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Hopkins Endurance Fifth Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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How to Install the Hopkins Endurance Fifth Wheel Wiring Harness on a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Today on our 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Hopkins Endurance 5th Wheel and Gooseneck 90-Degree Wiring Harness with 7-Pole Plug, part number 41157. Here we've got everything that comes in our wiring kit. We've got our wiring harness with the T-connector to T into the existing wiring harness, a ground for the wiring harness, then the plug that goes into the back of your new 7-way that'll be in the bed. Some zip ties just for securing the wiring down, or any excess wire, some self-tapping screws with washers, and a couple small tubes of dielectric grease to ensure that you're not going to get any corrosion to cause you some problems with your connectors. This harness kit is very nice. It gives you a real clean look because all you got is this plug up here, and you're still able to use your factory 7-way that's down at your bumper near your license plate. It's also nice because having this one up here eliminates the need to possibly run an extra wire up over your tailgate in order to plug it in to your 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer.

It's a nice easy installation because it's plug and play. There's no splicing or cutting of wires required. The only drilling that you'll have is just in order to install this right here. The terminals on it are all corrosion resistant. They've got sealing inside. It also comes with two tubes of dielectric grease to help give you a little bit more protection inside those connectors.

It's got an ABS plastic loom over the whole thing, which helps really protect those wires against weather and the elements. All the hardware's included. It comes with these self-tapping screws, and some wire ties to help hold things tight and out of the way. Overall, this wiring harness is just going to be really good whenever you're pulling 5th wheel or gooseneck trailers. First thing I'm going to do is find a spot to put our new 7-pole connector. I think where I'm going to put it is right up over here.

That way it's high enough that it's not really going to get caught on anything if you have little loads in here. Also, it's out of the way of our tie down loops over here. In order to put this in, I'm going to take a two inch hole saw to make a hole big enough for this to fit inside. Before I drilled this hole, I checked behind it to make sure there's no wiring right back there that I was going to hit or damage. You'll want to be sure to do the same with whatever mounting location you decide on. Right here is where we have our factory plug for our 7-way connector that comes out here just above the rear bumper.

We're going to need to remove that in order to T into it with our new wiring harness. Before we take this off, we've got this little white keeper tab in here. We need to press down on the center of it there, and pull out. Once we get that out of there, we can press down on that tab, and pull it off. Once we've got that off of there, we're going to be hooking these up. Before I do that, I'm going to put a little bit of dielectric grease in there. Prevent corrosion, or any damage from water and the elements. We'll take this side, plug it in until it snaps. Then we'll to put that white keeper tab back in there. Then this side, I'm going to put some dielectric grease in there. Then I can plug that in back up here at the factory plug. Back here at the factory plug is where I'll put this white keeper tab back in. With that done, we can take the rest of our wiring harness and begin to route it up to where we made our hole. To feed it up there, I'm going to take it over this little cross frame. I'm going to take it over the frame rail over here. Then from over here, I can go straight up to where that hole is. Just going to gently pull this through here so I can get all the slack out. Once we've got all the slack pulled through, I'm going to tuck this up out of the way, just so it doesn't get pinched anywhere. We'll install our 7-pole plug up top, so then we can plug that into it. Before we get it plugged in, we'll use our 1/4 head self-tapping screws, and put one of the provided little flat washers on there. We'll secure this into the hole that we cut. We'll do that trying to keep it as level as possible. Now that we've got our 7-way connector installed up in the bed, we can put a little bit of dielectric grease on this connector. Take it up to the 7-way connector, and plug it in until it clicks and locks into place. I'm going to take this excess, kind of bundle it up as nicely as possible, making sure to keep your ground wire out so you can still use that. I'm going to take it and zip tie it right up in here so it's up out of the way. Cut the excess off that zip tie. Then I'm just going to put a zip tie around down here, too, just to make sure that all stays nice, tucked out of the way. Cut the excess off that one as well. I'm going to take this ground wire and a self-tapping screw, and just send it through right up here. Once you've got all your other excess bundled up over here under where your new plug is, you can come back over here. If there's a little bit of excess still near where your T connectors are, you can just take those up, and take a little bit of excess up, and zip tie it, just to give it that little bit of extra security. That way it can't move around too much. Now that we've got everything hooked up and secured, we're going to use our tester here, which will test both to tell us that our lights are working, and that we're getting power being sent out to the trailer brakes. If you need a tester like this, you can get this one on our site. It's part number 6565. It works really well. If I flip the switch here, show trailer, you can actually see that we're getting voltage currently through this plug that'd be going back to the trailer. I'm going to flip it back up to trailer brakes. We can go ahead and test our lighting, and make sure that we're getting voltage sent up to the trailer brakes. Now as we can see, we currently have our running lights on, our left turn signal, right turn signal, brake lights, and then if I hit the manual override on the brake controller, you can see that we're getting power sent back to the trailer brakes. That's going to complete our look at the Hopkins Endurance 5th Wheel and Gooseneck 90-Degree Wiring Harness with 7-Pole Plug, part number 41157, on our 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

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