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Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2017 Ford Edge

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How to Install the Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2017 Ford Edge

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Ford Edge Sport we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Hopkins Custom tail light wiring kit for towed vehicles, part number HM56011. What this wiring harness is going to do, it's going to give you all the proper lighting functions for your towed vehicle, your turn signals, your brake lights, your running lights and your ground. What's good about this wiring harness, it's going to hook directly into your factory tail lights and wiring. You're not going to have to make any splices, and it's going to have a diode kit, which means if you have a wiring issue in your RV, the diode kit is going to protect your factory wiring in your vehicle from getting damaged, and vice versa.Now let's go over the five main components of our flat tow set up on our Ford Edge. Here we're going to have the Roadmaster Sterling All Terrain tow bar, which is going to come with your safety cables, the Roadmaster EZ4 base plate, the Air Force One braking system, and the Hopkins custom fit towed vehicle wiring.The first thing we need to do to start our installation, we need to remove both of our tail lights. What we need to do is remove this little cap right here.

Let's take a very small flat head screw driver, or anything thing that you can fit in there. It's going to have a clip on both sides that are holding the cap in place. We'll take a flat head screw driver, we're going to remove the bolt that's in place. We'll take a trim panel tool, a plastic one, and you put it right along this back edge here, push back to the back of the vehicle, it will slide out of place. What we'll do is you see a plug here, we're going to reach down right inside here and you're going to push, you're going to pus down on that little tab and pull up.

We're going to have to bring our wiring up from the bottom of our vehicle, so what we're going to do is we're going to pop this out and we're going to take it and we're going to kind of push it down and off to the side, kind of like that. That should give us enough room for our wiring harness on each side, up from the bottom of the car.Now I'm going to take some airline tube. You can use anything that has any kind of stiffness to it, we're going to feed it down to the bottom of the bumper, and I'm going to take the end with the diode box . that's the end that I want to go up to my driver's side tail light, so it's going to be a blue and red wire, and brown and yellow. I'm going to take my two ends, I'm going to tape them onto the end of my airline tube, then we can grab our airline tube and slowly start to pull our wiring harness up from behind our fender.

So, as you can see we have our wiring harness pulled up. Now, what we found out is because there's such limited space right in this area, you actually are going to have to remove this side of your panel. There are going to be eight screws that run along the inside of your fender well. Once you take those out, you're just going to pry out, and that's going to give you enough space to get back in there. You're going to need a 5.5 millimeter socket or wrench to get those screws out.Now, per the instructions, they want your diode box to be mounted up behind your driver's light.

However, there's not going to be enough space in here with your tail light in place to get that box in there. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take some two-sided tape and I'm going to tape it right to the inside of the fender right here. You'll want to make sure that it's secured, it's not going to bounce around. I'm going to take some rubbing alcohol, kind of just wipe off the area where I'm going to place the box, just to make sure it's clean and it sticks good, and we'll take our two-sided tape on our box. Make sure you pressed it into place. Take off the other side and just stick it right in the spot that we just cleaned off. Again, press it into place, make sure it has a good hold. Once you have your diode box in place you can start putting your fender back together.Next we can just match our plugs, and then that end will go into our tail light. Once you've got your tail light to fit back in place you can go ahead and reinstall your screw, and then your cap, and you're going to repeat the same process on the other side.Next we're going to take our other end, we're going to go across the back of the vehicle and up the passenger's side, just like we did the driver. Now you want to make sure that you stay away from heat sources or anything that's moving. On the back of this vehicle, there's a panel that runs right here that we can run the whole wire across the back of the bumper. So again, I'm going to take an airline tube and I'm going to run it back behind it to the other side. Now we're going to do the same process where we'll tape our plug to the end of our airline tube and pull it through. Now we'll remove it here and what we want to do is go over top of our exhaust pipe, and again, we'll tape our wiring to our airline tube that's running up to our passenger's side tail light and pull it up into place. What I did is from this side, I pulled my wire as tight as I could get it to make sure that the other side was going to stay above the exhaust like this, and then I zip tied it right here to this existing wiring. As you can see, it's nice and tight, away from the heat.Next, I'm going to run my four pole up to the front of my vehicle. You want to make sure when you're routing this to stay away from anything hot or that's moving. From here we're going to go ahead and test out our lights. Now, our customer has chosen to put a six pole on his vehicle, so we're going to go ahead and test this now to make sure this part of it is working, then we'll cut off the wires, connect them to our seven pole or six pole, and then retest it again to make sure everything is still working properly. Now, I've gone ahead and grounded it right over here to the subframe.Now we'll test it out using an alternate power source. We'll start with our tail lights, left turn, brake lights, right turn.That will do it for our look at and installation on the Hopkins Custom Tail Light wiring kit for towed vehicles, part number HM56011 on our 2017 Ford Edge Sport.

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