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Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera Installation - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How to Install the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Shane: Hi I'm Shane with Today on our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, you're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to show you how to install the Hopkins smart hitch back up camera with hitch aligner system.This is what our Hopkins smart hitch back up camera system looks like when it's installed on the vehicle. What this is going to do for you, it's going to allow you to safely back up to your trailer, to hook up without having to have a second person or get it in and out of your vehicle to line it up. The grid creates a target as you back up ensuring that you keep your vehicle in line with the coupler as you get closer.Use everyday mode for help spotting rear facing obstacles and other drivers and pedestrians.This is what our camera screen looks like inside the vehicle. When we put our vehicle in reverse, our screen comes on, and it's going to have grid lines to give us distance markers. This camera system's going to have an adjustable camera and two integrated sensors.

And it's not going to obstruct the license plate. Your license plate's going to slide up behind both sensors and behind your camera. It's going to attach to the vehicle in the same mounting location that your license plate does.Let's actually show you how it works. Now we're backing up to the trailer. You can hear the sensors going off.

This camera system's going to offer you a two inch by three inch screen and in color. This camera screen's going to offer a self adhesive sticky tape, that's going to allow you to mount this to your dash and any location you choose. Now that we've gone over some of the features, I'm going to show you how to get this installed.First thing you want to do to start your installation is figure out where you want your screen to be. Most insist people want their screen over on the left side of their dash right by their pillar. Next thing you need to do is you need to come back and determine on your seven pole plug.

You need to determine if it is square or round. On this vehicle it's square. Which means on your wiring you have round plugs. So what we're going to have to actually do is we're going to cut the ends off here and you're going to have a power wire that's going to run to reverse wire in the factory wiring, and then your ground.So we're going to go ahead and cut this end off. Just like that.

I'm going to strip back both ends. Because my black wire or my ground wire is so short, what I'm actually going to do is extend it rather than try to find the ground on the original plug, because the colors may be a little bit different. I'm just going to reground this to the body. So I got a little extra piece of wire. It doesn't have to be the same color. I just like to match them. I'm going to use a heat shrink butt connector because it's going to be outside the vehicle. These do not come in your kit, but you can find them on our website.Then you can see my black wire I extended, added a ring terminal. This does not come in your kit. You will have to purchase one of these also. You can find them on our website. Red wire, you can see I tapped right into the purple wire on your factory seven pole plug. I took all my wiring, just fed it up. Now I'm going to come up through the taillight.Next thing you want to do is remove your taillight. You'll have two screws. They mount right here on the inside. Then your plug is going to have a little red tab. You're going to push on the tab. Then you're going to push down right there and separate your plug from your taillight. Next thing you'll want to do is take the end and we're going to come up from underneath, right through our housing.Now we need to take our wire, we need to go through this grommet to the inside of the vehicle. We're going to pop this grommet out. You can see we're going to have another one inside. Next thing you want to do is go to the inside. We need to remove or loosen the panel enough, so when we push our wire through, we're able to reach down and grab it.Now we're going to have two panels we need to remove first. We're going to have this one and we're going to have this one. This one we need to remove first, which runs along the top in the center. All you need to do is just pull it off. Pull down and it'll pop off. Same goes with this one. You're just going to pull it off and the clips will come off. This one is held on by this screw. That's going to loosen up our panel enough to get to the grommet.Now we're going to put a small slice right here on the edge of the grommet. Just enough for this red wire to sit in there, like that. Now you can go ahead and reinstall your taillight at this time. We're not going to need to get back in here again.Now we can go ahead and reinstall this panel. Keep in mind where this screw goes in, there's a bracket that sticks out and comes out right out to this. So make sure your wire is not pinched in between this and that bracket. Pull it over to the side like this. It'll keep it away from it.Next thing we need to do, because our license plate is on our tailgate, we need to get this wire through this grommet, through this panel and down to our tailgate. What we're going to have to is we're going to have remove our tailgate cover here on the inside. There should be four screws. You're going to have two right here on the top and we're going to have actually one down here. We're actually going to have two more screws. You're going to have one right here, you're going to have one right here. Then we can just drop our panel all the way and we'll set it aside to be reinstalled later.Next you're going to have a grommet and it's right here under the headliner. You're going to have another grommet that attaches to your lift gate. Go ahead and pull those two grommets out. And we're going to take a pull wire, wire hanger, anything with a little bit of stiffness. And there's a hole about right here, that comes into the lift gate. We're going to feed it in and down through that grommet. So that we can take this end and pull it back up through.So you can see I took some airline tube and came out of this hole right here. Now what I need to do is take my airline tube and I want to go through that grommet to come out down here. I took my airline tube that I had ran through, electrical tape and I taped it right on the end, so that I could pull up through this hole and out of this hole.Now what I'm going to do is take our license plate camera. We're going to fold out our sensors. We're going to line it up with our screw holes. Figure out where we need to drill our hole to run our wire. It looks like we're going to be right here. I'm going to start with a small bit for a pilot hole. Then we're going to finish it and open it up with an 11/32" drill bit. Once we get our wire in place, I'm going to take some silicone, I'm going to cover that hole. Then we mount our license plate and slide it right up underneath our camera and right up underneath the sensors.So what I had to do, because I couldn't get this thick end of the cable through the grommet or through the center of this. What I did is I cut a notch in each side. So right here I added some RTV silicone to the spots that I cut on the grommets. Put my wire through, followed this existing wiring, zip tied it along the way. I'll take the end of my cable, it's going to have a white arrow. And then the other end that's coming from my camera also has a white arrow. We're just going to match those two. We'll push it together.Take another zip tie and zip tie it right there. Keep in mind that this cable here is a five foot extension, because the original wire or cable would not fit all the way around the window. You can find this on our website. So what we did with the long part of the cable to get up to our camera. We went from our camera, tucked it in all along here, went around the back side of this panel, tucked it underneath, all underneath these panels, all along this panel up. Right along the panel that runs from here to here, tucked it in right along this window underneath the panel, and then ran up through our grommet.Once you have all your wires ran, go ahead and reinstall your panels. That'll do it for a look at and installation on the Hopkins smart hitch back up camera and hitch aligner system on our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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