gonna take this, we'll plug it right into the back of our new plug we just put in. We're gonna line up its slots, and we're gonna push it in till it clicks. Last but not least is our ground wire. If you find it someplace on the metal, somewhere on the body or the frame on that sheet, I think this is gonna be the easiest place to go, straight up to the bottom of the bed where this plate is. Now we'll test out our wiring using an alternate power source. Left turn, right turn, brakes, running lights, reverse lights. Once you've tested everything out, you're ready to go. That's gonna do it for look a at and installation on the Hopkins Multi-Tow, seven and four pole connector on our 2021 Chevrolet Colorado..

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