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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 2012 Ram 3500

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How to Install the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 2012 Ram 3500

Today on our 2012 Ram 3500 we'll be taking a look at and installing the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera with Hitch Aligner System, part number HM50002. Now with our monitor in place it's time to test out the functions and see the modes. We'll go ahead and turn our key on to the auxiliary position and without it being on so that way we're ensuring we're not gonna roll anywhere, we're gonna make sure that we have the emergency brake set and put it into reverse. You can see the screen comes on. Now right now it's in your normal backup or everyday mode. We'll simply press the mode button here on the side and turn it to hitch line on and kind of lift up. It will go to the hitch mode, you can see how as you back up it's gonna go from green to yellow to red when you're right over the top of the ball.

Now those sensors and the camera can be adjusted on the back to meet up to your specific hitch that you have in place. Now for the other modes you just press the mode button once again and you can change the brightness up and down, contrast, color, and sharpness or you can reset the whole system all together. We'll go back to hitch line, make sure that we're in place and we'll go ahead and back it up to a trailer. You see we're pretty crooked so let's go ahead and adjust. The first step in our assembly of our backup camera from Hopkins is going to be to assemble and attach our rear backup monitor, which is going to be the camera with your sensors. Take those long screws that are provided and go ahead and thread them into the hole.

Now we just need to run our cord for our backup camera. We'll run it over the top of our bumper and back behind. Now with our backup camera wire coming down over the top and right behind that license plate mounting point we're gonna locate that 7-pole connection point as well. Press in the tab on the top and pull it out to disconnect it. Now with this kit you're gonna get the T-connector which is gonna make it a plug and play installation. Now we'll go ahead and put in some dielectric grease as well to make sure that we maintain a solid connection.

Press it in until you hear a click and it locks and we'll take some more dielectric grease and put them on the other side and plug it in. With it plugged into the back we'll now unravel our cables and make our connection to that back up wire. Now from the Y and R wires from our T-connector back to where it splits off and you got your two black wires. You're gonna have a short little pig tail coming off, that's gonna connect to our rear camera here at the back of the vehicle. Aligning the two white arrows, plugging it in and then using some tape to secure our connection.

This will just ensure that no water, debris or moisture get inside the connection. Now go ahead and use a zip tie just to go ahead and secure up these extra wires here at the back and kind of get them out of the way and clean up our installation. Go ahead and attach it to the existing wire harness here at the back and go ahead and trim off that excess. Now we'll just trace our wires back towards the front of the vehicle. We're gonna follow that wiring harness around here to the drivers side, over to the top of the frame, over and away from any moving, or hot, or sharp object. Running over the top of the fuel cell and then following the brake lines up here towards the front of the vehicle. Coming out here and then along the other wires to this point here where we drop it over the top of the other side of the frame right underneath the drivers seat. You're gonna notice that there's gonna be a grommet that we're gonna drill through located right here. We're just gonna drill a hole through one of the little wedge around the perimeter around it. For the removal of the threshold we'll need to open up the drivers side door and locate it here along the bottom. We'll just use a plastic putty knife or trim panel to go ahead and remove it. Go ahead and get underneath the bottom side of it and peel it up. Now you don't need to remove the back one but you will need to pull it out of the way a little bit so you can get underneath that carpet. We'll go ahead and lift up that carpet so we can feel where that grommets going to be coming through. It's gonna be about right here and it will be covered with a rubber coating so you just have to feel for the shape of that oval. We're just gonna take a wedge and wedge it in there to old up the carpet so we don't drill through it. Now we'll go ahead and drill through with that 11/32nds drill bit. Once we've made it through we'll go ahead and wallow it out a little bit. We'll go ahead and pull it through. Now the black silicone adhesive we're gonna be using is gonna be the High Performance Silicon by Lock-Tite part number LT37467. We're just gonna fill up that hole on the bottom side to ensure we have a nice water tight seal. Now since this is a crew cab long bed we're gonna need the five foot extension offered by Hopkins, it's gonna be part number HM3100504060. Now for this particular installation we're gonna be installing it at the top left hand side here on the dash. We'll go head and plug in that 5 foot extension the same way we did on the back side. We'll take some tape here as well just to ensure we maintain that connection. We'll go ahead and remove our wedge, place our carpet back down. Take our weather seal and pull it back up as well. As we tuck this away we'll insure it's not going to be in a spot where the wires are gonna get pinched when we put our panels back in place. Now we go ahead and put that panel back in place and threshold. We're just making sure we get that weather seal back in place and the kick panel in it's appropriate location. Now see our wire coming back behind and we'll be able to run that up along the inside here with the removal of this panel here. You can reach behind and press it out to where you can grab ahold of it and pull it out the rest of the way. Go ahead and run the wire up here to the top of the dash and we'll just use the trim panel removal tool just to kind of peal it back so we can wedge the wire around and we're gonna put our unit and monitor right here on the corner. Now with our extra 12 inches of wire tucked away back here we'll be able to put our panel back into place. It will all be out of sight and out of mind with our plug in right here. Now go ahead and take some rubbing alcohol and clean the surface where we're gonna mount it. We'll set the monitor here on the surface of the dash and make our connection. Since we're gonna have a little bit of extra wire here we'll tuck this back behind the dash as well making that connection like we did before with the white arrow towards the white arrow and pressing it in firmly. We'll use a little bit of electrical tape and we'll pry back the dash. Once we have the wires tucked back behind we can go ahead and pull our double sided adhesive tape off the back and attack it to our dash. Pressing down firmly to ensure it sticks completely. That will do it for our review and installation of the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera with Hitch Aligner System, part number HN50002 on our 2012 Ram 3500.

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