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Hopkins Endurance Fifth Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2007 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Hopkins Endurance Fifth Wheel Wiring Harness on a 2007 Ford F-250

Today on this 2007 Ford F250 Super Duty, we're going to install part number 41157. This is the Hopkins Endurance stiff-wheel, goose-neck, 90-degree wiring harness with seven-pole plug. The first thing we need to do is go ahead and find a location for our plug. In this case we chose this location right here. Now this is just a personal preference, but usually the lower on the bed is better because you have a further distance between this inside edge of the bed and the outside wall of the bed. Once we find a location we'll go ahead and drill a quarter-inch pilot hole. Then we're going to follow up with two-and-an-eighth-inch hole saw. Now we'll go ahead and work with our wire harness.

Now I'll work with the harness that has the two plugs. We'll go ahead and just push that through and we'll let gravity pull it down to the ground. Now this is where our seven-pole connector for the bed will plug into the wire harness. Before we plug them together for good, we'll go ahead and add some dielectric grease that comes with the kit. Just plug the two parts together and push until they click together. Let's go ahead and push it in the hole.

We'll go ahead and connect it to the bed using the hardware included. We'll take that self-tapping screw and a flat washer and this will go through here and into the bed. Get it situated the way you want it and then we'll go ahead and use the screws. We'll go ahead and vacuum up our area and then we'll go underneath the truck. Now we need to go ahead and get our seven-pole connector ready because our new wire harness tees in between the seven-pole connector and a wire harness. To make things easier, we're going to go ahead and loosen up our wire harness from the hitch and then we have to remove this grade lock right here.

You need a very small flat screwdriver blade to kind of get it started. The older this is, the more stiff this will be to work with and you may end up breaking it. Don't be surprised if the plastic breaks over time. If you're successful in saving that lock, we can go ahead and take the rest of the part, and there's a small tab right here you have to push down so you can release it for our seven-pole. Close quarters here. Had to flex the seven-pole a little bit to get access.

Let's leave that alone for now. We'll take this end of our wire harness and route it to here. This is going to be largely personal preference, but we're going to go over the bumper support and then down to our wire harness. Before we make our connections, we'll use the extra grease that comes with the kit and we'll go ahead and just work that into our connecting points. We've got that one done. We'll go ahead and do this one as well, and we simply fit the two together, and locked. We'll go ahead and put our grade lock tab back in, then we'll go ahead and connect the two remaining ends and this won't have a lock. This is a really tight fit in here, so we're going to loosen up the loom and the tape to give us a little more extra working room. See it pulling out Then we can go ahead and put our two halves together. These two will snap together just like the front. Now we'll go ahead and work with our ground wire. This is the white wire with the ring terminal. We're going to attach that to this cross member right here. The self-tapping screw we're using is a #14 size screw. Now we'll go ahead and bundle up our excess wire. The zip ties we're using should have come with the kit. It's always a good idea to get extra zip ties anyway, because chances are, you'll end up needing more than what comes with the kit. Help a little bit to get rid of our tails on our zip ties. With all our wires zip-tied and secured, we're finished with our install. That'll do it for part number 41157, the Hopkins Endurance fifth-wheel and goose-neck, 90-degree wiring harness on our 2007 Ford F250 Super Duty. .

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