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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 1999 Ford F-150

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How to Install a Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 1999 Ford F-150

Today on our 1999 Ford F150, we're going to be installing the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera, part number HM50002. Now we're going to begin here at the back of the vehicle. Now this vehicle does have a factory 7 way connection point, so we will be tying in with that. To begin with though, we'll go ahead and remove our license plate here. Go ahead and take out the original screws. Now we're going to be replacing the factory license plate screw with these longer Phillip's head screws.

Here's how you'll get the new backup camera. The 2 little sensors will be folded in, so you'll need to fold them out. As you're doing that there's a little cable in here. You want to make sure that you don't pinch it. You may have to push that in, do the same thing over here on the other side. Then go ahead and take our cable, slide it over the top of the bumper here, and then this hole and this hole will line up with the factory locations.

Then go ahead and take our license plate, slide it back into position. Then we'll go ahead and attach it using the new screws. Next we're going to need to go ahead and go up underneath the vehicle, where we'll be making our connection on the back side of the factory 7 way plug. Next we're going to go ahead and need to undo the factory 7 way plug. There's a little locking tab here, it's this gray tab that we'll need to first remove pushing it on the center.

Work the little locking tab out of position here. Once that's done, you'll need to push in on this center tab here, and gently pull outward on the connection point. Once our connection point's released, go ahead and release this wiring harness here from this tab. To do that we'll simply use a trim panel removal tool, or a large flathead screwdriver. Next we're going to need to take this end here of our wiring harness, and we'll be connecting it to the back side of the camera. You'll notice how there's a couple white arrows, that's what you line up before you push it together.

There's also a little O-ring here that helps seal it. We'll go ahead and line up our connection there, push it all the way into place. Once we have our connection made here, we're going to go ahead and take some electrical tape and wrap this connection point up. We're going to go ahead and take the T fitting for our 7 way connection point. We're going to go ahead and connect that together. Before we do that, we're going to go ahead and add some dielectric grease, part number 11755. Go ahead and add our grease here to each of these fittings. We'll go ahead and take the male end of our T connection and connect it into the factory wiring harness. Go ahead and push it all the way in, making sure that the locking tab is engaged. We'll then go ahead and put it into the back side of our plug here. Once we have that plug back in, we can go ahead and put our locking tab back into position. Then we can use some zip ties to help secure up any loose wire. Now that we have our wires secured here at the back using some zip ties, we'll go ahead and trim off the excess. Now this is the end of the wire that we'll be routing up into the cab of the vehicle. Now it's a good idea to take a little bit of electrical tape or tape, and cover up this connection point as you're routing it to keep dirt and debris out of it. We're going to go ahead and take our cable here, and we'll route it up along the frame of the vehicle. We'll be using a few zip ties along the way to help secure the wire. We'll go ahead and show you how we ran our wire up along the frame rail. We'll also go ahead and show off any excess zip tie along the way. Came up and across, and we came to the outside of the frame rail. Now that we have all of our zip ties cut off, I'm going to be using this grommet right here to pull our wire up into the cab of the vehicle. We'll need to go ahead and go into the cab of the vehicle first, and remove the threshold at the door, as well as lift up the carpet to pull this grommet out. Now to do that, either a large flathead screwdriver or a trim panel removal tool works. Go ahead and set our piece off for now. Now with our threshold piece up, go ahead and reach in. Right here is the grommet, we'll push the grommet out. Go ahead and take our wire from underneath, feed it up through the hole. Now to put our grommet back in, we'll go ahead and just put a slit in the side of it, so that it wraps around the cable and we'll push it back down in place. Now with our grommet trimmed out, go ahead and slide it back into place, and go around the cable. Next we're going to need to choose a location to mount the monitor. Right in this area here works pretty good, because we don't have enough cable to make it to the center section without adding an extension cable. We're going to put it right in this general area here. It's out of the view of driving forward, but it's easy to see when you are using it for the backup camera. We're going to go ahead and take a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, and clean the area of the dash so that we can attach the monitor to it. Go ahead and peel the backing off of the adhesive on the underside of the monitor, and go ahead and press it down firmly into place. Next we'll go ahead and make our connection to the monitor with the cable we just ran from the rear of the vehicle. We'll again line up the white arrows. Go ahead and push it into position, and go ahead and put a little bit of tape around this connection too just to keep it in place. Next we're going to go ahead and take a plastic trim panel removal tool. A flathead screwdriver will work too, kind of bend the rubber seal back out of the way and tuck the wire in behind it. Now all of our extra wire here, we just kind of coiled up underneath the carpet here and ran it alongside the factory wiring harness. Now with that done, we can go ahead and put our threshold back in place, and we can test out our camera. I'm going to also go ahead and peel the protective covering off of our screen. Now back here at the back of the vehicle, there's different levels that you can adjust the sensors to, and it all depends on the height. You just take a quick measurement, and then you would adjust it to the appropriate number, as per the instructions. Now the camera angle itself is also adjustable by the 2 screws on the side just like the sensors are, so if you want the camera angled up a little more, you just loosen up the screws and pivot the camera angle up. Now this right here is the hitch line setup, and there's the standard backup mode. You can change the different features, the brightness, contrast, the color. As you can see here, with our vehicle in reverse, the system will start beeping more rapidly as you get closer to the object behind you. That'll do it for our installation of the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera, part number Hm50002 on our 1999 Ford F150. .

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